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Jennifer Hudson interview with Laiya St. Claire for The Beat 100.3 in Philadelphia Published in Contact Music Saturday 5/31/2008

Jennifer looks beautiful with barely any makeup on.  Usually after I shoot an event I go online and see where my photos were placed.  When the photos are placed in magazines it’s more difficult to find them as photo agencies do not notify you until about 30 – 90 days after the shots are published.  Thanks Jen for coming to Philadelphia and being so real.  image Thank you for your emails and comments regarding my sister; she is doing well after her surgery, but we have a long road ahead of us.  I appreciate your continued prayers and good thoughts for Judy.  


JENNIFER HUDSON VISITS PHILADELPHIA AND BEAT 100.3 with Laiya St. Claire & Sex and the City at the movies

I am exhausted, not from staying up late doing the blog, but from running around town photographing all these celebrities that drop by Philly to visit the fans, promote their stuff and well find themselves in front of my camera. So much stuff that I am really a good week behind in bringing you the people and places you want to see, but jumping ahead of the pack is Ms Oscar winner herself, American Idol alumni Ms. Jennifer Hudson
Who stopped by town yesterday to do among other things, visited my friend Laiya St. Claire, the baddest DJ on the radio who you can hear at 100.3 The Beat and read about Laiya’s life and gossip at her blog
Thank you Jennifer Hudson for stopping by and looking beautiful with barely a hint of make-up and being so real. I did get a glimpse of her hunky boyfriend waiting in the VIP section. Someone mentioned it was the guy from the show “I Love NY”, but I never have time to watch TV so I will take their word for it, Miss Hudson deserves to have some arm candy.

Jennifer talked about the SATC movie, her new CD – which drops 9/30/08, a few other tidbits you can hear at The Beat and that Simon never congratulated her on her Oscar; Randy and Paula sent nice notes. Love her. I may post again over the weekend, as I really am behind…

PRAYERS FOR MY SISTER JUDY – a letter from my sister Janine

Dear friends,

Many of you did not know but my sister Judy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few weeks
ago. (Judy center)

Today she is going in to be operated on. I believe this operation will be followed by radiation and chemotherapy over the summer. (Judy, Tracy, Me & Dad – these photos were before the rest of the 4 siblings were born) Please find time in your day today to say a prayer for Judy. She is a wonderful person, sister, mother, wife, friend and nurse. My family and I would appreciate this favor so very much. Sincerely, Janine (P.S. Her 5 hr. surgery is going on right now 2PM – 7PM. Thanks HughE)


Father’s Day Run 4 Your Life Event at Liberty One

High above Philadelphia a few folks got together to support 2009 Sixth Annual Run 4 Your Life Run/Walk and 1 Mile Fun Walk to benefit Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness USA Track and Field Certified Course
The cocktail party was held on the 57th Floor of Liberty One, in the luxury Trump Tower condominiums sales suite and a sponsor of the walk.Super Lawyer 2006 – Scott P. Sigman and friends The views were magnificent, the people well connected and charitableThe plans for the latest Trump Tower were on the wall for everyone to seeIt’s a beautiful building,
and the sales staff was on hand to assist with any questionsThe luxury Trump Tower condominiums are planned for the land located at Delaware Avenue and Spring Garden Street. Just south of Waterfront Square and that much closer to the fireworks that I love watching every year. After an hour of nibbling, the chairwomen came out to make a few announcement: Come out for the Fifth Annual Run 4 Your Life, 5K Walk and 1 Mile Fun Walk. Run to benefit Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness. GARY PAPA, Action News Sports Director, WPVI-TV Channel 6 and a prostate cancer survivor was on hand to talk about the importance of the event. He started out by saying “I want to thank you from the bottom of my prostate.”
And although The Donald was not there, pictured with his wife Melina Tuesday night at the SATC premiere [I took this photo, I was in NYC on the Pink carpet], he was there in spirit as (I think the Trumps are smiling alike now)

a check for $10,000 was donated to the Walk. Thanks Donald!!

So if you have a moment, visit the 57th Floor of Liberty One and ask for managing director Jacqueline Sonenberg for information on Philadelphia’s newest condo tower. Thank her for the donation and mention to her that I am looking for a good place for my Philly Chit Chat Social/News/Calendar/Photo site kick off party, maybe we could have in on the 57th Floor of Liberty One. Until then I hope everyone can make it out to the event on Father’s Day. All are welcome. Come participate in the 5K Run, 5K Walk or 1 Mile Fun Walk. We encourage everyone of every age to join in the run to eradicate prostate cancer as a life and quality-of-life threatening disease by helping to advance awareness and research.



