HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU, I am really grateful for your visit

I’m thankful for you my readers.

I grew up reading the “social” columns, the “What’s Happening” section, the “Neighborhood” articles, I always loved reading the Welcomat, The City Paper, The Suburban and I wanted to create something on a similar level. SO in July 2007, I created Philly Chit Chat. My goal was to cover the social scene, book signings, write about people, but mostly to promote Philly, especially charity organizations here and on a national level;
My blog is based on 2 specific blogs in NYC that I read while I was living there on a paralegal assignment (actually I had read The New York Social Diary even b4 I moved there.) These were the launching pads for my first blog Confessions of a Paparazzi, a behind the scenes look at the red carpet.

SO when I returned to Philly I wanted to capture the social events in my hometown, and Philly Chit Chat was born.

So number ONE I am thankful to you, all my readers, I really, really apreciate you stopping by; I also want to spotlight two of my longest readers, as they came over from my other blog Confessions of a Paparazzi, and now read PCC – Lisa from KC and Alex Rodriguez who loves nyc during the holidays. I just met Alex (with her mom) in person last Sept while I covered Fashion Week in NYC. She came up and said “Are you Philly Chit Chat?”
I want to thank Philebrity, Uwishunu, Foobooz, WHYY, NBC10, Geekadelphia, PhillySpeak,, Phawker, Will Do , The Clog, Kannon on Wired 96.5, Valerie Knight, Michael Klein, Dan Gross, Philly Style Magazine, The Metro, Christopher Gabello , Where Magazine and Laura Burkhardt, The Beat 100.3, Team Derek, folks who give me tips on celebrity photo ops, and anyone else who gave Philly Chit Chat a shout out or featured a story on their blog. Thanks!
Thanks to the PR Firms that invite me to events, who give me ideas, who mentor me, who trust me and who have become my friends.
Thanks to the law firm where I work for being so flexible, so I can be so flexible and create PCC.
Thanks to my friends who I only get to see on Facebook, and for the new friends I’ve met this past year who I photograph a few times a month. And the ones who I keep promising we’ll get together, or I will do a better job at the PCC Calendar.
I am always Thankful for my family, for their support and not complaining too much that I look tired and I don’t visit them anymore. (Ray, Marg, Judy (sitting), Janine, Me, Mom (sitting) and Tracy)

and Crista (here with mom)
I’m thankful that Mike is on the road to recovery and allows me to have the freedom to create Philly Chit Chat even though it takes me away from us, but it makes me very happy especially when I can give PR to a charity or organization that does so many good things for its benefactors. (Mike with her mom at her 75th Bday 2 weeks ago.)