RIHANNA PARIS JULIA ROBERTS re: my 36 hour celebrity jaunt to NYC

Just back from NYC at 1AM after a whirlwind week. It’s 5AM and I just finished processing, editing and doing key words from my 36 hr jaunt and shot over 2 dozen celebs. NYC is amazing in that every moment you are there you can be photographing a celebrity, either at an event, restaurants, hotels, morning shows, late night shows, news programs and store openings. I went to just about each of the above in those two days, and don’t forget earlier in the week I covered the Tony Awards, it was great, but I am glad to be back in Philly and as things have gone lately things are really begining to happen here too. (Times Square at 3 AM)

As most of you know I can’t post photos that have the potential to be published so these are not my best shots, just shots that I didn’t submit anywhere or shots I just couldn’t live without posting. We will start from worst to best shots. Julia Roberts is an actress. What you see on the big screen is a big act. She is cold and miserable. On Thursday I traveled to NYC to cover the Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl. Julia was the producer and the biggest name on the carpet. She refused to take off her sunglasses on the red carpet, thus making the photo useless except for promoting this one film.

Chris O’Donnell went from Batman & Robin to Super Dad. Here he is with his goodlooking brood. Chris was great, when he left the theater at the end of the movie, he signed autographs for the fans and posed for photos. No ego there, a real professional. Thanks Chris.
Then the 24 hr spree just got better and better. I photographed Paris leaving her hotel. It was great as I knew I just couldn’t make it to her midnight party at Tenjune. Of course the Jackson Lee photo that was taken there made it into People the next day because she was with Benji and it was a great shot. This shot was sent to my agency that is why its really small. Eye contact and fashion going on here. Paul Anka. I got to speak to him for a few minutes and tell him how much I really appreciated his music. He gave me this great photo as he left. I shot alot of great people at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala, but will be posting them later and on my other site. Because after Rihanna it’s back to Philly, Philly, Philly where my passion lies.
Rihanna PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC – OMG I love her now more than ever. She is a fantastic singer and she gave it up during the CBS Morning Show Concert, which will air Monday morning on CBS. I got some good shots, but I really like this one.

I should also note that I love my NYC celebrity jaunts not only because of the amazing people I get to photograph, but also to see the friends that do this business full time, the Photo with fans, autograzzi and the people in the biz where I enjoy spending hours talking to them and being one of them like I never left. It’s really amazing how generous everyone is in helping me to succeed in getting the shots I need to do my job. So thanks to them!!

Thanks to Katie & Simon for letting me sleep on their couch. This is the view from in front of their condo building. Also behind me is P. Diddy, Puff Daddy Sean Combs or whatever he goes by these days, office. Over the past two years I have seen him and other rappers leave the building on numerous occassions. But what I love is he has this billboard of himself at 50th & Broadway which he & everyone else can no doubt see everytime they go in or out of his office. Do you see it in the center of the photo?