I took the Sex and the City test, it’s on my Facebook – I’m CharlotteI used to watch Sex and the City with one of my best friends, my sister Crista. I was older than Carrie, she was younger. So I am a fan and was excited to shoot the premiere, but being from Philly and reluctant to give up a full day for vacation, I took a half day from my day job. Bad move, see these people, they put their name on the Photographer’s list at 4AM!! Me I got there at 3PM (Thanks to the Amtrak train breaking down) and I was #52. It was a big premiere people flew in from around the world.

I should have worn shorts, although I know that almost no one shooting in NYC ever does. The uniform is dark jeans, dark shirt, dark shoes, unless your well Demis
Security was tight, the dog sniffer was on site
The pen. I always bring my ladder when I shoot in NYC. I may have been in the second row, but I was in the first pen which holds the best photographers and the talent usually poses longer than the last pen which was about a Philly city block away. (Did I mention photographers uniform, dark, dark, dark OK black. The color they don’t want the SJP’s dress to be)
Sometimes for the unrecognizable talent, they have their PR person carry a placard with their name. This is something that should be done in Philadelphia.

The hazard of shooting second row, note the photographers flash head in the foregroundDid you see the “Devil Wears Prada”, which is by the same director as “Marley & Me”? Well it was based on these two people, Andre Leon Tally and Anna Wintour. When Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar last year, it was Andre Leon Tally that suggested she wear that space age outfit. Here a much thinning Jen blows a few kisses to the photographers, er the fans that will see the photos taken.
Tony Award winner Christine EbersoleKim Cattrall pinching her ass, she can’t believe she’s her I am not Sanford
Classy Cynthia Nixon. I wish she brought her girlfriend on the Pink Carpet.
I think Caroline Rhea has had some sex, she’s pregnant

I don’t think I have ever seen Ashley Olsen lift her head, I barely recognized her
She has some scary friend Newest Gossip Girl, Lydia Hearst (yes of that family)
The fans braved the weather for a glimpse of their stars, and they were not disappointed.
Eli Manning and his wife

Smith – Jason Lewis
Sweet’N Low Celebrates its 50th Anniversary, Picks Regis to be Spokesperson – National Television Campaign: “You Can’t Beat Pink, Pal” Breaks Today

When you wish upon a star….Edie Falco
The end…my disclaimer, none of these photos were submitted to any agencies to be published they are here for your consumption and they are not the best shots. (Epilogue – Thanks to Amtrak, the signals were screwed up on the tracks and I was sitting on the train for almost two hours getting me home at 2AM. Then I had to edit 600 photos, finally hitting my pillow at 4:30AM. Got up and 8AM worked some more, then off to my day job. Gotta wonder sometimes if these NYC premieres are worth it, hmm you’re damn right they’re worth it!! 🙂


MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND BBQ, Friends, Reunion and Jennifer Aniston for the last time on this blog

I kicked off the Memorial Day Weekend with a trip to Rittenhouse Square to practice with my long lense, because in hindsight it would have been better for me to shoot Jennifer Aniston last week across the street with a long lense, as she wouldn’t have seen me for a few minutes and I would have been able to click off a few good shots, and secondly her bodyguards wouldn’t have pushed me, tried to break my camera and spit on me, they would have just gotten her in the correct car and not taken it out on me. That being said, lo and behold I run into a couple local celebrities, but I already know them; Political columnist and good friend Mary Patel, Philly Mag’s 2008 “People To Watch”, Kelly Boyd, president, KB Consultants and one of our favorite news people Monica Malpass; who I hadn’t seen in over a year. What keeps you busy Ms. Malpass I asked. “My 8 year old son” and “the last few weeks he has been busy playing baseball” and she has been out there cheering him on at every game. Well Kelly’s been busy too, and now represents Rouge (at right). She tells me that Rouge has a new menu and promises me a tasting in the near future (I guess I can break from my Nutrisystem that day) and Mary as you might recall just premiered her film “Electile Dysfunction” at the Philadelphia Film Festival in April. There may be a distributor interested in the film, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. (and she promises me I can break some big news in July about her next film project with 3 big names stars and one of them is always voted one of People Magazine hotties)
Then it was into the square. When did they start allowing vendors to see their wares. I think it’s great, and I don’t want to compare us to that other City, but they allow vendors in some of their parks, and personally I think its a good idea, probably should be somewhat regulated as to now piss off the store owners that are paying property taxes, but small potato’s like this jewelery salesgirl adds to the fabric of society.
Great people watching and practice for my long shots.

