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Café Cret operated by Capriccio Opens on the Parkway in Philadelphia with a reasonably priced Menu

TODAY at 11AM the gates come down and the doors open as the Center City District (CCD) is celebrates the completion of improvements to Three Parkway Plaza and the opening of Café Cret (pronounced “Cray”), operated by Capriccio. Check out their site:

operated by Capriccio.Invited speakers include:

  • Michael DiBerardinis, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
  • Mark Focht, Executive Director, Fairmount Park Commission
  • Rose Hagan, Head of School, Friends Select

  • David Wagaman, Owner, Capriccio at Café Cret
  • Paul R. Levy, President & CEO, Center City District

The dedication of Three Parkway Plaza and opening of Capriccio at Café Cret, marks the completion of another major initiative by the CCD, in partnership with the Fairmount Park Commission, to enhance and animate public open space along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
The café, which features indoor and outdoor seating, will be open seven days a week, year-round, generating revenue to support maintenance of the plaza and the Parkway. The café, named after one of the original designers of the Parkway, Paul Cret, will also serve as an information center for programs and events on The Parkway.

Photo and television opportunities: There will be a ribbon-cutting, with food sampling from Capprico and its vendors, along with entertainment from Parkway and nearby institutions, including Friends Select, Russell Byers Charter School, the Free Library of Philadelphia and others.
The menu is prominently displayed with the prices
Fresh Brewed coffee $1.55 1.75 1.85 to Peppermint White Mocha $4.15 4.70 5.00 and everything in between
Breakfast Burrito $3.95 with egg, cheese & bacon or sausage on a bagel for a bargain $2.99; Ice cream (I guess prices have gone up since I last had ice cream)
Cone or Dish $3.75 4.00 4.45 Milkshake $4.95 Jimmies & extra’s $.50
Sandwiches & Salads all very reasonable with grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce the most expensive at $7.95 and the rest falling below that price.
I am looking forward to this little nugget opening on the Parkway, not only because it’s on my route walking home, but it’s also a wonderful addition for tourist and compliments the area that was fashioned after the Champs Elysie, where many people sip a latte at their favorite cafe while writing in their travel journals, reading the paper or just people watching.


JOAN SHEPP FASHION SHOW re: closes out Philadelphia Fashion Week

This past Tuesday night brought out the who’s who of Philadelphia’s stylish social set to the Joan Shepp Boutique on Walnut Street for one of her famously packed fashion shows.

The invitation read:

Joan Shepp


Calderwood 2


Le Style

an evening of fashion & design

to benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

In June PCC attended the opening party for Calderwood 2 Design 1960 – 1980 Mod Pop Op Fab and Glam with our hosts Gary & Janet Calderwood. Joan Shepp was at that party and was inspired by the design and simplicity of the furniture, and thought how great it would be to intertwine a few pieces throughout her store among the clothes for this special night. In October the Calderwoods will be opening a showroom at 631 North Broad Street (across from Osteria) for your convenience in buying furniture. I always enjoy talking with Gary and Janet as they are innovative, creative people who have a distinct style that reflects an intelligent vibe. Gary states that he chooses furniture not on the basis of whether it will sell, but on it’s style and uniqueness, there will be a buyers at some point, but in the meantime he gets to enjoy it too.

In the VIP section sat Donna Coghlan, Philadelphia Style Magazine publisher John Colabelli and Dawn Govberg, who scolded me for calling her Donna Govberg in an earlier post, sorry:(

Modeling in tonight’s show is Sharon Pinkenson, who tells me it was her grandfather that introduced her to fashion as he was a tailor who created the wooster tie. Her father was also in the business and when Sharon was growing up her father taught her to sew. With her is Cindi Raimondo (Ruka 114 S 19th St.)

What a nice surprise for me to run into my old friend Lucy Clemmens of the Phila Opera Company, with her are friends PR Camilia Aberra (l), and Astrid Pudang (r)

and new old friends Elaine Grabab and realtor Jill Rizen, who we first met at PSM Molito White Party back in August.

