COMCASTIC COMCAST IS TRYING OUT THEIR NEW LIGHT SYSTEM oh and not so comcastic design in the snow

And I am impressed. If these new lights can block out the light pollution that I see everynight, I will be one happy guy. See the blue light about midway down the building? I think that’s part of of their 4% art. What do you think? You know I have a love/hate relationship with the Comcast Building. The new lights give me hope, I like the plaza, I hate the boring top of the building and now I hate the cantilevered overhang above the plaza. Last week during our brief snow ice storm I came across this mess…

I know people aren’t going to be hanging on the plaza in climate weather, and that this is a universal problem with tall buildings, but could they have done something different to avoid ice falling on our heads while walking on the plaza towards the front door? Couldn’t they make the overhang solid?