Between December 12th and the 16th participating Midtown Village businesses are offering holiday deals, extended hours, and special in-shop holiday events.
With over 80 independent merchants, you are bound to find something special for the holidays.

Have you been east of Broad Street lately? Exciting changes have been happening in Midtown Village and the area has quickly become one of Philadelphias premier locales for daytime and nighttime activity.
Midtown Village Offers Coupon Shopping too, you don’t need to buy the paper or scissors to get these coupons –
You know those great fruit bouqets pick them up here:

Visit my favorite store: David White and James McManaman’s Absolute Abstract Stop by Spruce Street Video and say hi to Franni (we used to play softball together in ugh – 1992 for Spruce Street Video):’ll be shopping all day Saturday picking, see you then…