The Full Service Company The 400PTM Kick-Off Party at G Lounge Where it Still Matters a Year After it Opened, with DeSean Jackson

WOW here I am at the G Lounge, I hate to get all mushy, but it’s the end of the year and well WOW what a year it’s been for Philly Chit Chat, for me, and here I am back at the G Lounge where things really got rolling for me as an observer of Philadelphia’s Social Scene when I covered it’s opening a year ago.
Tonight, there was a lot of excitement, wrapped around a great idea with a lot of buzz and a needed service for the people who can afford and needs such hands-on personal management like our party hosts The 400PTM provide. The guest of honor was Philadelphia Eagle’s football player DeSean Jackson (in scarf and sunglasses)Their website states that their company is based on Samuel Ward McAllister coined phrase “the Four Hundred.” According to McAllister, this was the number of people in New York who really mattered as in were monied, should be on anyone’s social list and expected the highest quality of service. The 400 provides excellent life management services for people who need top notch attention, full service management from financial planning, legal advice, domestic care, everything you could imagine to assist a person with a busy life and the means by which they will grow accustomed to if they aren’t already there yet (don’t we all desire to achieve that kinda of personal service)
Another thing that matters, sponsors. And no matter how successful a company, to throw a party you know you need sponsors and face time to help it along. Thanks to and Fusion for their help. Marketing and PR executive Michelle Miller with boutique owner Marina Cogan. (More to thank towards the end of entry)

World Famous Janice Lim (in Miami this week, jealous) here with Curtis and Heather Fish

The crew Sabrina Strickland, who finally filled me in on how she knows the other Sabrina, with guest, Brett Perloff (New Years Eve at Monkey Bar

When: 9:00PM Wednesday, December 31st

and my girl Donna Coghlan
John Clark in as many days, super nice guy posing with Greta Baith, Jenifer Sherlock, Julie Kolstad, Ashlee Snyder (did I mention that I have a photo of Ashlee Simpson in this weeks Us Mag pg 24, baby) and a friend in the back next to John.Aly Green of Silencia with new pitcher Derek Brooks and guest. They are all hanging out in the VIP section of the G Lounge. Silencia, is a new Philadelphia based PR firm who orchestrated the event for The 400, made sure that the lucky 250 party guests also had a dream come true experience, full of one-on-one time with Jackson and a celebrity-esque experience complete with top shelf cocktails and champagne, paparazzi photographs and gift bags.

Dr. Shareef Jandali (who just operated on my guy Mike for wrist surgery), Janice Lin, super duper nice Jill Braunstein, and Matt SantoreThe 400 go to money guy Jared Poe, Lindsay Kravitz,Silencia Partners: Danielle Poe and Aly Green (Silencia’s mission is to provide members with remarkable upscale lifestyles that enrich each day, expand business and social networks and benefit noble and charitable causes, and frankly their easy on the eyes too, is that too Sarah Palin sexist of me? ok Jared’s cool too.)These two girls matter a lot to me – Sabrina Tamburino (I want a full report on St. Bart’s ie Letterman, Dontella, Marc Jacob sightings please) and Donna Coghlan. I had the most fun this year covering Sabrina & Steve Thorne’s engagment party. It wasn’t work, it was too much fun. If Phyllis Halpern and all the Cashman Girls were my IT girls for 2007, then Donna Coghlan is my IT girl for 2008. Thanks Donna for everything you’ve done for me. Oh and my It guy, Matthew Vlahos who has really brought me from A to Z. A few more folks that really matter to me Drew Carballo, Terressa Thompson and Jaime Boyd who consistently hire me, which I love. Thanks, it was great working with you this year, how much fun did we have?

No doubt Drew will be over at Pearl on New Year’s Eve saying good-bye to his friend DJ Excel who is on his way to LA in just a few weeks. Check out the fun at PCC fans, I can’t thank the readers enough. I really am so embarrassed with the riches that have come my way this year, by the kind words you say, your emails, I must get a 1/2 dozen emails a day as people don’t like leaving comments. A big thank you to you Kendra Kirk Wolfgang (2nd from left) and Natalia Gamarra with guest. Happy Birthday to Scotty Buck on the left.

Always fun to catch up with GN Kang (Her blog is so candid, fun, honest and a good read. Catch her in the AM on Wired 96.5) and Ania Khalupsky, who is the Luguna Beach Jeans East Coast Wholesalers, a favorite of Britney Spears. You can pick them up at

or at their store Fusion on South Street. (Ya like? I took this photo last night, I was in the neighborhood)So flattered I ran into another fan of PCC at this event, Autumn Ashley here with Evan Kline. Thanks I really do appreciate it. In January I will be having a giveaway to a fashion event that will be happening in February. So readers stay tuned.

Around Philly Girl Jamie Reibenbach and friends
In the meantime the 400PTM and their sponsors were generous to all the attendees and we were treated to very nice gifts in our bags as we departed. Godiva (Yum), Vitamin Water, Style of Man Calendar, Smith Brothers Coupons, Jack & Jill coupon (Check out their new store in Center City) Breathe at the Ritz-Carlton, Mission Grill $20 Coupon, Nail Bar $5, Axel Imports, $100 Coupon Wayne Edwards, $200 off Cruise Events, 20% Vanity Salon, XIX Cocktail, Sun Myst Tan, awesome Bellagio Sunglasses and a haircut at American Male. In fact I’m gonna give this gift bag away to the first person, who didn’t go to this party, who leaves a comment and emails me, and can pick this bag up at either my concierge desk at 2401 Pennsylvania Ave or somewhere near Broad & Chestnut next week. (I’m gonna keep the sunglasses and haircut coupon though, oh and I ate the Godiva w/i minutes of recieving the bag. I needed the strength to carry it) A star is born. Last week I hooked Erin Elmore up with a gig which fits the former Apprentice contestant like a glove and will really create a buzz in Philadelphia. I’ve talked about it to you before, or as I like to call it TMZ for Philadelphia. I am so excited that she and the StreetTalkin folks agree that Erin would be the perfect hostess to cover the hotness that Philly has become. So check out her first on air report here: