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On my way home from work I decided to go by Demi’s hotel to see if she was around, or if her “car” was in or out. Of course I know what her car looks like, thats my job. I saw this line going into Ben & Jerry’s, and as I knew it wasn’t the first day of Spring I thought “What the heck is going on, and would my readers like to know what they missed, or was it on Philebrity, or Will Do, The Daily Examiner or Philly Blog and I missed it as I really didn’t have time to read any of them today?”I was further intrigued when I saw this shirt…free I love free (although I have to say I turned down the ice cream, gotta start this diet, it’s almost speedo season)
Why it’s a free cone giveaway for Stand Up for Kids Philadelphia partnered with Philadelphia Ben & Jerry’s stores for the Turn Purple Campaign and Free Cone Day on Tuesday, April 29th from 12-8 PM. Although it was “Free Cone” day; Customers were encouraged to give donations while they wait in line for their free ice cream (the dozen folks I asked just enjoyed their free ice cream, but hopefully they learned a little about “STAND UP FOR KIDS” )There was ice cream, there was entertainment, there was the very talented Germantown Exclusive Drill Team and Drum Core

The Aqua String Band was on next and played all the philly favorites including “Golden Slippers”. Unfortunately, most of the students in line were sober and forgot how to do the mummers strut.

As I stood by the door I often heard time and again the 30 minute wait was worth it

two out of three people chose the “Fish Food” flavor ice cream. The girl on the left, vanilla. As I left about 7:30PM, the line still snaked its way around the corner down walnut street
Demi’s car was out, and I didn’t feel like waiting. I will see her this weekend in NYC, it won’t be the same and I am sure none of the Philly columnists will consider that photo as Philly significant to publish. Which reminds me, did I mention that this week is Sadly after getting permission to cover it I have to bail to finish the Tribeca Film Festival, uncover a secret private dinner with Madonna, catch Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight at Radio City Music Hall Sunday night and finally I am on the wait list to cover this event Monday night: SHOWSTOPPERS: The paparazzi on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will have more reasons than ever to go into a frenzy at next Monday’s Costume Institute gala. In addition to co-chairs George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Giorgio Armani is said to be bringing along Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The rumor mill also has Jennifer Lopez coming to the benefit with Alberta Ferretti, Kate Bosworth with Chanel, and Eva Mendes, Rachel Bilson and Fergie with Calvin Klein. Others expected to attend include celebs Mariah Carey, Renée Zellweger, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss, Mary J. Blige, Claire Danes, Mischa Barton and LeBron James, and designers Valentino, Tom Ford, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and Donatella Versace.

The Philadelphia City Hall Farmers’ Market Opening May 14

I ran into a former co-worker the other day on the street. Joanna had given up the steady paycheck, and the solid four walls of the law firm to fulfill her destiny out on the streets of our City. No it’s nothing like that, she is in the business of ensuring all of society has affordable, healthy food, grown locally. Eating locally, she tells me means eating food that is grown within a 100 mile radius of the City. I miss talking to her at work, I would tell her about my latest celebrity sighting and she would tell me the latest way to save the environment, I always felt very vapid after hearing her plans on how “she is going to save the world” (ok she never put it that way and she would always tell me how much she enjoyed my celebrity blog stories), but basically she is well on her way to fulfilling her destiny, one vegetable at a time. Now she is a program assistant in the “Farm to City” programs, an organization that is really concerned about our food source and ensuring sustainable resources now, and for future generations. Today she sent me this email…The City Hall farmers’ market is scheduled to open on May 14. The organization that is operating the market is Farm toCity; our website is at, where there is more information about all our markets around the city. I think the CityHall market, in particular, will be a showcase for urban youth and food — there will be two or three different stands where youth programs will be selling produce grown in the city.

City Hall Farmers’ Market – Opens May 14 Interior courtyard of Philadelphia City Hall. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, preserve, cut flowers, baked goods, and maybe seafood.

Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market – May 13 Walnut Street on south sidewalk west of 18th Street. Fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, and meat, eggs, and dairy products from pastured animals. Tuesdays, 10 am to 1 pm.



