True heroines don’t always save lives. Sometimes they’re simply mothers, with an everlasting devotion to their children.
Carol and Sabrina Tamburino a mother daughter relationship that most would be envious; a mom who always goes the extra mile to make sure her Sab has everything she ever wanted….Last Saturday at Table 31 we celebrated Sabrina’s 29th Birthday with a handful of good friends
Arthur Kadyshes and Sabrina Strickland
long time family friend and newly sworn in – Sen. Larry Farnese
and this crazy bunch of friends including ?, Nadia Maransky, Kelly and Julius Jones, Terry McFillin, Sab and Carol, Tara Marone, Chuck Peruto, Jr, Michael Smith, and Lauren Beloff,
P.S. – I believe that these folks who I photographed at a Larry Farnese party in June 2007 can be found in the photos above, can you spot them?
Due shortly – Tara Marone, Sandra DelGiorno, Terry McFillin, Martha Snider (who is going on a fabulous Italian trip with Carol), Carol Tamburino, Sharon Coia and Amelia Fogarino Carol tells me that over the years she’s had lots of parties for her little girl. She always tried to make them as special as she could. She had this license made for one of the celebrations.
Sharon Coia, Michael Smith and Sabrina
Tony Rufo, the lucky groom to be Steve Thorne, and Ron McKay
The lovely DJ G-N Kang and model/actor Arthur Kadyshes (It’s nice to see so many guys and girls who are friends, or does someone want to tell me something. In fact last week I questioned Mac Francis and Megan Strecher, and now they have changed their FB status to DATING)
I know that my mom’s dream for my 5 sisters was that she prepared them for life; Ok and that maybe they would meet their prince, fall in love and live happily ever. No doubt Carol is pleased with Sabrina’s direction of life with the gentleman prince Steve Thorne.
Then it was off to G Lounge, and although everyone told me to go for a surprise I went home. I had been at the G Lounge earlier day for a shoot, which I will be writing about in the near future, so it was a long day, and of course I went against my intuition and well went home, what an idiot I missed this awesome moment, and ok maybe the next one too.I mean really, what an awesome party, thanks for inviting me and
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA (Sabrina makes news and was featured in Sunday’s The Insider section here: )
P.S. Yesterday I photographed Jamie Foxx near Rittenhouse Sqare – Karma paid off in spades as my friends know I like a good candid shot too, but hey if anyone sees him or well anyone of note, shoot me an email buzz @ PhillyChitChat. com (no spaces)