Carol Littman, Nancy Forman (performance Kitchens in Manayunk) and Melinda Meaney, a private chef who just returned to the city after living in the Carribean. Where she worked for several years a private chef for hire. She caters to the exclusive clientele for intimate dinner parties, she is pleasant and professional and I think an asset to your meal. If you are looking for a personal chef reach out at melindameaney@hotmail .com (no spaces)What would a stylish, fancy event be without Jimmy Contreras of Kimberly Boutique , YUbr PR maven Sarah Doheny and Red Tettemer’s Matthew Vlahos. If I am going to hang out with this gang, I need to step up my wardrobe ’cause they are always looking so fine.

Also on the 200 “seat” must have invitations, Suzanne Cheng and Ting WangMarlene who never takes a bad picture, with a friend.

It was a hot ticket so a lot of people were left with “standing room only”. After an open-bar reception, including hors-d’oeuvres, many in the attractive crowd chose to line up behind the chairs and a few found the less crowded loft area where I stood for a bird’s eye view of the catwalk.

Vintage (the folks behind her are outside looking through the window)

Broadcast Pioneers member Marciarose Shestack is a trailblazing broadcast journalist. Hailed by McCall’s Magazine as the outstanding woman broadcaster in the United States, in 1971. She became the first woman in the country to anchor a prime time daily news in a major market (frequently topping Walter Cronkite in the ratings).

The front row with Wendy Rosen with the purple scarfDior did all the make-up for the show

Fashionable Philadelphia Film Office Director Sharon Pinkenson on the catwalk

At the completion pf the show the Joan Shepp crew gathered on the catwalk to celebrate a job well done.

desert was served compliments of MorimotoA few people behind the scenes with Noel Zayas, Dior’s account cordinator Susan Sorrell, John Jones, hairstylist Cariton Humphrey

Philadelphia Network of Designers founders Thomas Tillman, Juanita Beasley

and Tyren Keith Patrick

Socialite, the charitable Karen Kahn and Jim Fulton. and Salon L’Etoile crew’Mel Silverman, Michael O’Connor & Jerry Yelber who was responsible for all the great hair stlyes tonight

So long until next time

One of my photos was in Was in the Inquirer’s Elizabeth Wellington’s fashion blog


PHILADELPHIA PHASHION PHEST – Is this Philadelphia Fashion Week?

Earlier this week I wrote about the FBH Philadelphia Fashion Week [end], which had it’s 2nd year of shows, then we learned that in the Spring there will be another Philadelphia Fashion Week by an entirely different organization with a similar name, and Tuesday night I attended a fabulous fashion show at Joan Shepp’s store which I will write about tomorrow. Philadelphia is truly becoming a fashion force and I think it would be great if we could all coordinate the schedules and have these shows around the same time. If NYC can do it, and they are so large, friendly small town Philly can organize something special and create a Fashion Week showcasing local talent and international talent. Now on to Phashion Phest…High-end fashion may not immediately come to mind when you think of Philadelphia. But the city began to become a real couture magnet 15 years ago thanks to the Phashion Phest which put Philadelphia on the fashion map with it’s unique take on the fashion show.
But Monday night was reserved for the 15th annual Phashion Phest

Delaware Valley’s premier fashion event, showcasing the work of local designers, hair and makeup specialists, and accessory experts

Taking a page from the MET Gala in early May, Phasion Fest pays homage with the Super Hero theme for the night.
Salon L’Etoile crew’ Michael O’Connor, Mel Silverman & Jerry Yelber – Created this industrial setting for their models to create an edgy, but colorful environment for them to show off their hair styling. Although Mel’s been in this business for 51 years, it hasn’t stifled him, in fact L’Etoile is not just into spit curls, but knows what makes today’s women style current and fashionable.