Wedding photos. Do you see that sound boom on the right, now that is serious video graphing.

hmm street performers; ever since that guy won the right to play music in the park, all the rules have gone out the window. I even saw a few bikers and bladers zip through the park.
The next day I returned to the scene of the crime (see first picture above.) Mike, Mary, Kelly and I had lunch at El Vez. We gossiped, talked business and the two girls gave us a few tips for my new direction for Philly Chit Chat. You can probably already see the changes if you have been a long time reader. Mike is working hard behind the scenes, on the site and making the necessary changes. Thanks Mike. Dinner with Mom in the evening. I was an hour late and got a lashing.Sunday we went to a BBQ at Lee Ann’s and Ricks. Haven’t seen Lee Ann in about a year since my Philly Chit Chat and NYC celebrity photography has taken off. (Did I mention I will be shooting the Sex and the City premiere tomorrow night in NYC. Red Carpet Action!! That is not considered paparazzi as it’s posed. I’ll tell ya, sometimes I need a 12 step program, The Steifs live fairly close to the place where Jen is staying and I was tempted to go by the place and see if she was there, but I controlled myself. The Steifs kids. GANDOLF, STELLA and HAZEL Then Memorial Day the annual Libertella Family Reunion (Mom’s Side). Pictured here
(L-R) Aunt Angie (nee Libertella), friend of family – Edna, Aunt Chris Libertella (mom of 7 girls), Aunt Mary (Dad’s sister) and my mom (nee Libertella).
Mom thought it would be fun to have a water balloon toss. Where she got the balloons or idea beats me

The action

Last balloon to pop, Chris Fine’s. His wife Carla (nee Libertella) won. Chris is a funeral director for Gardner funeral home in South Jersey. We’ve been using them for decades. It’s always fascinating to talk to him. I think it’s a must to have a doctor, lawyer, teacher and funeral director in one’s family. He did my dad’s funeral, and it was beautiful, as far as that goes.

(Updated: on my way home I went to the “A Sea of Tombstones: The Cost of War and shot a few photos, but this site does them better justice:
Then it was home to prepare for the week. Nice question mark on the Cira Center. Curious? We’ll get to that later in the week.


HATFIELD’S BBQ TO KICK OFF SUMMER with special guest Greg “The Bull” Luzinski

Earlier this month, Hatfield Quality Meats and their popular mascot Smiley fired up the Grill at the Constitution Center and offered a free lunch to the general public Greg Luzinski was there promoting his new “The Bull BBQ Sauce”, which he has been shilling at the Citizen Bank Stadium during the last two seasons of the Phillies. Now you can get The Bull at area supermarkets Acme and Shop Rite. It’s only $3.99 a bottle, and its delicious.
And unlike celebrities that have gone before, he’s brave enough to pose with a mascots unlike Paris Hilton who kicked the Pennsylvania Groundhog mascot out of line last November as she signed bottles of her new perfume at Macy’s or more recently when Ashlee Simpson, in town to promote her DOA Cd “Bittersweet”, refused to pose with the “Red Robin” mascot of the same named restaurant chain. I guess the guy who was once describe as big as a door and a half, doesn’t feel threatened by a guy in a character suit. Smiley and Greg were all smiles at the Hatfield’s Summer Kickoff BBQ
fans were happy when The Bull posed with them too
Happy Summer and have a great holiday weekend, drive safely.
I shot this yesterday at the Loew’s hotel looking north up 95. I was there coverning an event and a celebrity who was staying at the hotel, stopped by the party. I’ll be writing about this dancer who’s pictorial in Playboy didn’t hurt her career even somewhere in time for this often married celebrity who could be the poster child for heterochromi.



