Blogging Blogs – 8/14/07

Tuesdays best blog entries around the web… What happened to the days when women would write out their future names a million times on a legal pad before marrying…”Mrs. Stephen Haynes”, “Mrs. Stephen Haines”, “Mrs. Steven Haines”…

The Water Bottle Problem. For the longest time I didn’t want to spend the dime to buy bottled water. Now I am as addicted to it as blogging, and Al Gore and friends say I need to change my carbon footprint…

I wish I had time to even figure out what this all means…I guess three blogs is two too many.

I like the title of this blog, and I like the storyline:

This guy is great on so many levels, there’s not just one article on his blog I can hightlight, I have to highlight them all

Favorite video today “What the Buck”, this guy is hysterical. This issue talkes about Paula Abdul’s reality show and the Linda Evans and Joan Collins “Legends” show that played the Forrest Theater last year:

Clearly my favorite show this summer, because I enjoy a good trainwreck now and then, BIG BROTHER 8 – Jen Eric Zak Danielle Evil Dick upclose and personal review by “WhatTheBuck!”