I always wondered what a Vango was like when I often stopped by Sue’s for some produce. Last Tuesday I found out as I attended a social event aboce the orange sign.

The event was held upstairs in the lounge. I thought the entrance way was cool with the wallpaper of vodka bottles
and the orange glow of the unique chandelier on the lounge level you can still sit down and have a bite to eat
and at the bar you can smoke? I asked someone why and they said because their liquor sales were higher than their food sales. Hmm sounds funny to me. I had a few nibblings and the food seemed good, people seemed happy with their drinks, but I guess if what you are looking for is a cool place to drink and smoke, Vango’s might just be the spot. I hear they have a cool deck where you can lie on a bed and look at the stars in the warmer weather.