The only thing Philly related is I’m from Philly, and my cousin-in-law Emy’s mom is from Philly too. But last Friday I took a few hundred photos at her wedding to the love of her life Jim outside of Washington DC. It was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 80s, but unfortunately for me my temperture was about 100F. I muddled through and was glad I went. A wedding is always a special time to bring friends and family together. Especially the Nakamura’s as many of their family lives in San Francisco. This was especially a wonderful time as it was the first time the Nakamura and Goman clan ever all got together (Emy’s mom and dad’s sides.)

But first to Emy. When she and Jim first announced their engagement they said it was just going to be a little event. She wasn’t even going to have a photographer. You know how I feel about that, that’s just crazy. So Emy’s boss offered to take the photos, and Emy asked me to take a few too. That worked well for me, because I usually only do 2nd – 6th weddings, anniversary, birthday and all occassion parties because those first time weddings are important and should be handled by the professionals. After hounding Emy to look at me, she finally humored me and looked back. She had specifically wanted only candid shots, but guess what, candid is good for most of the shots, but eye contact is important too.
We’re on our way. Emy having already broke many traditions, decided not to have a Maid of Honor, as she had 4 best friends. Plus they could wear any style of brown dress they wanted. Which they did. This was very inovated, except there was no one person to take charge and direct the bridal party to the service. Thankfully me being the kinda photographer that wants exclusives, I went to the “bridal apt” to see if everyone was ready, leaving Amelia at the Alter, I got a few shots, and lead them to the marriage room.
Which included pacing them down the aisle and signalling the band to start playing a song that I didn’t recognize as the “Bridal March” I love these shots, and every bride makes this pensive face right before they walk the final walk. (Maybe I should become a wedding planner, that would be fun) Dad (Bob) hands Emy over to Jim as Mom (Bernie) and Jim’s dad and step-mother look on.
The minister lead a beautiful service. I wish I had thanked her.
You may kiss the bride.

You hoo, look over here, I am right in front of you, why these two are so shy I will never know
They thank their friends. Emy’s brother David is to her right. (See last July for the coverage of his & Kris’ wedding in Glacier National Park)Signing the guest index cards, again a new traditionHello I’m your Aunt AliceThe Bridal Party; sadly after this shot someone in this photo also had a 100F temp and just about passed out, so no more group photos occured with him in it. Emy, mom, dad and 90 year old Grandmom Nakamura visiting from San Francisco
Kris Schenck, David and Grandmom Nakamura After a bit of arm twisting, I got the happy couple to pose for the only photo that I think they will cherish for years to come (well I took a dozen or so of this shot, darn they left the Bridal Bouquet upstairs)
Dressed to party cousin Julie from West Chester NY with her mom and dad
Virginia Tech University Alumni and Emy’s good friends Her bridesmaids from college give a very heartfelt toast, after which the best man was clear and to the point when he said that “Emy and Jim met when their two dogs sniffed each others butt!” Nice with the cake. It was delicious.
The first dance (next up Dancing with the Stars)
Jim with his step-mother

Emy is a natural with kids
My Mike and his mom
The obligatory line dance
Maybe someday I will shoot weddings, it wasn’t so bad after all or maybe I’ll stick to celebrities, birthdays, events and anniversaries.

THE FIRST SHOT OF DEMI MOORE IN PHILADELPHIA and other shots around town on this warm Spring Day

It’s summer, schools out, kids want to save the world while earning $12 hr to take green from you. They’ll be everywhere, here are two on Walnut Street. You think they are looking at each other, but as you pass them the turn towards you with their puppy dog pleading eyes “Help Stop Global Warming” for only $100 a month.

It’s also time for Equality Forum , how much say did this poor pooch have before his “daddy” colored him pink?
and gave him a mohawk to boot
I stopped by the set of “Dream of the Romans” that wraps up today.
Lauren Graham was nowhere to be found. But Jeff Daniels was about.Then it was back to Walnut Street. I was carrying my camera and this girl said to me, “Why don’t you take my photo?” I started to, and then she said oh wait, I just got a massage and I have stretch marks on my head. This pose kinda reminds me of the time I shot Julie Andrews, and she said “Oh I am so sweaty, and I don’t like my hair, but take the dern photo anyway.”

