IN A GYM was the last place this out of shape paparazzi wanted to be Saturday morning, but I love those magnificent PR Cashman girls plus I would do anything for a couple free smoothie drinks.These are the City Fitness folks L- R is trainer Howard Aaron; marketing guru, Megan Kelly and owner Ken Davies A nice crowd had gathered for the eventSome even worked out. One of the things you notice when you first arrive is that the place is huge and chock full of equipment to choose from and hot shapely trainers to motivate you. I decided to get my first free Juice from these lovely girls, Stephanie, Victoria and Dallas I love this mural, and it has the new Comcast Building in it. This place also has all the up to date and latest exercise equiptment, machines with TV’s on them. (I could only dream my gym would be so forward thinking, ok I work out, but haven’t made a dent in my pear shape yet, maybe I need a new gym?)

Look you can bike away from the Art Museum as it looms behind you

WOW its huge
At the Health Fair Triune Chiropractic Counseling was there to work out the creaks and pain
I then checked out one of the classes. This is the “Hip Hop Aerobics” class.Did I mention the hot trainers, here’s Donna DeGregorio. It wasn’t a surprise to me when she said she was a fitness model too. Check out her website, you won’t be disappointed:
All this looking at hot sweaty people made me thirsty. City Fitness has a smoothie bar right inside the gym. It’s called Body Blendz run by Chip Mitchell and Shamus Savage. Trust me they’re delicious. Darn neither Body Blendz or Shamus have a website yet, but if you want to know about Body Blendz you can write Chip Mitchell at

Did I mention how big this place is? I was fascinated by that big fan on the ceiling. Kildare’s was there preparing something healthy, looky who is waiting in line, it’s Blaire from Q102’s Booker show (I maintained my “gentleman paparazzi” title as Courtney Love once told me and didn’t ask any Alycia Lane Booker questions [see Fashion Week 2007 on that other blog of mine[Did I mention that Fashion Week is coming up in 2 short weeks, I am beyond thrilled. Madonna is having an EVENT that I will be shooting at, I hope, still waiting to be credentialed]) Back to Blaire, girl I have some blackmail pictures. Call me we’ll do lunch and make the exchange.

Back on my Feet and the Healing Touch were busy working their magic

So if you don’t want to rely on Photoshopping your photos to get that skinny ass body, you should check out City Fitness and do it yourself. Monthly fee is $59

Follow along as I begin the wind up to NYC Fall Fashion Week 2008