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A little beer for breakfast…
picked up a shirt – only $10

Commerce Center at 21st and MarketAnd it’s finally here, although I am not a crazy sports fan, in fact I only know the players that I have photographed at the various events and charity parties I attend, I really got choke up, I love Philly, I remember the last parade, and I watched the entire series from the beginning of the playoffs. (I have friends that love baseball does that count, oh and I like to bring the photos to you, does that count?)

What a great memory for these kids, I remember my mom taking my brother and I to the last parade.
Ryan Howard and Chase Utley
Jayson Werth (Thanks to Philebrity for telling me this wasn’t Brett Myers)

My friend Janita Applebaum Styles is a ballgirl
Who’s this?

Not the real Phanatic
Who am I?

And that’s it I thought, but when I turned on the tube at home I was so excited that they added lots of other cars and that Pat Burrell was on the coach with the Clydesdale. I don’t know if you guys were with me when I met him the first time in met him at the Philly Style Party in August, didn’t recognize him and made him spell his name to me – LOL



The city of Philadelphia will honor its victorious Phillies team with a parade on Friday. Mayor Michael Nutter was ecstatic after watching the Phillies clinch the world series title after a big gap of 25 years.
Where: Parade will start at 20th and Market Streets, then proceed east on Market Street and continue south on 15th Street. Continue around the south side of City Hall and onto South Broad Street, where it will head to the sports complex. The procession will make a left on Hartranft Street into the sports complex, where fans with tickets can watch a post-game celebration taking place at Citizens Bank Park and simulcast at Lincoln Financial Field.
* Cost: It will be free, but you will need a ticket to get into either venue. There is no admission to simply line the route.
but the TICKETS are all gone. They were available at 3 p.m. Thursday through the Phillies Web site, Seas ticket holders got preference. Only those fans with tickets will be admitted into these facilities.
* Who: Phillies players and coaches will be at the rallies. More than a million fans are expected to line the site.
* Refreshments: No beer will be sold at either stadium, according to Phils’ boss David Montgomery. Because it doesn’t seem that the fans can handle their liquor after the looting and flipping cars Wednesday night after the win.
* Parking: Will be hard to come by. Parking will be prohibited on Market Street west of City Hall and Broad Street south of City Hall. Vehicles still in those zones will be towed.

* Mass Transit: SEPTA is planning to beef up bus, subway, El and regional rail service into the city. PATCO high-speed line will have extra service all day, with trains to and from South Jersey running every six minutes or less from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.* Police: City officials are planning a heavy presence to prevent some of the problems involving vandalism and destruction of property that marred the party on South Broad Street after the game Wednesday night.
* Sponsors: A slew of corporations are putting up more than $100,000 to help the city defray the cost of the shindig.
Why don’t some of you guys send some money to the guy who’s car was flipped over…

Mommy, where did you and daddy meet?Now go and Vote on Tuesday, Barrack Obama!
this kids are putting their condoms to good use
He’s says it’s Penn State’s year for a victory!!

Mayor Nutter had strong words today for Phillies fans planning on attending tomorrow’s parade. “You can be joyous, you cannot be a jackass,” Nutter said
The primary post-parade celebration will take place at Citizens Bank Park, and will also be broadcast live at Lincoln Financial Field. Gates at both facilities will open at 10:00 a.m. Tickets are needed for entry to both Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field, and can be obtained through an exclusive online opportunity at
George was smiling all night
Phillies players have been told to report to Citizens Bank Park at 8:40 a.m. on Friday, where they will be escorted to 20th and Market Streets for the start of the biggest parade these parts have seen since Moses Malone and the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers were escorted down Broad Street under a cascade of ticker tape.
“Phillies fans have been waiting 28 years for this day,” Nutter said in a statement issued following Wednesday’s Game 5 clincher. “We deserve this win. I can’t wait to share this day with Phillies fans from across the city, state, and even country.”
Come back and visit Philly Chit Chat, we do an entry everyday of events and Philly stuff
Happy Halloween!!



