There are only 10 of these statues in existence. These statues were made as centerpieces for the 225th Anniversary for the Masonic Temple Gala in 1999. After the Gala they donated them to the City Hall Tour Office Gift Shop where 8 of them were sold for $15, the my friend, CH Tour Director, Greta Greenberger and I each bought one. Here’s mine next to my ice bucket on my hutch.

Here’s Greta’s. When Comcast came calling to “borrow” a William Penn statue, she lent them her’s. She thought they would give it back in a few day’s, but when she went to the ceremony it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen as she saw it fastened to the last beam that topped off the Comcast Tower, making this WP Statue the tallest in the City.

Comcast Ends the Philadelphia Curse?
Phillies win world series, fan thinks Comcast helped…
08:45AM Thursday Oct 30 2008 by Karl Bode
tags: business · cable · Oddities · Comcast

An anonymous reader writes in this morning: “Prior to 1987 there was a gentleman’s agreement never to build a building taller than the statue of the city’s founding father William Penn. When Liberty Place was built in 1987, some believe this upset the sports gods and the city of Philadelphia was cursed with never winning a championship since. In 2007, the Comcast Tower was built making it the tallest building in Philadelphia. The tower was also topped off with a likeness of William Penn as an attempt to break the cities 2 decade old curse.
I hope, that when the Eagles win the Super Bowl, this time when there’s a parade I think someone should ask Greta Greenberger to ride on one of the flat beds, because without her the William Penn curse might still plague us.

There’s a rally for the Eagles on Friday at 1 p.m. in The Bellevue’s Gourmet Food Court. Eagles Cheerleaders will be there! So will Swoop! There will be an Andy Reid Look A Like Contest and prizes also given to the best fan, male and female!! (I made this photo large enough for you to use for your desktop if you’d like, click on it for the larger size)