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Sure I’m exhausted and sick this week, but hey I have had results for the fruits of my labor. In INQlings this week, Michael Klein comes through with great entertainment stories and news about movies being film in Philadelphia, including the Lauren Graham / Jeff Daniels movie, the Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston Movie, and the Transformer movie, really they are all going to be filmed in Philadelphia. Also information on an appearance by Julie Andrews. So check out this link and read about Phillywood events. Some of you may recall I covered the South Moon Under event on the blog last week, and as with a lot of potential published photographs I sometimes hold one back, I don’t even think I mention Lisa Paige or Nicole at the event, and I know I didn’t include this photo in the bunch. I love Lisa’s reaction in this shot. image


THURSDAY NIGHT EVENTS – Chef News, Chelsea Clinton Visits Philadelphia for Photos, A Movie Wrap Party and Mary Patel Electile Dysfunction Announcement

Tonight reminded me of many of those nights I’ve spent in NYC chasing celebrities all over the island at the different events. I am just going to touch on most of them and write more about them next week. First I attended an event at Brasiere Pierre. Here is Chef Dan Marcantuno, who I just wrote about winning the WMGK “Golden Spoon Award” earlier this week; and Carrie Nork of one my favorite PR Firms, Cashman & Assocs. They had a special kick off. Then it was quickly to North Philly and the latino restaurant Cobre and a stop on the Chelsea Clinton Q&A tour for her mother Hillary. Hello never knew you can’t get a cab going North on Broad Street. Next time tokens for me, but when I finally arrived I was greeted by a cheering crowd of Hillary supporters.

There were lots of Hillary fans waiting for Chelsea Clinton. Well except for the guy you can’t see sitting on the step behind this women, waving the Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara flag and playing the propoganda on his boom box. Chelsea arrives and she is much more beautiful then I remember. This time as opposed to 2 years ago, she is all smiles for my camera.
It was crowded inside, and I made the mistake of thinking I could get good shots from the 2nd level dining area
nah not even with my long lens
One by one as it got hot and uncomfortable, the press began to thin out and I was able to get a better shot. Then it was 8:15 and I was late for the third event of the night which had begun at 6PM and scheduled to end at 9PM

At RAE there was a wrap party for a film that tells an important story of Philadelphia that happened long ago, but still rears it’s ugly head in the news today, er yesterday. I will write more about this event next week. Speaking of films, Mary Patel was there too (Rae’s Chef Daniel Stern to her right)
Mary has a film in the film festival “Electile Dysfunction” and it’s on April 9 at 7:00PM.
It’s about politicians, the political system and it’s more relevant today than ever.



image I found a website with a few photos I took the other day. I think when entertainment news sites buy your entertainment photos for their sites, Anna Wintour should count that as being published and credential me for the Met Gala in May. They really are news sites and part of the media, don’t you think? Hmm this should probably be posted on my Confessions of a Paparazzi site?



Attorney John P. Moses the Chief Executive Officer of St. Jude’s Hospital welcomed guests to the Fifth annual Four Stars of Philly to the Loews Hotel on March 13, 2008; What an impressive speaker and champion of St. Judes. Using no notes, he told an incredible story of hope, dedication and miracles that occur everyday at St. Judes.

Local St. Jude representative and champion fund raiser – Al Perry; The story of how Danny Thomas started St. Jude’s is amazing too. The short story is about the power of prayer and the promise Danny Thomas made to St. Jude if he could get a job to feed his family. After ten years he built a shrine in honor of St. Jude that would be a hospital for needy children, a place where they would be cared for regardless of race, religion or ability to pay – a hospital where no suffering child would be turned away. It was the first of its kind. AN INTEGRATED HOSPITAL. Not only did the event featured an incredible silent auction, food from the finest restuarants, but a unique networking opportunity with Philadelphia Eagle Right Tackle, Jon Runyan, who counts St. Jude’s as one of his favorite charities.The event also drew a sold out happy crowdThe Clouses – Katie Clouse was a patient at St. Jude’s and had a tumor removed from her kidney. Her father praised the doctors at St. Judes and told us how St. Judes picked up the tab of her medical expenses and also housed the family while she recovered.
Participating tasting station sponsors this year include include Ristorante Panorma, Le Bec-Fin, Georges, Twenty 21, Victory Brewing, Rae, POD … (see list below). Two hundred fifty business and financial professionals will help further the dream of St. Jude founder, the late entertainer Danny Thomas, that “no child should die in the dawn of life.”
John Runyan with James Duggan, Thom Cardwell, Laura Burkhardt and Jimmy Coreas John Runyan tries out a little Pod
Rae chef – Daniel Stern

John Runyan greets Caitlin Gray a student from Drexel who was there that night because she’s writing her graduation thesis on Philly Bloggers and wanted to interview me. SO I thought why not take her on one of my events and see me in action. She was sweet and I know when pursues hers career path in journalism or as a paralegal, she will be a success.

I liked John’s football cuff links

Here Jon tries out the Bassett’s Ice Cream (note the towering Runyon)

Alma de Cuba

Bluecoat Gin
D’Angelos Italian Ristorante
Le Bec-Fin
The Melting Pot
Mission Grill
The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Palace at The Ben
Park Grille at the Philadelphia Park Casino
Phillips Seafood
Positano Coast
Public House

Ristorante di Panorama
Terranova Imports
Twenty 21
Victory Brewing
Zyr Vodka


The Golden Spoon Award with WMGK and John DeBella

Forgive me I am behind in my writings, no I have had an event to write about they just got very back up, and for this one particularly I had to sit on it as I never know if a publication in the Tri-state is going to pick up a photo from an event I shot or not, so I don’t like to blog about it til I know for sure. This is the case for The First Annual Golden Spoon Event. It was held at Cescaphe Ballroom a few weeks back.

John DeBella was on-hand to host Comfort Food Fest presented by WMGK. The annual event will challenge Philadelphia’s top chefs to recreate their favorite comfort foods while adding their expertise and creative flair to every day products found on the shelves of your local grocery store (think Manwich and Rice-A-Roni).

The winner of Comfort Food Fest will receive the coveted ‘John DeBella Golden Spoon,’ but first he or she must please the palettes of the judges including special guests Beth D’Addono, national food and travel writer, Tracy Davidson, host of NBC 10’s All That and More, and Brian Freedman, regional food and lifestyle journalist.

Guests attending the Comfort Food Fest can treat their taste buds to samplings of the chef’s reinvented dishes and enjoy complimentary spirit tastings.
Chef Brian Duffy of Kildare’s served a delicious tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich As soon as I had a taste of Chef Dan Marcantuno from Brasserie Perrier’s Chilli I said you are going to win

The idea for Comfort Food Fest was born after WMGK Morning Man John DeBella learned that Lacroix Executive Chef Matthew Levin’s favorite meal to cook for himself is “quick mac & cheese with tuna.” While top chefs are always trying to outdo each other with high end recipes, DeBella wondered, “What if we took top chefs in the city and had them cook their favorite comfort food?” With that, planning began for the 1st Annual Comfort Food Fest. the folks were enjoying all the delicious food
I envied the judges who didn’t have to wait in line for the grubChef David Wiederholt from Oceanaire Seafood Room made a salmon pad thai with Roma NoodlesChef Dan Marcantuno from Brasserie Perrier recieves the Golden Spoon Award from John DeBella of WMGK; He made chilli with cornbread


From America Ferrera to Winter’s A Drag in Philadelphia – Party Pictures

we headed to the 32 Degree Lounge to catch America Ferrera rally the Philly’s voter registration contigent. I arrived late as I was feeling a tad under the weather, and almost didn’t bother going, but in the end made the right decision because I was the only snapper to get full length shots of America as I was standing on the staircase and shot through the railing. Everyone else was standing too close to her and couldn’t get the shot. That is the money shot, and it’s not here, but hopefully will be picked up by a glossy near year.
(Update: a shot I took of her earlier in the day was picked up by In Style Mag Online:,,20185961_20428787,00.html)
Then it was on to “Winter’s a Drag” gala at XIX to benefit “City of Hope”; Recently someone mentioned to me that I would go to the opening of an envelope, and you know it it gave a little publicity to a charity, or a place that I love, there’s no doubt about it. So here goes:Your hosts Dick and Bruce with sponser, James DugganIt was a nice turnout despite the Easter eveSalotta Tea spins for usAmy Winehouse was there, actually this is Martha Graham a performance artist who was very good. She’s being manhandled by two guys associated with the Pennsylvania Ballet Bruce, one of the hostess’ and a friend
One of these folks is a Ron Paul supporter, so that makes him scary on a couple levels

I was impressed that people really got into the spirit and wore their Easter best. I hope this becomes an annual event. The Bellevue needs a little glamour and I so miss the Society Gala’s; Ok I know that some folks from those parties would just be rolling their eyes, but really it’s about fun, it’s charity and it’s about rockin’ glamour

Matt gets his wings (look for PR Matt to be throwing down a few exciting things in the future) 6 degrees of separation, Dara, Naomi and Ross know at least 4 people that I know. It’s a small town after all.Everyone was welcome, and everyone of all walks showed up. Martha Graham was a hoot, entertaining the folks with Aerosmith and Pink FloydI felt like I was doing the Time Warp The most excellent YUbr PR maven Sarah Doheny and her partner in crime Bruce.
Good friends Thom, Rich and SusanLucky me I actually met some of these guys this past year at some of the envelope openings. The gangs all here, but my guy Mike. Thanks Susan for taking the photo. I actually look thin here. If you see me eating anything but my Nutrisystem, slap it out of my hands!The prettiest and the diva winners – Marchesa and Lisa.

Please, please, please throw this again. It was really a nice event and nice to see so many people participating.


SOUTH MOON UNDER Welcome To Spring event – Philadelphia

The Q102 folks were nice enough to invite me to the Welcome To Spring event at the South Moon Under (I should have asked what the hell that meant?) Anyway, thinking I would get a cool night time shot I skipped this shot that I took from the website as there were too many smokers outside for me to get the shot that I wanted, but it work out just as well.

Lisa from Q102 was the hostess, and as excited as my sister, Margaret, is going to be to know that I met her, I was eagerly awaiting Blaire who I so fabulously shot in January in just a towel and some chick giving her a massage at City Fitness. Ahh there she is third one in from the right at the top. (She said that Booker and Diego were riding her about being topless in the shot see January entry on Philly Chit Chat; she wasn’t too please, I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not. Sadly I don’t listen to the show as that would mean getting up on time and not rushing through my morning)

Joe, Lisa, Michael and Nick; I must be showing my age because when I mentioned to Joe that his jeans had a hole in the knee, he gave me a quizzical look and said “I bought them that way!” I like this name, not as a kid because for some reason people would drop the H and just call me YOU. Hence one of the reasons my name is HughE now.

Brooke, Bryan, Geoff, Brett and a mystery man (someone help me out here if you want to be in Rittenhouse Magazine, thanks) This store actually brought a tiny tear to my eye as my sister, who is one of my best friends, (with mom and dad) would have loved loved loved this store. It’s been 3 years since she ran off and married (ok she didn’t run off), and now lives in NC now with her hubby and son Michael Jr. But I know when she comes up I will take her to this place and she will love it.Anyway it’s Easter I think of family, but back to the store. Cute, cute, Cute clothes. When one of my buds from Clear Channel said the men’s clothing is downstairs, I thought what the heck is gonna fit me in this store (see picture of father above)Well there were these hatsand lo and behold these shirts actually come in my size. I should have bought one last night as they were on sale for the party at 50% off or 15% either way I should have gotten one, but didn’t want to wait in line and regret it now. Eva, Carissa, Marilyn (who owns Sun Mist Tanning Rittenhouse – I think she’s wearing it) See if you can pick out her husband in another photo. OK I am not getting paid here, but seriously what better way to get you in the spring/summer mood when it’s 36F out then getting a tan? Zack, Gina and Jen. Reid and Anton
Joe and ‘Biggest Loser’ 4 Contestant Nicole Michalik – Girl you are smokin’
Zak and Michelle modeling South Moon Sun clothing line. Zak like his bathing suit so much he bought itStephen Penwell, Christina Fazio and Bernadette O’Laughlin (They get their last names in as I told them to just google themselves, but now that I think of it I will just tell people to google the event, what do you think?) I wish I had bought google when it went public. I love google.
The store has three floors. I like the unfinished look. I thought they were in the process of painting the walls, but that is the look. Hmm does the painter charge full price if he only has to put a primer on the wall?
Extensions by Em was on hand for your every hair need 215-510-5144, and for that touch up we all need Julie was there for a pick me up with her skills in make-up. Her card says she’s an esthetician 215-439-2201. I would like to see that word on Wheel of Fortune someday.David, Jeff, Jason and Dan (Dan looks like Antonio Sabato Jr. really he does; here’s a shot of Antonio on my other blog Confessions of a Paparazzi and you will see)
Lordy, lordy this the next best thing to my sister being there. One of my sisters good friends, and now a cousin by marriage as her cousin married my sister. And for me I saw this little girl grow into a women as her family’s shore house in Stone Harbor was 4 houses away from my parents. Her sister Tara is my sister’s best friend and was instrumental in fixing up my sister with her husband. Hmm so it’s Tara’s fault that I don’t see my sister everyday. Damn her. Ok and Nick went to college with Courtney, and Courtney went to high school with Michael. OY it is six degrees or less of separation.

Another family relation, Zak and his mom. The end! Happy Easter and Happy Purim. But wait two more things…

Speaking of Penn – March 20-30 is Penn’s annual LGBT Pride Week, more commonly known as “QPenn.” This year, their theme is “The Q and U” and features over a dozen events, including a drag show, a “kinky carnival,” and a speaker event featuring syndicated sex columnist (and Philadelphia Gay News columnist) Dan Savage. You have got to check out their website. It was a clever use of a TV. Plus if you’re free Saturday night and need to unwind before you head home and search for eggs… Winter’s A DRAG
SAVE THE DATE – MARCH 22, 20089 p.m. – 2 a.m.Ballroom at XIX – Park Hyatt at the BellevueBroad & Walnut Streets – Philadelphia * Drag is NOT mandatory – All tickets are $40 in advance and benefit City Of Hope. And smile, I might take your photo and you could end up on Philly Chit Chat, Rittenhouse Magazine, HX Magazine or if you’re Britney and kissing a few fellows, in People! (Thanks so much for visiting my blog, my numbers are up, there’s a lot of return visitors and I really appreciate it. It makes my 4 hour nights of sleep worth it to know that you enjoy what I put out there. Thanks again. HughE)



To kick off Spring I’ve already ditched my winter jacket (brr it was cold today) and have hung out on my friends Jody & Paul’s deck in South Jersey. Their son Cole wants to be a fireman when he grows up.
He’s going to enjoy a free Rita’s Water Ice today and you can to…A Philadelphia-born springtime tradition, the annual Rita’s giveaway is held from noon to 9 p.m. at more than 500 Rita’s locations in 17 states. Guests who visit their neighborhood Rita’s will receive one free, regular-sized, 10 oz. cup of Italian Ice to commemorate the beginning of spring.


