SAVE THE DAIQUIRI Shouts the RUM BAR (Lounge & Restaurant)

Thanks to many years of degradation one of the worlds most famous and influential cocktails, the daiquiri has become lost and buried by frozen faux fruit concoctions. So Philadelphia’s Rum Bar wants to celebrate the original daiquiri, which even predates the strawberry smoothie at Amazon Juice or my favorite place Jamba Juice. Last night The Rum Bar threw a little soiree to bring attention to this almost extinct drink by gathering the concierge of the city together to celebrate and drink a few as well as try out some of the new menu items that can be found there. (I serious love the music on the Rum Bar website, so mysterious)
Bernadette Dolan and that wild and crazy PR guy Tom Stanley (You know he just went crazy when the Philles won)
Kevin Logan of Smart Sports and Laura Burkhardt negotiate a deal on a scooter. Unfortunately I missed Laura riding up to The Rum Bar wrapping her legs around Kevin as he navigated the “Streets of Philadelphia” (I love Springsteen). Girls I didn’t see a ring on his finger, so he must be single; maybe if you stop by Smart Sports he’ll take you for a test ride, or better yet you can take him for a test ride, if you really want to save money in these trouble times, a scooter will help you get there faster than a car and they are only about $3,000
Punch Media’s James Zeleniak and Meredith Lindemon – Daily Candy Philadelphia (who’s favorite candy is gumballs [mine too])
I think it’s Laura’s business card?

James Zeleniak and David Wagaman of a little Chilean Sea Bass that Executive Chef Patricia Paler prepared is Harriet Ayers (which reminds me did you see Obama kick some butt last night?), also Louise Castellauo, Cheryl Fasset and Where Magazine’s Zelinda O’Hara
Owner Adam Kanter is joined by concierge’s John LeCompte (Park Hyatt) and Charles Gordy (Rittenhouse Hotel). Two guys that work with the well heeled visiting our fair city assisting them in any need, in the wish to make their stay a pleasant one.
Gift bags!! Sponsored by Lisa M Reisman Gallery