Gov Ed Rendell Fears Dicks

Gov. Ed was at the Henri David Ball last night. As he does every year he graciously posed for many pictures, except for a few dicks. Here he is with Amy Winehouse
Another Amy, and behind him blocked by Amy’s friend, a dick waiting in line for his photo.

Ed would turn dick away The devil was fine though
Ed brought his security detail, who would take the photos
sometimes if a photo seemed questionable and could come back to haunt him, Ed had his security detail set up the photo and then be in the photo tooAnother dick came along, Moby Dick

but Ed made her hold it
Ed has lots of fans, and who doesn’t love him (could we abolish term limits)

He posed with criminals
Then Ed posed with the biggest Halloween guy of all, our host, Henri David.

Here’s the poor Dick and his Tess that were left out in the cold by the Governor. Dick was really upset as it was his first time at the Henri David Ball and meeting the Governor. When I explained that Ed had the other dick hold hers under her dress, he finally understood how Ed probably didn’t want photos of him with a dick floating around the internet.
Ed probably wouldn’t pose with these two, but Bush did

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of my Henri David Halloween Shots!!