The anti-Lyndon LaRouche guy is on the corner warning us that LaRouche is going to fry our brains. Isn’t that guy dead yet?
Then it was on to Demi Moore’s hotel. Now that all the gossip columnists seem to have put a price on her head, I was inspired to stay a few hours to get a shot, and it was a beautiful day too. People were really enjoying themselves in Rittenhouse Square, with their kids, friends
and cold refreshing drinks. It’s just a matter of weeks before the Skrim goes up on the PNB Building. So I wait, and wait, and wait, three hours and no celebrity sightings yet, oh wait

it’s Philly’s own Laura Burkhart, working tirelessly for Where Magazine and promoting Dining Out for Life, which is May 1. Dine out on May1st at a participating Dining out for Life restaurant and 1/3 of your food bill will benefit local services in the fight against AIDS. Go to or look in the April issue of Where Philadelphia for more information. Not Demi
Finally Demi Moore appears and I get the money shot
OK actually I took this last September in NYC, and it didn’t sell, but it wasn’t Philly and this was the last day of the fashion shows, and she had been shot up and down 5th Avenue all week. But I like these shot, and the legs that went on forever. It’s back to Tribeca for me for the next few days, so THE FIRST SHOT OF DEMI MOORE IN PHILADELPHIA is yours to get!!! (UPDATE: I did finally photograph her and post the photos 5/8/08)


As I walked away after giving hugs to Margarita, Vincent and Carmen, and saying I don’t think I am going to come back [to NYC] on Thursday to do the Madonna premire, I’m tired, I have a wedding to shoot on Friday, I know it’s Madonna and I never saw her before, in person, except at a concert, but I might have to pass it up. Lots of groans and disbelief, but Margarita understood as I had been out with her til 2AM shooting Mariah Carey.
Then as I walked away Carmen came up to me, gave me a big hug and kiss, and said “Hughie you kill me, it’s Madonna, you love Madonna, she’s your legend, she’s an ICON, you have to come back.” Well thats is all true, but Madonna’s only fifty, and I saw the only legend I need to see this week. Do you know who this legend is?
Maybe I will try and find Demi and be the first one in the City to get that shot? Maybe it will be the “Money Shot” this week, instead of the drunken Mariah Carey I shot in NYC Tuesday night at 2AM?



Last Thursday, Mid-Town Village was hopping. The weather was fantastic, the restaurants were full and Absolute Abstract & Absolute POP! were throwing a red carpet party for GPPN ( and
there was a LIVE painting demonstration by Local Pop Artist John Stango.
Here are a few tireless volunteers that work the door each month, to brighten your day with a smile, a kind word, to relieve you of your $5 and give you a name tag so you are properly identified all night long. (sometimes it startles me when someone says “hughe so and so, such and such” and I think, how did they know my name?
Then I remember Mike or Bill slapped a name tag on me.I love Absolute Art, they have a diverese collection of wall art for you to choose from. I have a cute Speed Racer tin sign that I picked up a few months back, in my bathroom. Go Speed Racer, did I mention I am going to the Tribeca Film Festival today. The closing night movie is whalah! Speed Racer. I’m so excited. GPPN is the Gay Philadelphia Professional Network. Every month you meet with your peers and you can put your business info here to promote it. I am just about to put my photo business cards on this table in a couple months, as I am planning to step up to the plate and really go into the “event photography” business, but don’t fret I will still be doing Philly Chit Chat, blogs and celebrity stuff. Just thought I would do a little event photography too.
Here are a few peers too

I thought I would get artistic on ya
There was a nice turnout and our hosts James McManaman and David White did a great job at taking care of us. They seemed so calm and cool having so many folks inside their place with all the beautiful works about
Some folks hung outside and took advantage of the nice weather
Malcom Lazin was there. His big event is coming up in OMG next week, wow how time flies. Did I mention I will probably miss a lot of it as I am in NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival

Thanks to the sponsors for supporting our efforts.

I love, love, love these new photo prints. At one point James had asked to see my porfolio, but I dropped the ball. It was during the NY Film Festival last Oct/Nov and I just didn’t have the time to compile it. (Before I got into celebrity shooting, I concentrated on Philadelphia City Landscapes, I still sell prints in some stores, and plan to actively return to that passion someday. Maybe I will get another chance to show them my portfolio), but in the meantime you have to see the wonderful collection they have, they are really beautiful and the artist captured the City’s spirit.
Don’t forget to stop by Absolute Pop! next door. (I wish I had more wall space!!)