This was the highlight of the night at St. Stephen’s Bar in Spring Garden when the Phillies won the World Series
Then my friends and I (Mike, Jeremy & George)rushed down to Broad Street to celebrate
It was crowded, but a lot of fun. Peeps hugging it out, high fiving, everyone celebrating it was one big happy Philly PhamilyI ran into a few more friends, Scott Stein, owner of Pearl and Peter Breslow PR for Pearl

I thought it was crazy that people would climb the “supposedly” greased poles like a cop had told me. “She went on to say, don’t worry about them getting hurt, the only people who will know will be their folks who ID them at the morgue.
That this girl wanted to touch the hot bulb 25 feet off the ground. That sign must have been a tad uncomfortable, but no one was feeling any pain tonight, I thoughtbut I guess I can understand why this guy climb the pole to grab the Phillies World Series Banner
The new shirts were out already, probably not official though
I thought it was cold, but the adrenaline must have kept him warm. Guess he’s not afraid of heights.

All this celebration made us hungry and around midnight we went to Monk’s to grab a bite, there were plenty of seats,
but when we emerged and walked back to Broad Street we could see that things had gotten a little ugly. This is 16th and Spruce. Both planters are torn up and a shutter is in the background

But then when I got to Broad I thought how bad could it be this riot cop is posing for photos, WHAT RIOT COP, what the heck is going on?
I felt safe too as Superman was hanging on the corner, until I saw a girl try and throw a cinder block through the window at the Kimmel Center; the guard came out and she started hitting him. The police were able to break it up and then they just let the kids walk awayThen this outside the Bellevue
Now I do know this minor stuff happens in other cities, but I guess I thought Philly would be different, since we’ve all seen it on TV and are disgusted by it, maybe these folks don’t watch TV? Maybe they wanted make a bigger statement than Boston last year, sorta like when Devil night got out of hand and Detroit practically burned itself down every Mischief Night, which is tonight BTW.These guys were still excited, and were not the ones that tipped over this planter, just hanging out near it A picture says a thousand words (and although I took about 500 shots, I picked out only a few, as it was 3AM when I did this blog and I had to get some sleep before work at 9AM,) was this someone’s revenge for being the ugliest, fattest City as those magazines keep attaching too us or was this how we pay back the Phillies for finally winning the World Series. I thought the curse was over, I was wrong.
I was beginning to get upset. As someone who writes about Philly, and someone who has been a volunteer tour guide for over 10 years, I was shocked with what was going on then this!! Someone set a fire in the middle of the street and threw someone’s bike on top of it. The fire got fairly big, and I just had to leave. Center City was becoming a war zone as bottles broke around me, and M80s went off. Who are these kids, are they the students from the 2 dorms that are right there at Broad and Walnut, where most of the damage occurred?

I saw at least three bus stops damaged, but this one was destroyed; the same stop that protects their friends, family, teachers, neighbors from the elements after a long day at work. The guy in this picture is challenging the cop. I have no idea why, but I saw it over and over again. Maybe they are still hyped from the G Summit, or doing rehearsals for next year.These planters that beautify the street, probably cost a fortune, and where do they think the money is going to come from to replace. Do these people pay property taxes? Do they own anything? At this point I was thinking, the parade shouldn’t even start at City Hall if , maybe we should move it up to South Street to the stadiums, or to the suburbs.
Then they smashed Robinson Luggage’s windows and tried to loot it, note luggage on ground. These skateboarders didn’t want to listen to the riot police, telling them it was a public sidewalk and they didn’t want to go in the street. i was wondering where the rubber bullets were, for a city that sometimes suffers a bad reputation for police brutality, I was impressed and angered that the police showed so much restraint.
These cops were preventing folks from going down Sansom towards Juniper as a CAR WAS ON FIRE. The crowd surged towards the fire, I just wanted to go home.
More riot police. The guy in the red hat walked up to the cops and started taunting them. It was so bizarre that he would do that. They pushed him out of the way. I stopped taking pictures. I didn’t want a record of it I was so disgusted. Maybe I remember the rioting and looting of the 70s and how it took this City years to get over that reputation. Some people might say it was only minor structure damage, but the scene was ugly, and the news will travel and the damage to our tourism industry will occur.
This guy, well I saw him shimmy the bike on the fallen pole til he finally got it free and declared it was his gleefully. When he did get it free, it still had the lock attached to the wheel, he threw it down. “What piece of shit” he said.
As I passed the Borders at Chestnut, I was surprised that the windows were intact, but I heard that FYE did not fare so well nor did the planters didn’t do so well either. Maybe the folks in the dorm on Chestnut Street care about their neighborhood a little more than the other folks. Did you know this whole series of photos only took 15 minutes between the time I left the restaurant til this moment; and I saw just a glimpse of the damage that will leave a black eye on this City for decades. I walked the rest of the way home having gone from exhilarated to complete disgust for my some of my fellow citizens. As I looked down the side streets I could see police running, an orange glow, mail boxes, dumpsters, and a few fist fights, thanks.

Video of car being flipped at Broad & walnut: Insurance does not protect your car from riots!

I do realize this is only a small part of the overall celebration that went on throughout the tri-state area, this just happens to be my neighborhood.
Philly Future has a great wrap up of photos with lots of links to blogs:
CBS3 Van Rocked and damaged
Video from the Phila Weekly before the crazy hit:
The Broad Street party. Before it got TOO crazy.


STEPHEN STARR does it again BUTCHER & SINGER Philadelphia is Opened

Last night I went to the VIP Opening Party of Butcher and Singer (1500 Walnut St., 215-732-4444),. Unbeknown to me about the history of the name, I kept telling my day boss that I was going to Butcher and Singer tonight, and he kept saying “They’re still open?” At which point I just rolled my eyes and thought, geez he’s only like 8 years old of me and he is so not hip. Later I discovered that Butcher & Singer, along with Janney Montgomery Scott and W.H. Newbold’s Son & Co., were for decades pillars of the local brokerage community and of the business community at large. It turns out that Butcher & Singer had their offices in the building a few years back. Even so

The restaurant captures the past when you walked through these doors you will be transported back to an era that is long forgotten.
In fact at first glance B&S reminds you of the famous “Brown Derby” a landmark restaurant in Los Angeles, California frequented by celebrities during the Golden Age of Hollywood.Last night was an invite only party. Stationed at the door are the Cashman & Assocs. publicist, or gate keepers. You’d better be on their list or there will be no entry.
One of the first things I noticed when entering the restaurant was the vast huge ceilings and the vibrant but warm golden tone to the hue of the walls, oh and these huge chandeliers. Sure I had been to the Striped Bass a few times, and that was huge, but it seemed huge, this is huge but it seems comfortable and much warmer. Tailored to a broad market of patrons, Butcher and Singer strives to bring back the “power lunch,” popularize the after-work cocktail and appeal to high-stakes business dinners or romantic evenings.

Chef James Locascio discussing menu business with partners. No doubt subjects include the variety of raw and chilled seafood selections, classic appetizers and salads and a wide array of steaks and domestic lamb chops Butcher & Singer will serve.
(I was too good and didn’t even have a nibble of all the delicious food that passed my way; today though I am craving steak, now I have to go back and get a taste of their menu) UPDATE: I have now been to Butcher & Singer and recommend of course the NY Strip, and the stuffed Hash Browns, infused with sour cream. My mom loved, loved, loved the Halibut. We both enjoyed the carrot cake for desert.
In Tuesday’s Michael Klein column: November’s Philadelphia Magazine is out with a photo spread of eligible singles. Those darn deadlines. Jimmy Contreras, co-owner of Kimberly Boutique, recently became ineligible after setting up house with publicist Matthew Vlahos. They’re now “out” on their Facebook profiles.
The bar is sleek and hugs your body while you’re waiting for your table to be ready. It’s the best seat in the house, and it’s also the most private if you want it to be.

Mary Patel has some good news which she says she will allow me to break on PCC, with her is Thom Cardwell and The Philadelphia Tribune’s Bobbie BookerMartini glasses lined with sugar waiting to be served
Scott Sigman, Marybeth, Joe Barber, Susan Helfrich and Laura Burkhardt

For this party they removed about 10 tables to create this social area
Mayor Nutter greets Donna Massanova and Carol Tamburino as former Mayor Green looks on.
I really like the low booths and tables along the wall
The kitchen was hopping
Ya gotta love Monica Malpass, she has that great devilish killer smile. She’s a sweetie.

Check out the Butcher & Singer Menu’s here on Foobooz


aLOFT Hotel it’s more than just a good night’s sleep.

“Our hotel will be a true oasis in style and creativity”

says Nina Timani, Director of Sales and Marketing, aloft PHL.

Last week I had a chance to check out the new aloft hotel, part of the W chain. I had been invited a few times to attend parties there, but I blew them off as I didn’t want to leave the island of Center City, but this time my friends Terressa Thompson and Jamie Boyd coaxed me out to the airport hotel with the VIP photographer treatment. I had photographed a party for Experience MM over the summer, and really enjoyed their energy and excitement. They also have a kick ass concept for event planning and parties.

Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen and Cullen Jones greet DJ ExcelThey flattered me with compliments on my style of photography, I am putty in their hands. The fundraiser was hosted by Cullen Jones for The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center. Jim Ellis will run the aquatic facility there once it opens in 2010 in North Philadelphia..

Bianca White and Stephanie Fletcher

After seeing how easy it was to reach the aloft hotel, what a really modern, hip space it was to have a party, oh and seeing the slide show of the opening night party, I was kicking myself for missing the two earlier events, especially the opening party with Beth Ostrosky, Jazzy Jeff and surprise guest Christian Siriano who did the fashion show of his new line.

Another fashionable couple: Tyree and wife Ashanda Powell
I could not get these girls to lighten up, they insisted on the VIP Diva treatment, making me take their photo over and over again, ok just one of them, but thankfully I caught them off guard and caught this fun shot. Note the serious one on the left, Masha, break out with a great smile, much better than that JLo diva smile…
but it was only after a couple of these that they started to relax a bit. The bar served complimentary shots to the guests.
A vision of W Hotels, aloft hotels are shaking up the lodging

industry with urban-influenced design, accessible technology, style
and a social atmosphere. aloft hotels offer a total sensory
experience, with guest rooms featuring loft-like, nine-foot ceilings
and over sized windows to create a bright, airy environment. The
centerpiece of each aloft room is the ultra-comfortable plush platform
bed, and large stylish bathrooms complement the guest experience with
over sized walk-in showers and amenities created by Bliss(R) Spa. Each
aloft room is also a combination high-tech office and entertainment
center, featuring wireless Internet access and plug & play , a
one-stop connectivity solution for multiple electronic gadgetry such
as PDAs, cell phones, mp3 players and laptops - all linked to a large
flat panel LCD television for optimal sound and viewing.

The two Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones and Brendan Hansen, who the very next day were participating in a swim meet with the very same kids who may benefit from the Kroc Swimming facilities. Nina holds up the Belevedere Vodka to thank them for their generous donation they made to the party. As you know I really appreciate the generous donations from sponsors because without them the bottom line would be spent on supplies for the parties instead of going to the ones in need. So thank you Belevedere Vodka!!Jim Ellis comes in aLoft and immediate spots an old friend. This would have been a fantastic photo had he just not raised his arms so high.

