If Friday night wasn’t a blow out enough, Saturday night was my law firm’s Holiday Party at the Flyers Game.Joe Kohn greets the guests and introduces us to a three VIP Flyers of the golden age, Bob Kelly, Gary Dornhoffer and Bernie Parent. Joe Kohn of the Kohn, Swift & Graf. I couldn’t ask for a more cool, boss who I really enjoy talking politics with and who supports my other life wholeheartedly.Here’s the Swift of Kohn, Swift & Graf, Robert Swift with his wife Meredith. Robert Swift is a pioneer in human rights litigation and a Director of the firm.
The newest attorney Jared Solomon with the newest paralegal Jessica Hall on right and girlfriend on the left Ariana.
Missing the party Karen, Grayson, Megan, George, Bob L, Preston, Neil, Christine, and I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of Jane and her family.

Rob & Dominic Petracci (The Kohn Firm gave us these great Flyer’s hats)
Bernie Parent thrills the guests with stories of hockey greatness

KSG alumni Mike Boni, who left the firm last year to start his own. For many years he was the president of the Anti-Defamation League of Philadelphia, and I occasionally helped stuff envelopes. With him is his longtime secretary Denise Petracci, who I was glad stayed at the Kohn firm. Many of the employees at the Kohn firm have worked there 12+ years including me. We are definitely a family as we have watch each other grow, get married, divorce, weather tragedies and enjoy many happy occasions.

Joan Burt with L-R Mrs. Burt, Kathy and her brother Jimmy
Kim from Reliable our in house copy service, she’s very reliable especially with those last minute jobs, with her is her sister

Tina Moukoulis, Esq. of Bernard Gross and Diane Werwinski, Berger & Montague paralegal work with me in NYC on the project I was assigned to for 18 months, and what is responsible for me starting my other career of celebrity/social/event/blogging photography. On the left is Tina’s fiance who’s name escapes me. I gave the pad a rest tonight and see what happens.I love that song by Beyonce “If I Were A Boy” and have now listened to it about 20 times writing this, but I also listened to “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Landslide” and “Silver Springs” too. I should go to bed. Did I mention Mike’s in the hospital. Segways are not safe to ride in Paris on cobblestones. But I should say it is actually very sad as his recovery period for a shattard wrist is a year. He has to relearn to use his hand with a plate and pins that were inserted. So I am having trouble sleeping as I write this at 3AM.

Russ Henkin and his wife. Russ is an attorney at Berger & Montague in Philly. I worked there on a project between 1/2002 – 7/2004. It was a great gig as I worked in a room alone with 400 boxes and managed the case from inception to the depositions; I learned alot about managing cases from that experience. I also picked up the bad habit of talking to myself.

I have a standing invitation to the Berger Montague holiday party, unfortunately I can’t make it this year, I have a celebrity event to shoot with Dr. Dre My friend Denise’s niece won a ride on the Zamboni
so did her friend
Barbara Moyer our law clerk and her friend
A few more alumni including attorney Steve Asher and Marty D’Urso came by and enjoyed the party

Doug Abraham and family
I work mostly with Bill Hoese. He has a wicked “Cool Hand Luke” kinda humor, he jams to the best 60’s, 70s rock, and has great stories of adventure. He really upgrade his Nikon F5 and take the plunge into digital, cause he has a great eye. At least 5 times a week he will call to me and say “Hugh do you have your camera with you.” By this time you would think he would know I carry it everyday. With him is his son Billy who is a championship golfer and bowler from Cherry Hill East and is now attending college, and wife/novelist/Obama volunteer Kathleen Barrett.
Flyer’s WIN!!!
People always ask me if I would give it up to pursue my other life, I don’t think so, I can’t imagine not going into work everyday to see these people I care about and who care about me. On the other hand if I won the lottery I would certainly visit a lot – LOLCheck out the photo album for photos to download: Photos