Starting June 27, 2008 the Center City, Chestnut Street Marathon Grill will close for about 10 days for renovations; then it will open everyday, but just for lunch, closing about 4PM so the renovations can continue through out the summer. I hope the new place has more spacious eating tables, I always felt like I was flying coach as the tables seemed to practically be on top of one another; gossiping with the girlfriends was always at a minimum as to curb the spread beyond my tablea few months back Marathon did obtained these beauties, which gave me the privacy to enjoy my guests; I asked a source if they were going to keep them? He wasn’t sure what they were going to do with them as they were hand me downs from the 20th and Market Street grill which just underwent their renovation. Hmm maybe donate them or something, but please don’t trash them, hello Cosi, Project Home, The Attic?
So hurry now to the Chestnut Street Marathon Grill to enjoy the original decor in these waning days.Call the North Star maybe
they could use a few more iconic signs?

When the restaurant is finally finished It will look like the other 6 gorgeously designed, immaculately lit, and attractively staffed, Marathon Grill’s complete with a bar where you will be able to enjoy

many evenings and happy hours with friends. The restaurant will also maintain the outdoor seating which is great for people watching, especially in the warm fall weather. I can’t wait for the renovations to be complete, I am so there.
In the meantime, don’t Fret you can walk to 16th & Sansom or 10th & Walnut to the other Marathon Grills, or try Lucky Strike across the street, I love their burgers, and cheese burger fries, they are open for lunch.