Philly is more Fun When You Sleep Over and Def Leppard Prefers Philly over New York City

On my way home from work I thought I would run by the local “celebrity” hotel to see if Mark Wahlberg was staying there while filming his new movie in town. When I walked up to an appropriate spot to wait for Mark I ran into an “autograph collector” that I met a few weeks back at another event, so I knew I was in the right place. After a bit of time some scraggly old man got out of his driven town car with some golf clubs. As the doorman help him take his golf clubs out of the trunk, the surprised “collector” ID’d him as Rick Savage, the bassist from Def Leppard. In actuality he’s really not that old considering he was born in 1960, but apparantly has lived a hard life. I read that he’s been sober for a few years, and now
he golfs in between gigs. About 10 minutes later the lead singer Joe Elliott (thanks for the correction Admin of strolled out of Rittenhouse Square with his wife and walked towards the hotel. Now again I had no idea who he was, thankfully the “dealers” did and called out his name, he turned and I shot this, foolishly, I didn’t bother running up and asking for a better photo as I really didn’t know who he was and truthfully I’ve become a lazy paparazzi during these dog days of Summer.It was just as well one of the “collectors”, was a big fan, and did go up and ask for a ‘graph and a photo “with”, Elliott signed for him, but refused to pose saying he “looked like shit.” But I do know one thing…after playing at Hershey Park, PA on Sunday, Def Leppard chose to stay in PHILLY over NYC, which is only 33 miles south of their next gig tonight at Jones Beach (with Foreigner/Styx) ), Long Island NY (NATCH!!)