My mom says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so I am
why the Franklin Institute thinks it’s a good time to change their name to “Franklin”, that’s right dropping the Institute.
When I think of Franklinthere’s no doubt that I think of this guy firstI might even think of Franklin Plaza, which is at the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridgeif someone told you to meet them at Franklin and you lived in North Philly, you might think The Ben Franklin High Schoolif you were in Center City maybe you’d think it was Franklin Town Park near CCPor across the street at One Franklin Town
or at the hotel at Franklin PlazaYou see I look at the word Franklin as an adjective and Institute as the noun. If you said meet me at the Franklin Institute I would know exactly where to meet you.

I hear the Franklin Institute did research and received positive remarks about the new name, Franklin. I don’t know who they asked, but I know many of the people I have asked were curious why they would change the name. I agree, I can’t imagine they were hurting for business afterhosting two record breaking exhibits in a row, which introduced the Franklin Institute to a national audience

the thought is just out of this world. The time to re brand yourself probably was before you held these exhibits that catapulted you into nationwide recognition, especially with the added promotion of the display on the grand staircase to the museumAnother curious thing, why would you change the name to “FRANKLIN” if you can’t get the website and have already established, er nevermind but if you google Franklin you do come up with The Franklin Institute – Home guess the truth is I don’t like change, but in this world of texting, IMing and Twitter, well maybe Franklin is all anyone has time to say to get their message across.
I do love the question mark on the Cira Center!!

I do like the ad campaign, people were curious about the painted Question Marks on canvas; and I heard that they shaved question marks into peoples heads, wish I saw that!! If you’re curious check out their curious web page which is curious itself: