Madonna and Guy Ritchie to announce divorce re: I finally photographed Madonna a few weeks back

A few weeks back I took this photo of Madonna going to the Kaballah Center on Rosh Hashanah in NYC. I have had many opportunities to photograph Madonna over the years, but I am not one to hang out by someone’s house and I didn’t want to go to the Kaballah Center. (I did see her in concert 5 times)

But when I heard that it was at the Kaballah Center she preferred to be photographed, as it gives them publicity and she usually allowed herself to be shot there, I changed my mind. When I was in NYC a couple weeks back, someone told me she was in town; I mentioned it to another photographer that she would probably go to services the next morning, and we went the next day. After about 3 hrs he began to doubt my hunch, but then her cars pulled up.
This is my favorite photo from my series. I love the eye contact she and David have. That’s the bodyguard behind them.

Sandra Bernhard was there too; her daughter is the spitting image of her mom. One congregant told me that Sandra and Madonna sat next to each other and their kids sat next to them.After waiting an additional 2 hrs for her to exit, another photographer came along 15 minutes before she left the Kaballah Center. He chose a spot closer to the door, I thought it would be too crowded as she left and I went closer to the entrance of the SUV. I was wrong, she wanted to be photographed and her bodyguards walked a few steps in front of her and Luis got this excellent shot. It was near the car that the people were close to her as she handed off the baby to them so they could strap him in. Bummer! But there will be another time, now with the news that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing, no doubt Madonna will be all over Manhattan the next few years where she resides, and isn’t that where A-rod lives?