Finally this beautiful masterpiece painted by artist John Stango, will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to “City of Hope”. Which by the way is honoring our own Thom Cardwell September 18 with a roast and a key to the City of Hope. Here is Thom, with the artist and the owners of Absolute Abstract and Pop!, James McManaman and David White

I did mention that I would be in NYC for the rest of the week covering the Vanity Fair Party, Tribeca and Madonna’s documentary premiere. I finally get to see that chick in person and not the teeny tiny person she appears to be on stage at her concerts where I pay entirely too much money every other year to see her. So that concludes are photo diary oh until Thursday, when I come home for a breather. Today I will vote for the candidate with 7 letters in their name, and then I am outta here, oh they both have 7 letters. If we were on Big Brother 8, Natalie would think the number 7 meant something and she would be obsessing about it until the house vote. Happy Earth Day.



Chelsea Clinton, Gov. Ed Rendell went on a pub crawl through the city of Bro’ love’s gay establishments. Rendell does it regularly before elections; he asked Chelsea to come along. (Actor Robert Gant And Rob Reiner are guest, too.) Bars served will be Tavern on Camac, Bump, Woody’s Bar and Restaurant and Sisters. I heard it would begin around 10PM. I wasn’t planning on doing it, but after eating dinner with Mike and friends, a few blocks away at Ted Montana’s, I excused myself and ran over to Bump. Number one lesson, always carry two sets of batteries on you. My flash batteries were dying and I had to be conservative on what I shot.

The atmosphere was Hillary Charged

I ran into a few friends while waiting, here’s Wayne Bowman, who I’ve known for about a decade or so, but don’t see too oftenMike joined me and we ran into an old friend Rob. I think the last time we saw him was at a John Kerry event 4 years agoThen there’s singer Steve Cohen and MikeA fan of Chelsea’s who is hoping she will sign this ‘photo with’ of him and her. Tip: Next time bring it on a clip board, for two reasons 1) She needs a hard surface to write on, 2) the crush of the crowd will crinkle your photo and bonus tip, always look up when getting your photo taken, it’s a better shotThe stickers were flowing, I hear Hillary was picking up the tab at BumpRob Reiner shows up and gets in a political discussion with a bystander Anne Dicker is there, right below the Larry Farnesse signs high up on the pole
Robert Gant tries to slip by but I caught up with him and snapped a few. He didn’t roll with the group, but instead was about 15 minutes ahead of the Chelsea & Gov group. I guess he was the warm up act.Chelsea Arrives, we were expecting her to drive up, but she had walked down Locust towards us, with just a handler, and maybe an unseen bodyguard.

She was greeted by Mark Segal of PGN, Gov Rendell and Rob Reiner. To get this shot I had to shoot right above a women’s head, and sometimes my camera would bump her a tad. SORRY, but look at this shot, how lucky could I have gotten.


Chelsea immediately jumped into hand shaking and greeting the massesAfter a few words inside, it was off to the crawl. Somewhere along the way we lost Rob Reiner. So I was glad to have shot him at Bump! Chelsea was amazingly gracious posing with fans whenever they asked
Shaking hands with people parked in cars, in alleys This guy asked me to take his photo, a request I usually turn down, but I needed a Chelsea headshot with eye contact and I got it in one of the series I shot of Justin and her, but not this one (Justin look up!) When posing with a celebrity, you have to be prepared from the moment you stand next to them, don’t talk to them, don’t fix your hair, don’t look down. She is smiling but her handlers around her are very unhappy, do you see their faces there on the right. The peps at Uncles see Chelsea coming Gov Rendell and Chelsea approach Uncles and Camac StreetShe shook all their hands; when someone yelled out “Chelsea when are you going to run for Office,?” Chelsea answered that she would someday. (Can you say SCOOP!!, I wish I had my youbtube camera, but the MSNBC guy must have it on tape, see him in the background) More kind words for Hillary and ChelseaHmm body language, stranger guy feels need to hug Chelsea; Chelsea not respondingBut feels more comfortable with shaking hands with the masses. I felt like I had dogged Chelsea enough for the night and didn’t wait for her to exit Tavern on Camac All in all it was a great night for me, Happy Hour with friends – At the G Lounge, thanks Matt for your hospitality; Dinner with Mike, Jeff and Bob and then Chelsea and friends to close out the night. To see one of my photos picked up, then stolen by other sites, and then another site create something hysterical, check out the story at

COMCAST’S NEW LIGHTS and a blogger celebrity sighting Brad Maule of Philly Skyline dot com

Director/Columnist Mary Patel, Rachel (Rachel’s store is Conspiracy Showroom – – women’s clothing & jewelry boutique, etc etc) and her main squeeze and everyone’s favorite Philly building scriber, Brad Maule
And if you go over to Brad’s site you can learn all about the new Comcast Lighting System


UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE – The First American Sign Language Film

Last week Universal Language screened at the PFF. It was a sold out silent crowd. “Universal Signs”, a deaf love story. One of the first of its kind a movie all in sign language with captions.