Opps a Hail Mary that didn’t work out the way I wanted it too. I had been paying attention to something else and I had to run over and catch the candid moment, but darn if I didn’t cut off their heads.The aloft bar was buzzing, I love the sleek design. The bar is set at one end of the bright, multi-level lobby space, with comfortable seating, a pool table, free wifi and plenty of outlets to plug in your laptop while you unwind with a drink. The bar features three house-infused liquors: blueberry vodka, bartlett pear rum and pineapple-chipotle tequila.
Alvin Williams, former Toronto Raptor and NBA analyst with Comcast SportsNet and Jason Lawson, Former NBA Athlete and Big Five Hall of Fame Inductee with Phila Dept Rec Swimming Coach Jim Ellis (Pride Move about his life.)
Chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries. Designed in conjunction with world renowned David Rockwell and the Rockwell Group, aloft stays true to the W Hotel brand’s heritage, offering atmospheric public spaces designed to draw guests from their rooms into sassy public spaces.
Guests can work on their laptops ia hotel-wide wireless internet access, play a game of pool or grab a drink with friends. The next day Cullen Jones and Brendan Hansen were participating in a Salvation Army and the Philadelphia Department of Recreation (PDR) swim meet to promote learn-to-swim and water safety programs in Philadelphia on Saturday Oct 18. Nine people drown each day in the United States, and in ethnically-diverse communities, the youth drowning rate is more than double the national average, according to USA Swimming’s Make a Splash Foundation and the program wants to promote awareness of this problem. I would have loved to gone to the event, but there was no way I could wake up by 7AM for the 9AM meet. I later heard both of them were in tip top form. They were racing each other in the first heat, and then kids participated in the following heats. I forgot to ask who won. Do you know?
Michelle Miller, DJ G-N Kang, Editor of City Luxe Mag Megan Bishop, Nina Timani of aloft Hotel (W Chain) Check out G-N Kang’s blog, she’s a sexy single living la vida loca chica. G-N describes the loft as having a real Miami feel, which I would agree. I thought it reminded me of some of the Ian Shragers hotel’s in NY, like the Gramercy or the Hudson. In fact the Hudson has a similar vibe where they have parties in the lobby every night just like the party going on at the aloft tonight.
I voiced disappointed to a few friends that I wished a cool hotel like this was located in Center City, that the lobby would be a definite party place every night, but my friends told me that all the aloft hotels were located at either airports or out of the way places, “If you’re young, or hip, why stay at a Red Roof when you can stay at aloft.” I agree with hotel rooms starting at $109 why stay anywhere else?

When shooting an event, I keep in mind that maybe the general public in the Delaware Valley would like to see what I see and read about the great things going on in our area, and I like to capture the candid moments for Inqlings, where my photos appear weekly (Pg B2 in the Inquirer on Sunday). Anyway this was one of the moments, but you can see why it didn’t make the cut, it was taken in the VIP room, which basically was a hotel room, and was bland, bland, bland, but it does have all the characters of the story: Jim Ellis – will run program, Cullen Jones – the hot face to raise money for program and Nina Tiamni – the aloft hotel host for the party. Had we been able to move this scene into the bar area, then this would have been the money shot, because I really like it, most folks would be upset that their face wasn’t showing, but Nina knows that to get the right press for the event, the focus is on the names that are bolded in the news, just like the shot that did get published below as the PR for the event sacrificed her backside for the cause. Jim Ellis chatting with a young lady while former Villanova All Star and NBA player, Jason Lawson looks on. I like the setting of this photo, the candidness (is that a word) and it promotes the event and accidentally you can see the wxyz bar which places the picture. I should say the Inquirer’s photo editor is better than me at seeing a good picture and when it was published last Sunday, he cropped it above her pink pants, and if I wasn’t running late for work I would do that too.
What do you think of the differences between the two shots?



The other night I attended the Cashman & Associates 7th Anniversary Party. The weather was unbelievable the party went off without a hitch, but would you really expect anything less at a Cashman event?In 1999, when Nicole Cashman was PR for the May Company in Philadelphia, she was featured in The Philadelphia Magazine as one of “100 Power People”;

