SABRINA TAMBURINO AND STEVE THORNE’S ENGAGEMENT PARTY – The Social Event of the Season a merging of love, laughter and Respect

FRIDAY NIGHT was a night of parties in the City, but there was no better party to be at then the Sabrina Tamburino Steve Thorne engagement party held at The Franklin Institute.

The guest list was the who’s who in Philadelphia, whether you were a politician, a celebrity, business superstar or just an average Joe like me, it was one big exciting party. Having never been to a party at the Franklin (as it likes to be called now) I was curious how a venue as large as it is would translate into a festive party. Sure enough it was perfect for the 500+ guest list, with minimal decoration (meaning no streamers normally found at any of my parties), but beautifully decorated accents, tables with minimal flowers as to not interupt the flow of conversation, beautiful ice sculptures, glass bowls with marbles and orchids, and most importantlymood lighting. In the early evening as the crowds arrived, the lighting was a soft, yet bold blue, welcoming friends to the cocktail party where there were a lot of welcoming hugs, kisses, introductions and catching up. The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial features a 20 foot high marble statue, sculpted by James Earle Fraser. Originally opened in 1938, the Memorial was designed by architect John T. Windrim and modeled after the Pantheon in Rome. The Hall is 82 feet in length, width, and height. The domed ceiling is self-supporting and weighs 1600 tons. The floors, walls, columns, pilasters, and cornices are made of marbles imported from Portugal, Italy, and France.
Sabrina Strickland, Arthur Kadyshyes and his step-mom who he was very excited to see.
I have to confess, although I had my pad with me, I tried to get most names, but many people said they were family or friends, and as karma would have it at the height of my frenzy I left it with a someone in this group of people I had just photographed and it was never seen again. So some people are going to have to help me out, ‘specially
The girl with the jet black hair, who is a big fan of PCC and said I’ve photographed her before but never put her up on PCC. I must have been crazy. I sure do come across a lot of readers of PCC and I truly, really appreciate you taking the time to read me. Steve, Joann, Bucci, Zarina, Michael & Sharon
Is this a crew or what friend, friend, Carol Tamburino, friend, Anna Verna, Frank DiCicco and a friend. I would appreciate ID’s on these folks. Thanks.

Caution curves ahead

Nina, Nino, Carol and Mia Tinari. Vogue should have called these folks already for a spread.Vince Papale, Joe Weiss, Sharon Pinkenson, Janet Papale (I have a fun story about her. One day I asked the correct spelling of her name, she said it’s Pap like smear, and Ale like beer. Ya gotta love that. ) Carol Tamburino and friends.

Sabrina engagement ring blinding guests, so don’t get out of line around her or you could be next.

There’s just no way this lady was not on American Bandstand. She’s hot, she’s got that sex appeal and later she really cut the rug.Among those celebrating the special occasion included Dana Spain and Anthony Chila who posed on the red carpet before entering the grand hall where Ben Franklin
but tonight instead of the bustling crowds on their way to checking out the many science exhibits that are featured in the museum they were kicking up their heels to the sounds of
the SoulCruisers. Who were just fantastic, and really got the crowd rockin’ early.

And the mood turned to hot, mad classy red hot lighting.

A dipped Donna who does a mean azz dance. Behind her is The Admiral.
And it was getting hot in other parts of the building. Carol Tamburino made sure all the men met the dancers and benefited by their special touch:

The happy couple pose with Lauren O’Dorisio and John Colabelli
Who loves you Erin Elmore, I do and so does Dr Shareef Jandali
Christian DiCicco and Jimmy Contreras It’s no wonder you two are friends, you kinda remind me of each other for some reason, but it’s not your heart melting baby blues. (I completely missed the cakes as I didn’t realize that it was between the columns in the main room. I did see a great photo
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake your booty, shake your booty
Michael David Smith, Jill Rizen, Sabrina Tamburino and Steve Thorne (My job was to shoot mostly candid’s so this is one of the few photos I got of Steve and Sabrina)
For $8.95 you can pick up a life-sized and molded to closely resemble a human heart at the Reading Terminals Chocolate by Mueller
This group was looking very very chic and elegant as they sat on this bone fashioned into a bench.

A serious couple, looking seriously stylish Table 31’s Lauren O’Dorisio and Philadelphia Style Magazine Publisher John Colabelli. These two are great, have an amazing connection and are really a hot item. Lauren, so nice, so cute, so going places because she’s sincere.
Erin Elmore and Nina Tinari have something more in common then just good taste in style, their friends with single and newly elected State Senate Larry Farnese (If you saw his election flyer the photo used was one I took at the very beginning of his campaign, he looks mighty dapper with his white shirt and greenish tie.)
Bob Brady and James Kenny enjoy a laugh.
Brittany Welsh, Heather Walsh, Casey Marie Matula, Julie Thorne, Grandmom and Jen Hawkins, Remember girls it’s ok to practice your Paris pose, especially in the mirror. I really can’t stand it when I photograph women and they make me take a photo over and over again because they don’t like their smile. Just like everything, it takes a dress rehearsal to get it right.

Oh this is one of my favorite photos, Robert Thorne totally pimp up. I have to tell you Carol T set this shot up, and she was so right. It came out perfectly.Jim Werner with two pretty girls on his arms Caroline Bean and Miss Laura Burkhardt
Nicole looking fabulous in her midnight blue, with Nina Tinari, friend and Donna Coghlin in rockin’ red. Whether I shoot the red carpet in NYC, or here in Philly, black is always in style, but it takes a trail blazer to give us a little color. (while taking this photo and the one right before it, I heard I missed the Mummers, bummers!!) I probably should have asked her to stand for the full appreciation of that dress.
The National Italian American Political Action Committee members and Bob Brady

Nicole Cashman, Justin Wineburgh and Ben Franklin
As the evening began to wind down around 11:30PM, I headed over to the AP at Denin. Plus I heard that Chazz Palmerterri was there and thought maybe I’d get a shot before he hit me or something. You don’t want to mess with a soprano
but then I heard the dancing at The Franklin continued with a DJ until another hour or two after I left. Wish I had stayed. Even though I took nearly 500 photos, there were still a few that got away
Sabrina Tamburino and Carol Tamburino

Above photo from Heather Walsh’s Facebook, below Morgan Obidowski Jeff Guarcino with Sabrina Tamburino and thanks to Julie Thorne for this awesome shot of the cake, which unfortunately I didn’t even see until it was cut open as it was in between the columns in the main room. I didn’t even see the candy table next to it and was confused when I think Lauren was telling me how much she loved MaryJane’s and I told her I loved Bullseyes)