Relatively Speaking

Emma Roberts – Julia Roberts niece, a model/actress
Chanel Iman, the daughter of model Iman, step-daughter of David Bowie. Well today is my last day for fashion week, and I really am ready to come home. I actually was going to go home last night, even bought a train ticket, but friends couldn’t believe i would leave before the Marc Jacobs show. I changed my mind and stayed, it was ok worth it. MJ was hard to shoot, very dark entrance where they have the photogs shoot from, I was far from center as I had shot David Letterman. That was a success. Saw Meg Ryan, beautiful, but didn’t linger. I will write about this night, it was good, I got a Halle Barry tip, and photographed her, then well I show you in pictures. Its about 5AM and I hope to get a couple hours in before a Victoria Beckham appearance about 10AM.