I don’t know where those other 99 people are, but Nicole’s star has steadily risen since then through her hard work and determination to do a job well. Setting up her own firm, Cashman & Associates, by the end of 1999, she went on to create a standard in the industry on how to throw a party, a special event or a product launch to serve her client in a way that hadn’t been done perfected or received well by those before her. Nicole and her mom 10/10/08.
Behind the successful Cashman is the equally qualified Cashman Associates. At the entrance of the office, on a shelf holds the many awards that have been given to Nicole, which really represents all the hard work the associates have put into the business too. They work as a team as well as giving individual attention to each client, and what impresses me the most is they are all friends with each other, respect each other and take direction when it is given. Heck I appreciate the direction they give me.Cashman & Associates is: Scott Barnes, Ashley Schaffer, Ellie Kosarek, Holly Dean, Carrie Nork-Minnelli, Krista, Jaclyn Fisher, Dana Lombardo, Krista Fumo , Kayce Cashman, Bob and in front Susan and Nicole Cashman make up Cashman & Associates .
In an interview with NBC10 a few years back Nicole’s advice to young people starting out in business: “I think the word of advice that I can give anybody is to absolutely stick to your guns. You know, believe in your abilities,” Cashman said. Nicole Shiner and Nicole Ross of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, flank Nicole Cashman.
Nicole’s sister Kayce, is featured in this months most Eligible Singles in Philadelphia Magazine, which is a list of the movers and shakers in the business world. Kaycee is one of the girls that you really wanted to know in school, and you probably did. Like Nicole, she’s outgoing, doesn’t put on airs and has an eclectic group of friends. She’s a people person.
Carolyn Sabatini, Dina Pietropaolo John and Lisa DeBella. The DeBella’s are not only “celebrity” guests at many of the Cashman client events, but they are friends too, as I have seen them as recently as at the Please Touch Museum gala enjoying each other’s company. It’s the real thing. When I first began shooting the Cashman event’s I was a bit starstruck by seeing John DeBella as I grew up in the ’70s during the powerhouse years and now enjoy him spinning the classics on WMGK. What a thrill for me to get to chat with him and his lovely wife Lisa at the party, and find that they are really a regular Philly folk. I had a long discusion with Lisa on life and things, and well we barely know each other. You really are judge by the company you keep, and the Cashman company has the same familiar tone when dealing with people.
It’s fun to meet the people I read about in the paper everyday, the Cashman friends and clients. It says alot when someone is able to share in the celebration of your firms anniversary party. L-R – Bart Blatstein, Andy Rillasci, Adam Lisausky, Bruce Reinfeld, Phil Balderston
The next generation of movers and shakers include, Jimmy Contreras of Kimberly Boutique (who is singled out on this months Philadelphia Mag as being a super single, Jason Lewis, Councilwomen Blondell Reynold-Browns Communication Director and the man about town PR extraordinaire Matthew Vhalos (Now I know Matt is one of my good friends, but I sincerely believe in his vision and talent. If he isn’t on the Philadelphia Magazine’s “One to Watch” in the next few years, well then I think they would be making a big mistake; you won’t see him on the most eligible single list as he has set up house in honeymoon bliss.)
Disclosure: It was at a Cashman event, last December 6, that cemented the idea turning Philly Chit Chat into a Philadelphia Social Diary covering events, the people that go to the events, and the goings on, but I can assure you it’s their goodwill and professionalism that is associated with the Cashman firm that inspires me to write this piece about them, after all nowadays I can really pick and choose what events I want to cover, my dance card is full especially since I have launched my event photography business.

So take my word on it, Nicole Cashman has created a niche in the promotion of a client by throwing successful parties, getting the press they need to get, while also creating an experience where the guests will talk about you for days, months to come. They create the buzz that’s needed.One of the principles at the Cashman firm is Dana Lombardo and her boyfriend TJ; the other is Carrie Nork-Minelli (see slide show at the bottom of this entry)
Stephen Starr Events did the entire party – they did food & specialty cocktails from each of their restaurants
Nicole Cashman and Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown. Nice people attract nice people.
Matt Goodwin(Wired 96.5), Patty Macholvo and David Krieger (Wired 96.5)
Pod served sushi throughout the night
Cashman Associate in charge of Give the Shirt Off Your Back! Gala this Friday, Halloween at 210 West Rittenhouse (SeePCC calendar), Ashley Kramer with her family. Ashley is one of the first of the cashman Assocs. that I worked with and is really one of the sweetest people I have met. It was that first meeting that put me at ease photographing their events. I mean here is this guy who wants to do something that no one else really has done, cover social events on a blog, but Nicole and Ashley really welcomed me and made the experience a memorable one which sparked the thought hmm social coverage.
Where Magazine! Editor and cabaret singer who has a few upcoming gigs, Karen Gross
in the Cashman lobby. I love the exposed brick and the clean lines. Very modern and efficient.Michael Fitzgerald, John Colabelli, with galpal Lauren O’Dorisio (who has sworn me to secrecy about some good news that should come out today), Nicole Cashman looking beautiful in blue and next to her is Matthew West.
Another sweet as can be PR Paige Wolf and her hubby Mike Bederka; Congratulations to Paige and her write up this week in BoHo