Claire Brown-Kohler introduces the film with an American Sign Language interpreter signing along for the deaf audience

After the show their was a Q&A with the director and actors
I was especially excited to be invited to this screening as Sabrina Lloyd from ‘Sliders’ fame was in the starring role. I later learned that she accepted the role as soon as she was asked, and learned ASL in only 3 months. It took me two years of training to get a complete sentence correct. The after party was held at McCormick & Schmidt’s where specially labelled Universal Language bottles of wine were given as parting gifts.

There was a nice turnoutActress Sabrina Lloyd and Director/writer Ann Calamia converse as producer Catherine Miller looks on. Sabrina and her friend Chelsea pose for photos. When Chelsea met Sabrina at the college they both attend in Manhattan, Chelsea had no idea about Wade, Numbers or Sports night. One of their mutual friends told her who Sabrina was and then lent her a DVD of Sliders. She thought it was cool, but I can tell she wasn’t really impressed by it, she likes Sabrina because of her personality and friendlyness. Hottie Anthony Natale and Sabrina Lloyd, the stars of the movie Deaf Robert DeMayo, Deaf Actor Anthony Natale; Actress Sabrina Lloyd; cinamatographer; producer Carol Finkle; producer Catherine Miller and Writer/Director Ann Calamia at the premiere of their movie “Universal Signs” at the Philadelphia Film Festival
I always wanted to chat with a celebrity about the business of celebrity; Sabrina doesn’t get asked for her autograph much, and most of the people who get a glimmer of recognition of her think its because they they went to school with her, or maybe from the neighborhood, or just look bewildered. Paparazzi rarely shoot her, and she’s been to the Waverly Inn a few times.
Last night producer Catherine Miller and Writer/Director Ann Calamia won the Philadelphia Film Festival ‘s Full Length Movie Award for “Universal Signs”; Here they are at the closing night party at the Top of the Bell Atlantic Building.



(ThIS IS JUST A DRAFT ENTRY – WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME ie not working my 9 – 5 job today, I will fill in the blanks and missing names) The Gate Keeper staff and volunteers that keep the festival running behind the scenes. Thank you so very much!!SPONSORS SPONSORS SPONSORS – Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here is George Reppert Regional Director for ZYR Vodka (in the center) on the left Laura’s future husband, she says and on the right James Duggan, CFO BUCKmonkey and assistant to the Development Director Thom Cardwell who acquires sponsors. Now that’s a hard job to me, I have such trouble asking anyone for anything, so my hats off to those guys!!
Our friendly Festival Photographer Gail Kamenish , what can I say about her. Love her to death, it’s so wonderful to work alongside a professional who knows what she is doing, gets the job done and is sensitive to others. Also YaYa Liem, welcome aboard as the new managing director, another sponsor from Assouline Caviar Liz Martin, and TLA Kelly Burkhardt

I’m their biggest fan as you know, Sharon Pinkenson and Joan Bressler of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office

The Burkhardt Girls – Kelly and Laura Burkhardt

The moment has arrived and Patti Smith is hereDirector/Columnist Mary Patel and author screenwriter Steven Byler If your photo has appeared in Philadelphia Magazine, then Zoey has taken it and her friend has written it down

Mary Patel, Luke Erle (who won best Independent Film) and Scott Seigman

Separated at birth, Jay McCarroll and Mark James

Then it was over to the Prince Theater. It was fun to walk along Chestnut Street as a Patti Smith groupie. No one recognized her, but they must have known it was someone. A chef in training popped out of the Art Institute and as he looked trying to figure it out, I said it was Patti Smith, “Who?” he replied; Patti Smith, you don’t know Patti Smith, I guess your too young. Then it dawned on him and he nearly collapsed of disbelief. I thought he was going to run after her, which really would have pissed people off I think, but he ended up just admiring her as she walked slowly towards the theater. Below is Thom Cardwell and , giving out the special Archie Award, the Archie Award is named in memory of Ruth Pearlmutter’s husband, Archie. He was a big fan of movies and a supporter of all things film.. The Patti Smith Film was shown “Dream of Life”, as Patti, her son Jackson and director Steven Sebring relaxed in the audience to catch the flick.

