OK I really need to get out more, how many posts can I have about City Hall, it’s a worse obsession than when SJP asked me if I really needed to take that many photos of her. Well last night the grand ole’ dame was the center of attention again, no not the mayor, City Hall. Pictured below is another of my hero’s Rebecca W. Rimel; who has single handidly with the Pew Foundation supported the Arts and Culture, health, and the public in Philadelphia and literally around these United States. (Ok got it now, Rebecca Rimel, Sharon Pinkenson, Greta Greenberger and hmm I can’t remember the other person that I named recently as one of my Philadelphian “made a difference” hero) Rebecca even called the snow gods up to paint a pretty picture…You may not know this women, but its Marciarose Shestack. She is responsible for leading the campaign to free William Penn from his imprisonment of scaffolding back in the nineties. She helped create the “Free William Penn” buttons that became so famous. She sold over 100,000 at a dollar a piece to raise the funds to release dismantle the scaffolding. The people that helped with the lighting of the newly cleaned William Penn, Swedes, Indians and Eagles statue. hmm, Marsha Rose, hmm, Rebecca Rimmel, and hmm
One, two, three
It’s beautiful!!