SPOILER ALERT – City Hall Gets Lit Tonight – Plus more City Hall Tidbits

Head to the Avenue of the Arts tonight, Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., when a dozen buildings along Broad Street will light up for the holiday season, a display that will last through the new year. The festival begins at 5:30PM, food and beverages will be served. The buildings lite up at 6:15PM to music.
Last night was the dress rehearsal and I caught my favorite building going through the motionsred and
and Pink and GreenPurple and oh wait this sounds familiar Captain NoahRed and yellow and pink and green, Purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!
Last night on the way back from a gig I saw this, a street cleaner doing his job, but it was raining. What’s the deal? Isn’t that what rain is for. It just looked silly. It irks me as couldn’t we save the money for street cleaning in the rain and put it towards the budget of street cleaning after the Mummer’s Parade (also why cut their budget a month b4 the parade, especially if tourist planned for a year to visit our City just to see this unique parade?)
It also drives me crazy that the City is still planning to lend the money to expand Central Library; let’s not, let’s take that money and spread it among the libraries that are closing. Finally, you know what happens when you close 55 out of 63 pools, fire hydrants are opened, and man power has to be sent out to close them; more people swimming in fountains, maybe getting injured and then suing the city, and because we are self insured, we pay. It’s about safety.

To me cleaning the City Streets in the rain is just a tiny tip of the ice berg where it seems that money is wasted. I don’t want to see this guy lose his job, but maybe he could do something more constructive instead of gassing up Gussie and cleaning a rainy street.On another note: the scaffolding is down, City Hall is free and clean after the 8 year cleaning project (This was the last side to be done). Of course now we don’t have any money to celebrate, but you can celebrate by coming by and admiring the best City Hall in the world and all the superlatives that you can find out about when you visit Rm 121 and take the tour or go to the observation tower.