Then it was on to Washington Square for the after party. It was a nice surprise to run into Rich Wolf and Susan Helfrich there who have seemed to drop off of the social circuit. Rich is busy lining up film projects for the new production company he is building. With him is a handsome guy named Mike, ok it’s my Mike. He’s the best, he lets me go out and cover all this for you.
NYC Fox Karen Hepp_Kim Cullen_ CN8 Leslie Padilla;
Hepp has been commuting to NYC since she took a job with Fox there, rumblings have her coming back to Philly maybe in the future.
Jeff and his Dr partner, Laura Burkhardt and Bruce Yelk, had earlier attended the Indigo Ball benefiting the William Way Center, now join the party at Washington Square.The party was such a smashing success and spontaneous dancing broke out. I have to say I really enjoyed myself, their was no pretense, just good fun with a lot of mixing of the various groups. Damn that John Bolaris for not telling me that Kerri-Lee Halkett went off and got married. I asked him where she was.
I had never been inside WS, and it was an impressive place. I hear it could be a permanent event space, which would be terrific. In last weeks Dan Gross’ column:


The Phillies took over the space that formerly housed Stephen Starr’s Washington Square restaurant for a Saturday-night National League victory party whipped together in 48 hours by PR/event planners Cashman & Associates. Hosts were Chase and Jen Utley, Pat and Michelle Burrell, and Jamie and Karen Moyer, and attendees included Charlie Manuel, Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard, Greg Dobbs, Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, Geoff Jenkins, Kyle Kendrick, Jayson Werth and So Taguchi. Starr Events catered with sushi from Pod, carved beef from Barclay Prime, guac from El Vez, and bites from Jones, Continental and Alma de Cuba.
not the end, check out the slideshow below



The mother of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson has reportedly been found shot to death at her South Side Chicago home. The family’s pastor has confirmed that 57-year-old Darnell Hudson Donerson is one of two people found dead Friday afternoon in the house. The “Chicago Tribune” reports on its website the suspect is in custody, but a seven year old boy taken from the home is still missing. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office identified the two shooting victims as 57-year-old Darnell Donnerson, the actress’ mother, and 29-year-old Jason Hudson, the Oscar-winning actress’ brother. Police identify the missing seven-year-old as Julian King, a Hudson family relative. In a police statement, the suspect in the shooting was identified as William Balfour. The “Tribune” reports Balfour pleaded guilty in 1999 to attempted murder and vehicular hijacking.

This was the first photo I shot of Jennifer Hudson at the premiere of Dreamgirls. She had come over to the fan section to greet and sign. It was also the night before I moved from NYC back to Philadelphia after 18 months of a paralegal assignment I was on. December 7, 2006The next time I photographed her I had become a professional celebrity photographer. This was at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 28, 2007

The 40th Anniversary of New Line Cinema 10/6/2007 held at Lincoln Center, NYC; Pictured here is her long time boyfriend from Chicago, Il

During her busy schedule, Jennifer came to Philly to do a Q&A with my friend Laiya St. Clair over at the Beat 100.3 By this time Jen was dating a new guy that would eventually become her fiance, but I wasn’t able to get a photo of them even though he was in the Green Room.The premiere of Sex and the City May 2008. Jen my heart, soul and prayers go out to you. You’re such a wonderful sweet girl, I hope that you can recover from this horrible tragedy that has happened to your family.



JL Sullivans in the Bellevue, hosted The Philadelphia Metro’s kickoff party for their new Arts & Culture section which will be in the Thursday edition. Council women Blondell Reynolds Brown and Peggy Amsterdam of Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance gets into the Philles spirit.

Ryan Martinez is a member of Philadelphia Beatles which was at the Society Hill Playhouse, but closed prematurely this week, with Maryanne Sterin, Deen Kogers of the Society Hill Playhouse

Mann Music Center’s Marketing Manager Phil Sumpter and Natasha Towles

GPFO‘s Director of Marketing Nicole Ross recently organized a “Green going on the Silver Screen event”; “Our main goal tonight is not to completely change the way the film industry thinks about the environment, but it is our goal to get them to think about the choices that they make everyday on their sets,” Nicole Ross said; with her is GPFO Director Joan Bressler (coming up next week photos from the GPFO Annual Party, and you’ll never guess who was there, well unless you read MK’s column this week and saw the picture I took published.