As Patti was waiting to go on stage she was standing right next to me. I told her and Steven how much I really enjoyed the movie, and asked her where she grew up in Jersey. She said it was Deptford, and she went to Deptford High School. I mumbled do you know such and such and then realized I was talking to Patti Fucking Smith and I crumbled at the realization. I mumbled a few more words of admiration, told the director how much I enjoyed his shooting the concert scenes in black and white, and hotel scenes in color and the one on one scenes in vivid color. How angelic Patti looked, very pure and thanked Patti for her candor and dedication to America. At one point in the movie she read the constitution and the audience clapped, then she said that George W Bush should be impeached and imprison, and the audience went wild.

In the movie we meet her parents, and we go to their house in Depford. I was curious about how Patti got her sense of independence, and lead a life so free of the everyday trappings (ok except for her penchant for Prada) Her father is a man of little words, but speaks volumes in the words that fall from his mouth. Her mother a wonderful wife and mother from her era, a women as Patti might have describe as living and existing in New Jersey, which is perfectly acceptable, but Patti found herself wanting to expand and explore so she left her home to find herself. Her mother collected cows, cow cookie jars, cow S&P shakers, cow everything. A funny story Patti tells about her parents, who Patti calls Mommy and Daddy, which is so endearing, was that one day Mommy comes in from the yard and says to Daddy (who she calls daddy too) “Daddy there’s a boar in the yard what should I do?” in which Daddy responds “if he’s a bore, don’t talk to him!”
The joy and pride in Patti’s face when she talks about her son Jackson. Here Patti surprises the audience with a few songs, her son Jackson accompanies her. I stole a few moments from Patti, at the cocktail party, and right before she went on stage. My previous thoughts were wrong, as I went on hearsay of others, Patti was genuine, sweet, kind, caring, thanked me for taking her photo (although I know I took too many) and just seem so appreciative of life and believed in living by the golden rule, which as you may know I seriously try and apply to myself; do unto others as they would do to you, even if they’re bastards – LOL ok I added that last part, but even if they’re bastards I still like to treat them with respect, it’s a waste of my energy to do otherwise. ok I digress, this is Patti’s day and I am talking about me on my blog. Talk about misunderstood. My autograzzi friends “Team Derek” was there. They are fans, I saw them in the audience watching the film enjoying the Q&A and later they cleaned up with ‘graphs galore. It just goes to show that Patti Smith is generous. I know she was beat after arriving at the Film Festival. She had literally just flown in from Paris, the only other City where she showed up to a festival where her documentary was showing. She loves Paris and she loves the City of Brotherly Love, which she repeated a few times.

LARE from Kleenagel, LTD Fine Wine Importers and another wonderful sponsor, with Claire Brown-Kohler and the wonderful PFF volunteers

Gay Black Republican Donald Carter and Luke Erhle. I hear Donald gave Luke quite a tongue lashing over his movie, Choosing Connor, and its depiction of Republicans, specifically gay republicans. But you will have to see the movie to see what he is talking about. I thought the movie was good, but went in a direction I wouldn’t have gone in. Kenneth, Ritchie, Susan, Brad and opps
It was a nice crowd with plenty of room to move on the 52nd floor of the Bell Atlantic BuildingJeff and his friend David It was great meeting new friends this year, like Lewis Tice and oh I am getting old cant remember Lewis’ friends name
My favorite children’s TV Host (I will be looking up names later, I have go to get to bed it is 4am)

Hillary and Steve Shemin. I met Hillary last year the first night of the film festival. She’s a great photographer too. Here is some of her work:
Robert Mendelson from the Philadelphia TribuneThe best DJ, Robert Drake spins, and spins well Love the tutu

In a quick style change, Kelly dresses comfortable for the evening festivities. Heather, well she is hot, creative, aura of bright yellow and sweet. Glad to see them this year.Thanks to Dwayne and Laura. Dwayne is another sponsor and as soon as I find his card I will tell you who what when and where, good night I am falling asleep at the key board