I remember about 2 years ago my friend Margarita called me a paparazzi. I was completely mortified and denied it, I always thought I was a celebrity photographer, which I am, but when I looked up the definition of paparazzi it stated that it is anyone who takes a candid photo of a celebrity, so I guess I am, and thus embraced the label and also have tried to change the stigma associated with it. Today I received an email from one of the star reporters in the city “Hi, This is Anne-Marie Green from CBS3. We wanted to see if we could catch up with you today to do an interview about looking for celebs in the city.” I was completely nervous as I am never good in front of the camera, plus isn’t there a code among paparazzi not to talk to the press, press interviewing press, what a concept. Nonetheless a better head prevailed, especially when my friend called and said he was contacted too and to meet him in front of the Bellevue in 5 minutes. And so it goes, here is Jon being interviewed. Jon is a seasoned pro, been a freelancer working mostly in news photography until the budget cuts in recent months cut his career short. It was an easy transformation into celebrity photography, and a lot less harder than photographing the parents of a murder victim or chasing down rapist. (See our interview on KWY3 video at bottom of entry) As we stood in front of the Bellevue being interview, talking about where some celebrities might stay or eat, out walks former Ch 6 & Ch 3 weatherman Dave Frankel. He greeted his old friends and I got my 2nd local celebrity shot of the day.

Reporter Anne Marie Green and Dave Frankel (Hey Dave send me some tips, now that you are a sports, entertainment and amusement lawyer.) Then out of the Bellevue pops ok not a celebrity but my co-worker Craig. To the right is Michael the cameraman for KYW3. Thanks Michael.Anne Marie walking the paparazzi line. I was so impressed with her story that sometimes during the 2 dozen times I watched it, I forgot I was the subject. It was fast paced and packed a lot of info in it. Also for those who saw it or are about to see it, I gave Anne Marie a tip on seeing celebrities, a few more places to go are book signings at Borders, B&N, Joseph Fox and many of the other great book stores in the City. Plus don’t forget FYE records on Broad Street, where next Tuesday you can catch John Melendez from the Howard Stern show, signing something. Call them or its always good to check out the websites. Thank you Anne Marie, it was so much fun and exciting. So if you want your business promoted, and you have a celebrity in it, CALL ME. I’ll be polite, it’ll be painless, I’ll get the job done and then get those puppies published.

Thanks Mike for getting the new page launched, and we’ll work on getting an up to date skyline logo.



First things first, thanks Jennifer Aniston for giving me notoriety to get interviewed by CBS 3 for tonight’s 11PM newscast and promote Philly Chit Chat and all the fun things I cover in Philly, especially the charities. Check out this video on you tube by chewbaccagirl

Check out for more on Marley & Me filming this week. I just got word Demi has left Philadelphia and is filming her next movie in Romania. Hopefully Shia Lebeauf arrives shortly so my summer isn’t a bore.


Children’s Crisis Treatment Center’s Pre-Cocktail Party at Waterworks re: 2008 CcTC Roundup Fundraiser

CCTC is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive mental health services to Philadelphia’s neediest children and their families. These services address the effects of abuse, neglect, traumatic events, and other challenges to early childhood development and assist children in reaching their full potential within their homes, community and society.
Last week I attended the pre-cocktail party at the Waterworks where sponsors were treated to treats, cocktails and information on the Crisis Center’s major fundraising gala to be held on Friday, June 6, 2008 – An evening of fun in the “Wild West” in support of Philadelphia’s Children and Families
Guests Krista, Ashley and friend

Director of the Crisis Center, Antonio ValdĂ©s thanks the sponsors, including the orange aproned Home Depot representative. Home Depot is a major sponsor of the Children’s Crisis Center with help in obtaining supplies and materials.
Co-Chair Gabe Canuso talks about the event which will be held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Millennium Room 1200 Market Street, Philadelphia
7:00 PM Cocktails 8:00 PM Dinner & Dancing
Honorary Chair: Mayor Michael Nutter and the other event co-chair is is Nicole A. Cashman
Dress your best in Western Casual Wear – Yeee Haaa
Remember I mentioned that I needed to buy a pad for names, well I have one now, but when I attended this event I was still using notecards, so I apologize for misplacing them and your names. But you look great!!
As I left the event I caught the sunset and the fading light off of the Waterworks. What a beautiful building, I am so glad that the restaurant concept actually happened in my lifetime. DO go out and have dinner there, or enjoy a cocktail on the patio, the view is wonderful and ambiance is unbeatable. Last year a new chef came on board, so if you haven’t visited since his arrival, make those reservations today. The patio can really fill up on those warm nights.
Children’s Crisis Treatment Center1823 Callowhill St.Philadelphia, PA 19130-4197
215-496-0707 for tickets contact: Jaime Pearlstine, or 215-496-0707 x1138.