Well of course these Cherry Trees. Sometimes it’s so cold in March and April I never take that walk down Kelly Drive to see these beauties

Bob selling his water, pretzels and things along Kelly Drive. He told me last night that he is 81 and has been doing this for 45 years. Of course he also said, “HughE I didn’t see you last year, you look like you need some exercise!” He’s so funny. OK I remember hearing about these bike racks last year. I finally had a chance to see them, they’re kinda clever. Do you guys think the Coke Bike Racks are an eyesore like my friend Mike?
Tuesday Bike night. Anyone who has been a regular along Kelly or MLK Drives know about Tuesday Bike night where this huge contingent of bicycles ride the road.
This guys fishing at dusk in the Schuylkill. There’s a couple problems here, he’s alone along this path 30 feet below civilization, rats and is he going to eat what he catches?

Skateboarders are more numerous than rats or roaches. Nothing is safe from them.
Aaah peaceful on the river. I wonder if I will be able to wake up in 5 hours to shoot Obama at the Sheraton?
My friend Colleen decides that after our marathon walk and my constant talk, she needs to be more like Rocky than Hillary Clinton