On the eve of Thanksgiving as I walked home from work I passed Love Park. The water’s been shut off now, the platform installed and waiting for it’s Christmas Tree to be installed sometime in the next few days. Further down the Parkway, I took one last look at Swann Fountain’s waning stream of water knowing that tomorrow it will be shut off for the season until 2008. I also enjoyed the summer flowers that refuse to let go of the bloom and instead took advantage of the long Indian Summer our region enjoyed this year. I believe Wednesdays high was 68F

That evening Mike and I watch the Thanksgiving Day rehearsals that occur in front of the Art Museum. (I would have more shots here, but for some reason in the dark I switched the camera to RAW mode. Any recommendations for a good program to look at RAW shots?)

The next day Mike, his mom and I travelled to DC for our annual visit to Mike’s Aunt Bernie and Uncle Bob’s. Here’s Aunt Bernie checking those Turkey Cooking Instructions? She said it was the largest bird she ever cooked.
I look forward to her Sweet Potato’s served in Orange Peels every year, but I continue to forget to ask her what happens to the orange insides?
1/2 of the Thanksgiving table. Uncle Bob always gives a nice Thanksgiving thank you prayer, and this year David read an article of Thanksgiving that Aunt Bryna wrote that was published in the Washington Post. Emy listed the things we should all be thankful for, thankfully most of the items weren’t Republican related as she is a die hard Bush Administration supporter, her dog is named Rummy. After dinner and dessert it was on to the Karaoke
Elizabeth on the right, is Bernie’s oldest friend. They met during the Vietnam war even before she met Bob. Elizabeth lives in Spain now.
The next day, Mike and I drove on to Charlotte to visit some of my family.

My brother-in-law Tom and nephew TJwho is a huge Flyers fan, even though he was born and raised in Charlotte, I guess it’s nurture not nature in some cases. (not pictured my sister Janine and niece Nicole) Mom and my niece Colleen

Then further up the road My sister Crista and her husband Michael and my look a like nephew, Michael or Wubby (poor kid, hopefully he will lose that nickname when he is 2) Then on Sunday it was back home with a 10 hr drive, joining the masses on 95 and enjoying the full moon rise over Baltimore