FAIRMOUNT HAS A NEW NEIGHBOR Fleur de Lys, but don’t call them a florist, well except if you’re looking it up in the Yellow Pages!

Years ago before I got into the photography/paparazzi field I used to live a normal life, involved in community activities, volunteering for bake sales, seeing friends, that’s all changed now, but the other day I had a chance to visit my old life and to celebrate someone else’s new phase in their life – my friends Roland and Lisa Reed (& baby Rose who I really just met recently as I was in NYC when she was born and then well you know crazy life) There’s a new kid in town, Fairmount that is, and you know what, she’s needed. Owner Lisa Reed calls it a florist studio. Fleur de Lys at 2441 Aspen Street 215-236-Lily

And the more would include friends, family and the love that went into created such a space. When I was a member of the Fairmount Civic Association, Lisa Reed volunteered on just about every committee, eventually settling on and successfully executing the entertainment committee. There were trips to New York, to Yard’s Brewery, to Reading, the kids art shows, plant swaps and a few more things. She was one of the biggest cheerleaders of the community, and why not, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as she is the daughter of longtime residents of Fairmount Abel and Rose Marie Pasicnzyk, who are just as kind and dynamic. Here is Lisa, Rose, Kate and Kathy down the streetIt’s not just a florist shop as they sell handmade jewelry, beautiful photo note cards, soaps, beautiful bags and more.
Beautiful Paula and her shy husband, they own the Dry Cleaners next to Fleur de Lys called “Take it to the Cleaners” which is a hysterical name.
Here are a bunch of women that I really enjoyed volunteering with and shooting the breeze. I probably haven’t seen any of them since 2005 pre- NYC living. Slava Kozak, Carol Reynolds, Mimi Barton (Although Mimi is on my Picture of the Week email list, and one of my biggest fans) and Barbara Epstein. It was good to see them and maybe I will return to the FCA meetings if not just to nosh and gossip with them.
As you can see the store is warm, inviting and friendly. With couches in the front of the place, you can wait as Lisa prepares your flowers. Bring your own vase and Lisa will arrange them for free. Drop off your vase and Lisa will have your flowers ready when you return. She plans to price the cut flowers at $9.95, $15.00 and $20.00 bunches. Free delivery in the neighborhood is also on the menu.

Rose Marie Pasicznyk, Realtor and friends
Photo notecards by Denise Bierach $10 a box
Author Kelly Ann Zuzulo ( and Photographer Denise Bierach
assorted bags for purchase
And as I was preparing to leave, Fairmounter’s Tom and Mary Kate stopped in. I know Tom will be stopping by a lot to pick up a bunch a week, because I know the way to a women’s heart is a path of flowers.
Good luck Roland, Lisa and Rosie. Check out Philadelphia’s newest florist Fleur de Lys 2441 Aspen Street Philadelphia 9130 215-236-Lily