I had just left a party on Delancy Street and was making my way over to Walnut Street to catch a bus home, when I hear what sounded like a car crash on the other side of the park. It turned out that it was actually a car crash in the park! I arrive to the red headed alleged driver trying to figure out how to turn off her car alarm, and stuff the airbags back into the steering wheel

she then pleaded with the crowd, that had gathered, to help her turn her car around, because she had made the innocent mistake of taking the left on 18th Street much too soon. “I don’t drive in Philadelphia, she slurred. I’ve never been here, I was lost; could someone please help me turn my car around?” (I don’t know what she hit, but she had a flat tire, and the front end was damaged)

The police arrive and the first thing he asks is “Have you been drinking?”, she then slurred that she might have had one drink and she swayed back and forth. “I was going around the block, they’re were all this one way streets, and as soon as I could go left I did, I need to get to Vine Street” I’m not from Philadelphia, this is why I don’t drive downtown, it’s confusing, could you just help me turn my car around and I will go home, she pleaded.
“What are you doing, why are you handcuffing me, are you arresting me, why are you arresting me?”, “I just made a wrong turn, just help me push my car around”
NOTE TO READER: At this point Houdini has escapes from her handcuffs, this happened twice to the crowds delights and cheers. She was so clueless she didn’t realize how serious it was that she kept slipping out of the handcuffs.This time the officer really made them tight. They dumped her stuff out from her purse, and asked her why she had a knife. She I don’t drive in the City, but I know there are a lot of murders going on and I needed to protect myself. “OH why are these so tight, they hurt”, the cop tells her “look if you can get out of these I will give you $100 bucks, and you’ll need that money”; She just kept repeating “Are you arresting me, why are you arresting me?”Then the officer takes her over to the car and says, look drinking and driving is dangerous. You could have killed someone when you drove through the park. Look at what you did, here is your car more than a block away from where you drove in, and you have been drinking. She still didn’t get it as she was taken to the paddy wagon still asking “Why are you arresting me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just made the wrong turn, this is why I never come downtown!”I asked the tow truck driver if he was impounding the car. “No we only impound the car if it was a “Live Stop” and her license, insurance or registration was invalid. Her’s were fine.” What will happen is he will find drop the car off on the first available spot on the street, and when she’s release she can make the arrangements to remove it. If she gets too many tickets, we will boot it and then impound it.
She just bought the car on 12/19/07