According to the 9/13/07 Jewish Exponent ” At Salon L’étoile, located in Jenkintown and Manayunk, owner Mel Silverman talked about the upside of hairstyle change. “It’s been my experience that when a woman gets a new hairstyle — either a new cut, a different length or a new color — she feels hip and younger-looking, and upbeat about the changes. That’s what many of our women clients have told us, have told me. “This is especially true because of a new treatment for curly hair, for example, that totally straightens the hair and gives someone a completely new look.”
Chris Hein, Lesley Grigg and Ellen Wasser (HR in MMA Modeling Agency Staff)
Valerie Busillo and Nikki Foschini. Nikki has just returned to this area after living in Florida for a few years. Although she is not looking forward to winter, she is looking forward to seeing her family and friends at every moment possible. She and Valerie attended St. Maria “I have been friends with Valerie for 13 years and counting 😉 ”

My good friends – Jonathan Vendrick, VIP Guest Services Loews Hotel, Sarah Cooper Bobersky, Diane Johnson Tierney Communications, Matt Vlahos PR Red Tettemer and Jimmy Contreras Kimberly Boutique (Even if there’s no debate, you know where to go on Friday. We’re still serving Pigs in Blanket with a tad of lipstick!!)Esthetician / Makeup Artist’s Ali Teppel, Stacy McGinnis, Kimberly Goff and husband Nick Goff “Be good to yourself on the inside, and the outside will practically take care of itself.”

Studio Artur – Lauren Garrrett, Susi Claro, Madeline Carter and Stacy Carpenter

Chae Le, Jimmy & Thuy Le – Rapunzel’s Salon Homage to the classic style of the 1940’s
The girls of the Art Institute, all studying fashion marketing. Fashion meet your future
The kids at the Art Institute’s Environmental Design studies designed the stage

They are Sasha Carlson, Luke Schmura, Jose, Santiago, Christina Nokhoudian, Nacole McCitchen, Jessica Klein, R. Vincent Jones, Chris Basalatan, and Stephanie Minor,
Style PR Diva maven Sarah Doheny who really does bring style to Philadelphia and the Mainline
Ekanatha Lyapustina, Philly PR guru Anthony DiMeo III and Melissa Semeno

Genevieve Manzoni wearing a strapless dress her model brother created. A little fur on the shaven men
Lisa Sharkey, Aileen Gallagher, Josephine Cianfrani and Julie DiCecco from Salon DeSanne

My favorite part of the night, it’s like we need a little Christmas now!I didn’t get a gift bag as I was running to another event and didn’t want to crush anything, but I did get this shot and ask what was inside: Shampoo, coupons to a few salons and the newest issue of Philadelphia Magazine.



I originally posted this a few weeks back but had to take it off as the photo’s were being published in the Metro and I didn’t want the photos to be scooped by my blog. It’s fun to have so many publications available to publish my work, but then it does affect my first love Philly Chit Chat; on the otherhand it does fulfil what I set out to do which is to promote the Who, What, Where and When of Philadelphia. Which Which reminds me, the Midtown Village Fall Festival is coming up on 10/4/08 and I hope you will attend. Lot’s of fun things happening that day. Here’s the coverage from the kickoff party.

So exciting, once a week I will have the photo column in The Metro. So now if I photograph you at an event you could show up in Philly Style Magazine, the Metro and Philly Chit Chat. If you’re a bold name it could be the Philadelphia Inquirer or a glossy.

Must be more clear in my emails to The Metro. I am not the Mayor of Midtown. The Mayor would not give me his name, somehow I was ID as him. These are the nice girls from Lucky Strikes though.

