Friday Wrap Up re: or my success is delaying my posts

Success is killing me. I have only been back from NYC Fashion Week a little over a week. I have shot a handful of events, but now that I am published in The Metro, Philly Style Magazine, Rittenhouse Magazine and the Inquirer I don’t want to scoop myself just in case it ruins the day of one of my 497 readers each day to have seen the photo in another media source after seeing it on my blog, so I have to hold back on the photos. So today and maybe once a week I will do a crazy wrap up, maybe a street fashion segment, to fill the gap of an event that should go into the press first or until I build my event porfolio up again. Tonight I was at an event that I will write about next Thursday (The Metro comes out Wednesday). This is the sunset I saw tonight.
I was backing up my photos from Fashion week, I still have one more entry to do sometime next week, but not these photos. I still get tingles up my spine when someone like Rhianna looks me dead in my lense, gives me that all important eye contact and I capture it. I know she’s really not looking at me, but connecting with the fans. But it still makes me smile because with 70 screaming photographers on the carpet, it’s not always easy connecting like this.
Poor Tyra, she was being rushed down the carpet as the show was begining, but Tyra wanted face time, and the chance to be published so she gave us this pose as she was pushed along the way. I can’t help think that she is a beautiful corpse here. (Sadly I was at a funeral today, my 59 yr old neighbor died at a wedding while dancing with his wife. They even had a photo from the wedding of him dancing 10 minutes b4 he died of a massive heartattackAt the funeral they had a photo montage of his life to the soundtrack of “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”)

Last week I went to a mini concert of Solange Knowles. The week before I photographed her on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks. I asked her last week who she was wearing – Georgio Armani. I wish I asked her how she sat in it?
Thursday she was at the Luxe Lounge. She was so styling it with those shoes. She did a Q&A with my friend Laiya St. Clair from The Beat 100.3

This is the shot that was in the Philly Inquirer on Sunday. Solange kicked it, I immediately went out and bought the CD. It’s only $7.99 at FYE. Go buy it, it is worth it!! Check out for cuts like this one
It’s hard for my friends, I want to capture every moment. It could be worse, I could be a videographer. Sarah and Matt just want to talk about upcoming events, schedules and the future. I am really energized by these two. It’s really exciting to see how events, PR, Social Media, news, information is created and disseminated. I keep telling them we need to get an elephant to really make a splash at the next event. YUbr PR maven Sarah Doheny tells me that she had one a few years back at a wedding she coordinated. Oh well what should I think of next.

It’s fall. I am going to start my 1002th diet on Monday. This time I am serious, I may even get a trainer. But these 2am bedtime hours have to go.
On my way home I pass the Parkway Building, nice on the outside. Have a great weekend.