Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus holds 5 Year Party

As I left work to attend the Philly Gay Tourism Caucus 5 Year Party, I exited my building to the WOW factor of the Ritz Carlton in all it’s glory with basking in “The Night Lights of Broad Street” sponsored by the Center City District an organization you know I LOVE, support and admire. In fact they are planning to light 9 additional buildings along Broad Street, for a total of 12, and want your opinions: When I see projects like this, I know our City is moving in the right direction attracting tourists and making Philadelphia a destination.Which is why I was so excited to attend the Philly Gay Tourism 5th Year Anniversary Party. Talk about a grass roots organization that has really made some progress in the City. The Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus (PGTC) — working with GPTMC, the Philadelphia Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and regional CVB’s — has developed the Philadelphia Freedom hotel package for hotels who actively work to be gay-friendly properties. In addition to tourism, you can thank the caucus for the 36 new street signs that are permanently affixed with the rainbow flag to designate the “Gayborhood”. If you look on my Yahoo page, next to the Sharon Pinkenson, you will see the other person I admire most in Philly is Meryl Levitz. She is a pioneer in Philadelphia Tourism. I was too intimidated to go up and introduce myself, I should have because I have tourist attracting ideas.
Tami Sortman and Irene, from Frank DiCiccio’s office, reading a proclamationSome of my favorite people JD Coleates, owner of a huge supporter of Philadelphia, so please support them; Jeff who is still enjoying his studies at Temple; Bruce Yelk, a jack of all trades, one of which is his blog which I read a couple times a day, I love when people update twice a day, I wish I could, check him out at and a big, big hug to my friend Laura Burkhardt, who not so long ago we had a big discussion about life and I said I find its best to follow my dreams to reach my goal, its about passion, but girlfriend, I never meant move to friggin Baltimore and leave me behind. I miss the lunches we never got to have. James McManaman are co-owners of Absolute Abstract and a friend; another great business and supporter. Check out their store in Midtown Village along 13th Street or on the web at
OK now we’re talking. Three people who’s work I admire. Matthew Ray at HX Magazine, James Duggan at and the guy who stole my idea if I was smart enough to come up with it Steve McCann of Hanging out with them tonight was like being a fly on the wall at a P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel coffee clatch. It was great fun. If only I could actually focus on one thing to have that “A-Ha” moment too!!

Then it was out on the street to face those snow flakes. Why is it that the Center City District can pull off a feat like lighting 5 buildings for the holidays, with plans to do 9 more. A small organization like the Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus can accomplish various goals like attracting gay tourists to Philly and selling the equivalent of 1,000 nights of hotel rooms to visitors of our City and the “STREET ADMINISTRATION’S STREETS DEPT” can’t even make sure that all the bulbs in the snowflakes are LIVE?
Does anyone have a countdown clock til the end of the Street Administration?