DAVID LETTERMAN re: Monday Letterman does two tapings

One of the things I like to do when I am in NYC during my celebrity shooting jaunts is visit the David Letterman show which tapes Mon – Thurs in the afternoon. Today I will be catching Robin Williams at the Letterman stage door about 4PM, and Shannen Doherty leaving about 4:20PM On Mondays Letterman tapes twice, the Monday show and Friday’s show.
It’s here you will find Rupert, who is often featured on the Letterman Show, behind the counter of the “Hello Deli” which is located on the ground floor of Letterman’s studio at 53rd Street
Rarely, if ever do will you see David Letterman, unless he does something with a guest outside. I think I saw him twice in the 18 months I lived in NYC. He goes in very early, and leaves in the middle of the night. My friends Simon and Katie who live across the street have seen him a couple times on his way out, and often it’s near midnight. Maybe he watches his monologue and then leaves for the night. Here’s the stage door. I am on the side where the fans wait for the celebrity guest to come out of the door. Usually the celebrity will stop and sign autographs for the fans, and “professional autograph dealers”
and pose for photos
On the otherside are the professional photographerswho arrive early, and in vast numbers for the “A” List celebrities. Usually the blond, young, notoriously written about girls bring out the crowds. When shooting events in NYC, I have to carry a mini ladder with me, in addition to what is called in the business a turtle, which is a tiny plastic 1 step stool.
Kate Hudson

That all important “Fashion Shot” that the magazines want photographers to captureSometimes Philly’s South Jersey’s own Kelly Ripa comes out those doors.

After catching the taping of David Letterman I usually run over to either Conan O’Brien’s stage door or Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show’s stage door to catch their departing celebrities about 6:30PM. Most celebrities leaving these venues enjoy being photographed, as they are usually appearing on TV to promote something, and these photos are usually published in the mags about a week later, which just stretches out the pr for their product.