Guess who’s turning 25 this year, Jane Golden, Mayor Nutter and a Bank of America Representative
Last Friday they held a press conference to announce the many special programs that would help celebrate their quarter century in beautifying the City which helped cut back on graffetti and instead channeled “taggers” artistry into something we can all understand. Here’s the stepped back scene of the press conference; I would say pretty impressive to get this much media to cover the event.
At the event it was announced that a stretch of No. Broad Street also known as the “Avenue of the Arts” will be known as Mural Arts Way too. In the evening I was able to stop by the Mural Arts Gala, before I hit the Cashman & Assoc. 7th Anniversary party, that some of you have asked me about. Look for those photos on Tuesday.

The gala was held in my new favorite events space – City Hall Courtyard. It was a beautiful October night and the setting sun through the archway made for a pretty picture. Here we are looking down West Market StreetIt was a festive evening with patrons of the mural arts in attendence including Walter Edwards, Mel Buckman and Lee Gutman (I didn’t even have to encourage the hat wearing, he had it on)
Also Susan Gill, Sandra Westray, Stephani Sheocs and Ruth Glvos
Henri David wouldn’t tell me what fabulous costumes he will be wearing for his 40th Anniversary Halloween Bash at the Sheraton Center City on FRIDAY 10/31/08. The reason I bold FRIDAY is, every year I go no matter what day Halloween falls on, and usually just go to work bleary eyed the next day, just like every day now that I think of it, but this year because its on a Friday I get to sleep in the next day, plus it’s going to draw a much larger crowd and more fabulous people in costumes for me to photograph. With him is his partner Paul Struck, who always, always out does everyone at the Ball in his costume. I love how Paul has the party hat on his shoulder, how’s it stay on?
The Mural Arts program founded by this special lady right here, Jane Golden.
Join the Mural Arts Program to commemorate a quarter century of mural-making, art education, and prevention and rehabilitation with a 13-month anniversary celebration – October 2008 through October 2009 – beginning and ending with Mural Arts Month! Isn’t this space Phabulous!Founded in 1984, the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is the nation’s largest public arts initiative of its kind. After 25 years of life-changing and internationally acclaimed accomplishments, the City of Philadelphia cannot imagine a world without the Mural Arts Program. Philadelphia’s murals are as unique and defining to the city as the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin and cheesesteaks. (from the Mural arts webpage)
Judie Gilmore, Ryan Derfler, Jennifer McCreary and Bill Gehrman, who helped oversee gay and lesbian marketing at the PCVB and now has his hands in so many Philly projects to assist them in success.
Like this task he performed at the press conference and it wasn’t staring at the model being photographed in the archway of City HallIt was the all important task of stopping traffic so they didn’t walk into the press conference being held at the end of the hall. Imagine the stress of stopping someone and telling them they have to take the long way instead of the short cut. You’d better have a thick skin to do that. (it’s these details that when taken care of, contribute to a successful event)
Back to the evening here we find Cara Cox, Ali Cody and Alex Pelt ( Design for Social Impact )Cari Feiler Bender and a future muralist, famous NYC artist who is going to do something spectacular in the City in 2009, but I have been sworn to secrecy on even his name.
My good friend as many of you know, City Hall Tour Director Greta Greenberger, Director of Fairmount Parks, Mark Focht , our new City Planning Director, Alan Greenberger and PR/Events for the Phila Zoo Karen Spiro.
Helen Baron and Sandra Jesse are big supporters of the mural arts program.
Located in the exact geographical center of William Penn’s original Philadelphia city plan, the courtyard is where Market Street, Philadelphia’s main East-West thoroughfare, intersects Broad Street, the main North-South city artery. A huge compass with the original city map depicted in its center, has recently been repainted with the most vibrant grays and off grays, to give visitors a visual orientation to the city and the building.
Bookending Pearl Cartel is Robert and Ruth Gales enjoying the festivities. As some of you may know Pearl is probably one of the most prolific volunteers in the City. She can be seen during either Phila Film Festivals, many City Hall events, lots of charity events, she used to volunteer as an usher at many of our famed theaters and more recently can be found at the Obama campaign headquarters.
Jane Golden and Michael Nutter share the duties in blowing out the candles on the cake, which was cleverly designed by Shop Rite. Join the Mural Arts Program to commemorate a quarter century of mural-making, art education, and prevention and rehabilitation with a 13-month anniversary celebration – October 2008 through October 2009 – beginning and ending with Mural Arts Month! In Fact Join my BF Mike T. and I on the 12:30PM
Mural Arts Tour Tour which departs from the Independence Visitor Center at 6th and Market Streets at 12:30PM and costs only $25 for the 2 hour tour.
My “On The Scene” Photo Column in the Philadelphia Metro