The Midtown Village Merchants Association is hosting a complimentary “kick-off” party for our third annual Fall Festival in October. Greeting us at the host venue Holiday Inn Midtown was the “Mayor of Midtown Village” SAVE THE DAY 10/4/08 RAIN/SHINE 3rd Annual Midtown Village Fall Festival Another friendly face greeted me as I entered the room, Cathy from McGillins Olde Ale House. She’s worked with three generations of the same family that have run McGillin’s and says this is the best generation of all. She knows where her bread is buttered. And talk about bread and butter, OMG Cathy was serving up some chilli that you just have to try. Really it was my hands down favorite meal, sorry fellas, of the night. And I know food. So stop on by on 10/4/08 for some Chilli and sing your heart out at McGillins Olde Ale House, Philadelphias oldest tavern, as they host karaoke outside, on Drury Street under a tent. Say hello to Cathy, who really told me that every generation was the best to work with, I was just pulling your leg.

RAW. I never had a chance to check it out yet, but I was happy to have a sampling taste Wednesday night. On 10/4/08 Stop by RAW Sushi & Sake Lounge for sushi rolls, BBQ skewers, and sake bombs. Then test your strength and prowess in our Sumo Wrestling Ring. If I keep going to these food events, I could enter a Sumo Wrestling contest.

There was an amazing array of donated items on our silent auction. I tried and loss a month membership to Fusion Cross Training I so think I could be their biggest loser poster boy, imagine the business they could attract if they whipped me into shape and I chronicle it here on Philly Chit Chat?

Some people recognize a good thing when they see it and maybe open a restaurant in an up and coming, but now arrived section of the city like Midtown Village. Jason and Delphine had saw the vision and created Vintage and Time. Pictured here with a little time on her hands is Nina Schrader of the American Family Theater here in Philadelphia.

Bindi’s Marcie Turney serving up a pan seared shrimp cooked in coconut and safron. Hello delicious!!

But nobody has done it up like Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney have built their own empire along 13th street, including: Open House, a home accessories shop; Lolita, a contemporary Mexican restaurant across the street; Grocery, a café and market; and, Bindi, an Indian byob.

Check out this video from my one of my favorite sites uwishunu about the partners in love and business. More auction items, one person I know

one of my nearest, dearest and oldest friends in Philly, City Hall Tour Director Greta Greenberger and her daughter Julia, bid and bought 4 auction items. I know I helped her bring them to her car. (I’m going to totally drop names here, Greta’s husband, Alan, right he is the new Philadelphia City Planning Director, and I know his positions on Penn’s Landing, the Casino, the Plan for the Parkway and his vision of Philadelphia, but I can’t say what they are. What I can say is he is the most honest, truthful, tactful guy I know. And thorough, did I mention thorough?

If I ever get sick I want to go where nurse Mary Kate Duffy works so we can gossip about celebrities all day long, with her is Lisa Willis of the PA Horticultural Society. I’m dreaming of the flower show right now. One because it’s beautiful, and two because it takes me to spring.

The gay mafia, Bruce Yelk, Matthew Izzo and Happy Birthday Brian who’s surprise party I missed last week because I was at Fashion Week. Heard it was a blast. Aaaah to be 30 again.

David “Scoops” Dyer who is with, the TMZ of Philadelphia. Get in on the action as they are looking for sponsers, I am so jealous with their 100, 000 impressions a month. I need to do some PR, Lauren Jacobsen, the blazing Matthew Vlahos, Jimmy Contreras who is all over the place lately; this month is featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine. You can find Jimmy and Lauren at Kimberly’s Boutique on 16th Street. They carry my favorite line Tibi

Apothecary Lounge. Love the name, the decor, the specialty drinks

Deanna Scott and Kristyn Aldrich of Lucky Strike. I’ve been there a dozen times, but mostly to enjoy their burger fries. It’s also the place where I met two of my favorite DJ’s The Beat 100.3 Laiya St. Clair and Janita Applebaum Styles, who I will be writing about on Monday as we got together last night for a mini concert/Q&A with Solange Knowles, who’s new CD is kicking it: Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams If I were to pick the Philebrities of the night it would be this crew: Veterinayr Radiologist Dr. Lisa Ziemer, Tricia Dressel –Mazzoni Center, Judy Applebaum – President Wash Sq West Assoc. (Oh if I had a second I would have asked her “What is happening with Evolve, will it ever see the light of day?) and Gloria Casarez “I am delighted that Gloria [Casarez] has agreed to join my administration as the Mayor’s LGBT Liaison,” Mayor Nutter said,