Gary P Steuer, Philadelphia’s newly named chief cultural officer of the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, Peggy Amsterdam and Metro publisher Eric Mayberry

The first issue with the section focusing on arts & culture in Philadelphia.

Proud wearing McCain/Palin button wearer Craig Drake, with democratic former City Controller Jonathan Saidel, attorney’s George Bochetto, Christy Adams, Scott Sigmen of Bochetto & Lentz. A few weeks back I was invited to a kicking party at their firm to welcome their new entertainment industry attorney Kevon Glickman.

Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown checking out the new arts & culture section, which is in the Thursday’s edition of the Philadelphia Metro – did I mention that?

Thanks so much for visiting PCC this week. OMG I was so busy, I am now getting the occassional Photographer for hire events, and those photos must be turned around and sent out to the client in a very short time, so that’s why my blog entries are sometimes delayed. Also if a photo from an event is to be in one of the media organization I contribute to, well that’s another delay. The biggest being Michael Klein’s Sunday column which always delays the photos a week. I am going to work on a solution for that so I can be more current. I know people have been inquiring about a few parties I’ve attended and I promise I will be posting them this week. The numbers this week are unbelievable, but of course I wrote about the Phillies, oh and I get about 100 inquires about the Henri David Ball and the Elvira event through google. So just think it took me a year and a day to get 100,000 hits, and less than 4 months to get 60,000 hits. So thank you very much, especially to my daily readers. – HughE PS Check out this cool Obama picture a few artist constructed in a Shickshinny, Pennsylvania Field of Hope


Because today there’s another Philadelphia Phillie Pep Rally and it’s at the Reading Terminal; Phillie’s Fever has hit town – RTM site states: Join 1980 World Series champion Dickie Noles and former pitcher and current Comcast SportsNet analyst Ricky Bottalico in Center Court at Noon (12PM). We will also have music from the Fralinger String Band. Help cheer the Phils on to victory in the World Series. Remember, wear something RED!
But before you go to the rally I suggest you stop of at this little nugget of a place to pick up a shirt, hat or gift. Sure a lot of people have jumped on the Red bandwagon, but I thought this shop was unique as it is a dedicated “Phillies shopping destination” across from my Godiva Chocolate dessert stop, as long as the Phillies are hot, this store is hot. I found it while walking around Liberty One today and it was crowded at 3PM… After checking out the various shirts, and almost picking up a couple of pink one’s, Lillian and Janice settled on the tradional red “Phillies Champion” shirts
I asked Lisa where she was going to wear her pretty in pink Phillies Champion Shirt. She had a most interesting story as she was heading up north to take a deposition of a prisoner, and would just have to find a local restaurant to catch the game. I noticed Lisa’s huge ring with the pink crystal. She told me she bought it across the mall at Swarovski, it was a limited edition Breast Cancer item. I stopped by Swarovski’s on my way back to the office. They told me the iconic Nirvana Ring (retail $260) is sparkling in pink in support of The Libby Ross Foundation’s Yoga Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. Only 2,000 of these sparkling rings will be produced, so hurry to your local Swarovski boutique or
Then there’s Frank Welsh of FranklyLegal (gotta love that name) purchased a few ties for himself, and flags to hang around the office. No doubt when those afternoon games came up he took a long lunch.You’ll need some Money! Moola! Credit! Cash! but not too much because the prices seemed really reasonable. I bought two onesies for my sisters new boy Beau for only $20 and a beer bottle insulator for $10, so basically you need the moola for multiple purchases, see Frank above (check out these Phillies Dollar Bills; it’s not surprising that Victorino is the big seller. They are $5 each and very realistic)I did take a photo of the sign for your convenince. Most shirts are $20 like my favorite one

This one was my favorite, plain and to the pointAnd it seemed to be very popular with a the people I saw wondering around Liberty Place
as I scoped out the place
and there was an occasional paired with kick ass boots and black jacket. Suitable for work attire this week.
As I made my way home I ran into the Obama folk at 16th and Chestnut. “That Guy” is getting into the spirit too and I had to have all three. So enjoy the games, the excitement, the anticipation, and the sea of red this week
And Go Phillies!!