Out and About : Phila Celebrity Sightings

Damn that Dan Gross scooped me yesterday. I was going to write about this later in the week, but since I saw this in his column today here goes:
Actor Chazz Palminteri, Phillies hurler Kyle Kendrick and “Survivor” girlfriend Stephenie LaGrossa and Wired 96.5’s G-N Kang caught DJ Vice spinning at Denim (1712 Walnut) Friday.

Actor Chazz Palminteri (ok I could have been less lazy and left the downstairs VIP area and asked him for a decent photo, but the place was packed)

Happy Birthday GN Kang – Unfortunately I had problems focusing in the dark club, otherwise this show would have been red hot sharp.

Kendrick, LaGrossa and Kang came by after a joint birthday party for the ladies at Gigi (319 Market), which LaGrossa co-owns. Here is Phillies hurler Kyle Kendrick and “Survivor” girlfriend Stephenie LaGrossa with your afternoon drive guy Kannon w/a K. You can listen to all your fave music and Dj’s on the Internet:
Vice stayed limber with shots of Patron in the DJ booth with promoter Brett Perloff throughout his set. Perloff, who recently parted ways with the Stein family at Pearl (1904 Chestnut), in which he was a partner, says he’ll open a high-end boutique bottle-service bar in the Rittenhouse area next month.

Cheers!!He was mum on a name or exact location, since the joint is another bar now. (Really I know where it is, but PCC must be mum on it too)

I don’t know if there was a shortage of women, or I haven’t been at a club in awhile, but I never saw so many men dance with each other since I stopped by Woody’s a few months ago. Maybe some guys are just in touch with their metrosexuality, but it’s kinda nice:)