Everyone’s favorite Capogiro being scooped by Christian

Angela McCord and Susan Ellman of Fruit Flowers with two locations in Midtown Village. What a clever idea, a real pick me up basket of flowers that you can eat. I would love to see how they cut their fruit into such tasty delights.

A few weeks back I wrote about the new boutique hotel, The Independent. Here are the folks that make it run so smooth for the visitors which keeps them coming back to the Village. Sandi Janiri, ? (Hmm can’t read that name) and front end manager Jimmy

Darren Fava (who I have known for eons, but never get to see much of. We both collect vintage Philadelphia Postcards), Jeff Guaracino is vice president of communications for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC), and one of my favorites Where Magazine Publisher Laura Burkhardt. Check yesterday’s entry to see the photo I took of Laura and Philadelphia Eagle Stewart Bradley that appeared in Sunday’s Inquirer.

Michael O’Brien, the Mayor of Midtown and Gavin McCay from FusionCrossTraining .

A few weeks back they had a celebrity visitor Lee Ann Rimes and her husband.

These boys are ready for the fall weather, not a short in sight, well except for the working stiff Gavin McCay, but who wouldn’t want to see him in shorts year round. L-R Ryan Mattis, Matthew Ray,Tom, Chip & Bill

L-R Amnda, Miker , Philip Fedubu and Natala Goodwin

Michael, Ryan and Nick

. Alicia Raffensberger, Sales Manager of the Holiday Inn, Denis Cronin, Director of Sales Holiday Inn Express, Eileen Masciarelli, Nora Systems Inc. Acct Exec. And Jonathan Latko, Temple Univ. Sustainability.

The real mayor and champion of Midtown Village, co-owner of Absolute Abstract James McManaman. He and David White can be found 7 days a week at their 13th Street (between Walnut and Sansom streets) store, or reached at (215) 733-0190; They are two of the nicest folks you could ever meet, and their art is very affordable. Someday, someday when I return to doing my Fine Art again, I hope to get a few pieces there.

SAVE THE DAY 10/4/08 RAIN/SHINE 3rd Annual Midtown Village Fall Festival


Firefly Literacy Fund promotes reading with the help of Philadelphia Flyers Scott Hartnell and Braydon Coburn

In last Monday’s Dan Gross column ( I read this:
Flyers Scott Hartnell and Braydon Coburn will sign autographs for donations to the Firefly Literacy Fund Wednesday night at Triumph Brewing Co. (117 Chestnut). The charity was started by friends of Kelly Smith, an administrator at West Philadelphia’s Family Charter School, who was distraught to learn that one pupil couldn’t afford a book he desperately wanted at the school’s recent book fair. The fund hopes to raise at least $1,500, enough for each of the school’s 250 students to buy a book at the Oct. 1 book fair. Admission is $10 for the 7 p.m. to midnight event, which features a silent auction, raffles and prizes. Chris and Laura Pino with friends Jacklyn and Dan Fisher Leanne Davis, NicoleWoodland, Devan, Lindsay Dinah and Michelle Potts

A few auction items up for bid. I am so glad I carry the minimum amount of money around or I could go broke, in addition who has time to execute any of the fun activities.Michael Heinrich and Laura Goscicki

