Look who flew into town, er well Bensalem, yesterday to sign her new CD single “Outta My Head (Ay YA YA), hmm. Anyway for only$1.96 you could have a meet and greet with Ashlee, or as Perez calls her Asslee. It beats the $250 folks had to pay to meet Paris a few months back. Well there was one bird that must have missed my entry and Dan Gross’ column on that subject. see (first two entries)

Meet Red Robin, waiting patiently sans CD for a meet and greet.
Meet the Q102 security teamRed Robin waits anxiously with her handler Ashlee appears with her Starbucks, water, Hand Sanitizer and bodyguard Red Robin recives the news, not only did she not buy a $1.96 CD, or stand in line with the rest of the fans, but she didn’t RSVP as a VIP so Ashlee would not be posing with her. In tears, Red Robin flies the coop

But not before a few fans stop her for a photo op

If Red Robin had only purchased the $1.96 CD, maybe things would have been different