THE 6 Days of HughE Christmas

Tuesday the lighting of the Menorah’s for Hanukkah. I live in the Philadelphian where many of the residents are Jewish, and they had this nice event where the residents brought their Menorah and placed them at the front of the room and had a light the first candle ceremony. Here’s Ronnie Pleet. Her son-in-law is the actor Peter Coyote. On Christmas Eve it’s dinner at sister Tracy & husband Joe, in NJ. Here are my eldest nieces with Santa Walt
Even though Mike is Jewish, he still believes in Santa Claus and buys me nice presents, like a mini laptop so I can upload my photos to my agency while I take the red eye train back from a red carpet event in NYC.
Tracy is such a nice mom, she hangs all her kids art work on the walls (Tracy, Lauren & Judy)Merry Christmas at Margaret & Frank’s near Lancaster, Pa ! Here’s sister Crista and Mom
Rest on Friday. I noticed that the City did not have a tree at Love Park this year. It’s always been one of my favorites.
On Saturday Crista had her son William baptised. I think this is one of my favorite photos I took this year. Those Bateman siblings are so expressive (ie Megan).
Check out the look on Michael Sr as Michael Jr get’s baptised 2 years ago. (My sister’s Janine and Crista in the background. Howard Bateman Jr on right)
My partial family. My sibs Janine and Ray are missing. (Judy is in red and just finished Chemo, she looks awesome. She gave us all hand crochet scarves that she created during his illness.)

Mini me Michael. People think he looks like me when I was his age. I think I look like him now.Congratulations to Colleen and Dave. Just engaged. Dave hired a personal paparazzi to capture the moment. I think that’s a great idea. I think I’d like to do that on the side too.
Oh there’s my brother Ray and his girlfriend Andrea. We all had a nice reception at the Riverton Country Club.
There’s my niece Kelsey wearing her favorite Christmas present from her Uncle HughESaturday PM brought Mike and HughE to Mike & John’s holiday soiree. Here is John Crawford with David. They just celebrated two years together.Andrew, look alike of Andrew’s, James visiting from Germany, originally from NJ and Matt

Kory & Mike LaMonacaAnh & Dan under the Mistletoe
Mr PhillyGayCalendar himself, Steve McCann and Frank
Sunday PM over to the Trocadero to check out Action Park.
The bassist is my co-worker Grayson Papa. Great show. These shots were taken w/o flash. I love my Nikon. Or as I like to think of it at this time as my tax write off.
A nightcap at the Vlahos/Contreras house, thanks for dinner as I popped in unannounced; then it was home to blog and bed. Here’s Oliver wishing me a good work week. Where’s a good place to take an out of towner for dinner tonight, I am torn between Del Frisco’s, Table 31 and somewhere where I have a coupon.
P.S. I have a couple events that I need to get in before the busy Social Season begins in January, so just bear with me this week as I put them in. Hopefully I will be caught up by Monday, I will be blogging everyday til the world returns to work on 1/5/09