Sara Keim,, Kaitlyn Cuheo and Katie Harmer Flyers Scott Hartnell and Braydon Coburn were generous in their time to spend with the cause. They had already attended another charity event earlier in the day at the “Flyers Alumni Golf Outing at Woodcrest Country Club” (I used to caddy their for a split second when I was about 15)
A bunch of guys who just wanted their photo taken, never asked who I was, where the photo was going or much else after they posed so I have no names.
When I shoot an event, I really try and not interfere with the subjects, but I would have like the girls to lean in further because when a photo is optioned to be published it’s all about space and they are entirely too far from each other, or as my photo editor calls “They need to be tighter”
Laura Goscicki (Same problem here, but she Laura has that great smile on her face and eye contact with Braydon – who by the way spend most of the summer in Canada with his family.)
Lauren Jinks, Francis Caffey and Anne Connelly

Anna Christie from the Sisters Three If you need an attorney, there are a few in this bunch: Chris Fallon, Caroline Bar, Regina Blewitt Aposhian, Eric Aposhian , Darren Creasey and someone who got away before I got their name

Dan & Michelle Potts and Dana Kahlbom
This is the shot that I should have optioned as it was tight, but I didn’t have this girls name. And if it turns out it was Kelly Smith I will be doubly mad at myself.
On Wednesday they ended up raising $4,280, which is enough for all of the children attending the school to get a book at both the Fall and Spring book fairs.
Fun news for me. Some of my event photos will now appear every Wednesday in The Philadelphia Metro. So now when you are photographed by Philly Chit Chat your photo could appear in The Inquirer, The Metro, Rittenhouse Magazine and Philadelphia Style Magazine, maybe all four, maybe not. And if that is not complicated enough, I am now starting to do event photography.



Last week I made my 3rd trip to the Barrack Obama Philly Campaign office to pick up lawn signs. They were out, in fact they got two shipments last week, and both were given out within hours. They tell me there’s another shipment on, oh wait I’m not gonna tell you I want my lawn signs first, it’s not even for me, it’s for my day job boss and coworkers.
Thanks to Philebrity I read Howard Dean was to appear on Friday; I arranged my lunch hour visit to pick up lawn signs at that time, no lawn signs, I did get another 10 buttons. My coworkers would like one that says “Experienced”, they don’t like the “Organize” ones. Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee speaks to volunteers, staff and one crashing photographer at the Philadelphia center city Obama campaign office.
Gov Dean thanked the Hillary Clinton supporters for jumping behind the Obama/Biden ticken, and went on to say that the only think Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have in common is they are women; in fact Dean says he and Hillary have a special bond they share, both were front runners and lost, but got up again to fight to see a Democrat in the White House.Dean spent about 10 minutes thanking the volunteers and singling out a few important people
who have spent countless hours volunteering or contributing money, I was lucky they seemed to all be on my side of the room and I was able to capture a few good photos.To the left of the podium, Charles Holliday’s tshirt is from Qdoba
“Tacos for Obama”
Gov Howard Dean was given a whole box of pretzels from the World Famous Center City Soft Pretzel Company. One of which he held high above his head with joy in the middle of the campaign office
salavating with anticipation of the first bite (I love those pretzels, I got my vendor outside my office building to carry them instead of the hard crusty ones)
first he had to make his way through the masses before he could take a bite
now I think at some point
I would have just put it in my pocket

but he muddled through carrying it as he greeted, posed and signed for the well wishers
No doubt it was still in his hand as he posed with Doris Thomas and Roman, otherwise he would have surely kissed one more baby in his life. Doris believes Obama is the right candidate and will work for the women and children whose funding has been cut over the years. The problem didn’t go away when the funding left, the struggle just got harder.