Classic Rock Art Show at Liberty One until 3/22/08

I don’t know if you had a chance to make it over to the Classic Rock Art Show, but you’re running out of time as it ends on Saturday March 22. This year they seem to have more art for sale than ever. I was there for the VIP Party and saw some of Philly’s great R&R DJ’s from WMGK
They even have a section to buy nicely framed photos of your favorite rocker and a “copy” of an original document that they had signed. For example on the right is Madonna and a check she wrote to a massage therapist in 1986.
Below is Grammy® Award winner, author and producer Denny Somach explaining to WMGK’s Cyndy Drue that his friend Phil Ceccola took this photo of Bruce Springsteen in 1973, peering out of a bathroom asking if anyone had any soap? (I was excited to meet Cyndy Drue as I am a big fan of her greeting cards ; before my paparazzi life I too sold photo greeting cards and Cyndy and I would often be on the same rack.

The 8th annual WMGK Classic Rock Art Show is at the Shops at Liberty Place (16th and Chestnut) until March 22, 2008. The works of John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan will be on display, as well as photos of The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, and for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Philadelphia Soul Moving Experience Program.


McGILLIN’S Olde Ale House St. Patricks Day Night Party Photos

I love McGillin’s and often eat lunch there, but I knew it was going to be extra special on St. Patrick’s Day

With a bigs thumbs up from a party goer
the night was kicked off in the right direction
I got there about 5PM to a sea of green

laughter (and spilt beer)
more laughterAnd heard one of my favorite songs:
Where it began I cant begin to knowin But then I know its growin strong

Was in the spring And spring became the summer Whod have believed youd come alongTouching hands, reaching out Touching me, touching you Oh, sweet Caroline Good times never seem so good
So GOOD, So GOOD,Who’d believe you’d come along
Warm, touchin warm Reachin out Touchin me Touchin you
Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good Ive been inclined To believe they never would
And then my dad’s favorite song: (The Unicorn Song, [ok it’s really Danny Boy but that is entirely too depressing]) A long time ago, when the Earth was green There was more kinds of animals than you’ve ever seen They’d run around free while the Earth was being born And the loveliest of all was the unicorn
There was green alligators and long-necked geese Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born The loveliest of all was the unicorn The Lord seen some sinning and it gave Him pain And He says, “Stand back, I’m going to make it rain” He says, “Hey Noah, I’ll tell you what to do Build me a floating zoo, and take some of those…
Green alligators and long-necked geese Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born Don’t you forget My unicorns

Old Noah was there to answer the call He finished up making the ark just as the rain started to fall

Hey Lord,
I’ve got green alligators and long-necked geese Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees Some cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I’m so forlorn I just can’t find no unicorns”

And Noah looked out through the driving rain Them unicorns were hiding, playing silly games Kicking and splashing while the rain was falling Oh, them silly unicorns
Now you might think this is the ending to the song, But I’ll have to tell you friends that in fact you’re wrong You see, Unicorns are magical, so when the rain started pouring, They grew themselves some wings and they took to soaring.
You’ll see green alligators and long-necked geese Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees But if you’re looking for the unicorns, don’t be forlorn, The second star to the right and straight on until morning. Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’ You know that I have from the start So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart (Ok that’s enough of the song lyrics unless you want me to start on Madonna)
Under the watchful eye of officer TrautzVlad wants to know why he’s not in the pictureLICK ME I’M IRISH her sticker says Thumbs Up!! This girl is the spittin image of my friend katie
I love this photo, some guy is trying to stick a sticker on her that says “Spank Me” and she doesn’t want anything to do with it!

hmm no comment
I was going for that posed, yet candid shot on the left

Hello next time you Union League guys aren’t allowed in without a little green on


You’re probably wondering where your photo is, well if you go the link below, look for your photo right click on it, and save to your computer compliments of McGillin’s Olde Ale House. We look forward to seeing you again real soon. And stop by Philly Chit Chat too!!