In 1999 Mayor Rendell threw the switch during the Millennium celebration that lit the William Penn statue atop City Hall permanently. Then John Street did it in November 2004, “This evening Mayor Street turned on new, permanent lights that illuminate all four exterior facades of City Hall, from the base of the building to the tip of the William Penn statue atop the historic building — almost 550 feet in the air.” circa 20032003 to 2007 – After only 31/2 years, the great Alexander Milne Calder sculptures – the eagles, the Native Americans, the Swedish settlers – ringing the hall’s tower have been cleaned, repaired and restored. And now that William Penn is once again cleaned and water proofed, the City can rejoice and celebrate!! And I ask…How many times can we re-lite this building? … it looks like one more time: The City of Philadelphia will host a public ceremony on Tuesday, December 4 at 6 p.m. on the Municipal Services Building Plaza to rededicate and light the Alexander Milne Calder statues on the City Hall tower: William Penn and the eight sculptural groups of Native Americans, Swedish Settlers, and Eagles. Mayor Street will make a few remarks and then throw the switch.

(Hopefully this will be my last City Hall building blog for 2007)