Look around are we better off now than 8 years ago; even republicans are facing tough times now. Vote Obama/Biden is that simple. Voter registration ends 10/6/08; YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE OUTSIDE THE OBAMA OFFICE AT 15th & Sansom everyday.
Great Youtube take off on Les Miserables: Les Misbarack


Friday Wrap Up re: or my success is delaying my posts

Success is killing me. I have only been back from NYC Fashion Week a little over a week. I have shot a handful of events, but now that I am published in The Metro, Philly Style Magazine, Rittenhouse Magazine and the Inquirer I don’t want to scoop myself just in case it ruins the day of one of my 497 readers each day to have seen the photo in another media source after seeing it on my blog, so I have to hold back on the photos. So today and maybe once a week I will do a crazy wrap up, maybe a street fashion segment, to fill the gap of an event that should go into the press first or until I build my event porfolio up again. Tonight I was at an event that I will write about next Thursday (The Metro comes out Wednesday). This is the sunset I saw tonight.
I was backing up my photos from Fashion week, I still have one more entry to do sometime next week, but not these photos. I still get tingles up my spine when someone like Rhianna looks me dead in my lense, gives me that all important eye contact and I capture it. I know she’s really not looking at me, but connecting with the fans. But it still makes me smile because with 70 screaming photographers on the carpet, it’s not always easy connecting like this.
Poor Tyra, she was being rushed down the carpet as the show was begining, but Tyra wanted face time, and the chance to be published so she gave us this pose as she was pushed along the way. I can’t help think that she is a beautiful corpse here. (Sadly I was at a funeral today, my 59 yr old neighbor died at a wedding while dancing with his wife. They even had a photo from the wedding of him dancing 10 minutes b4 he died of a massive heartattackAt the funeral they had a photo montage of his life to the soundtrack of “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”)

Last week I went to a mini concert of Solange Knowles. The week before I photographed her on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks. I asked her last week who she was wearing – Georgio Armani. I wish I asked her how she sat in it?
Thursday she was at the Luxe Lounge. She was so styling it with those shoes. She did a Q&A with my friend Laiya St. Clair from The Beat 100.3

This is the shot that was in the Philly Inquirer on Sunday. Solange kicked it, I immediately went out and bought the CD. It’s only $7.99 at FYE. Go buy it, it is worth it!! Check out for cuts like this one
It’s hard for my friends, I want to capture every moment. It could be worse, I could be a videographer. Sarah and Matt just want to talk about upcoming events, schedules and the future. I am really energized by these two. It’s really exciting to see how events, PR, Social Media, news, information is created and disseminated. I keep telling them we need to get an elephant to really make a splash at the next event. YUbr PR maven Sarah Doheny tells me that she had one a few years back at a wedding she coordinated. Oh well what should I think of next.

It’s fall. I am going to start my 1002th diet on Monday. This time I am serious, I may even get a trainer. But these 2am bedtime hours have to go.
On my way home I pass the Parkway Building, nice on the outside. Have a great weekend.


TONIGHT TWO GIANTS RECIEVE ROASTS – Thom Cardwell and 2008 Recipient Mikhail Gorbachev who isn’t have the man Thom is in his generosity

One of Philadelphia’s most notable GLBT members, Thom Cardwell, will be on the hot seat tonight at the Independent Visitors Center (6th & Market Streets). Most people know Thom as the face of Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, but oh has he done soooooooo much more. Here are just a few of his accomplishments: American Bandstand regular, founding member of Greater Phila. Prof. Network (GPPN), Founding member of GALA Arts, Jounalist, and Screenwriter to name just a few… (ok entire paragraph lifted from as I’m too busy today to think of my own wording, but the photos are mine)

The Independence Hall area will be buzzing, as Gorbachevwill also be receiving the Liberty Medal right next door. So security will be tight, and parking will be at a premium, but don’t let this keep you away.

Thom also a very BIG heart. Thom has pledged to raise $100,000 for the City of Hope organization and is event will help raise funds for that goal. The reception begins at 6pm with the roast at 7pm. For Tickets, call 800-344-8169 or you can buy them at the door.
According to SteakWith on – Giving Gorbachev a medal is a joke. He was a complete failure as the Soviet leader. He attempted to “reform” the Soviet system, not cause its complete collapse. Gorbachev did not want a democracy and did not want freedom for the soviet puppet states. SHAME on the Constitution Center.