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JAMIE FOXX and GERARD BUTLER Law Abiding Citizen filming Philadelphia re: rubbernecking in the City of Brotherly Love

I read in Michael Klein’s column “Law Abiding Citizen will film driving scenes tonight, forcing Center City street closures after dinnertime through 5 a.m. tomorrow. Affected will be Market Street between 16th and 19th Streets; 17th between JFK and Market; and 18th between Market and Chestnut.” So I cleared my schedule:I checked out the site at lunch to see what the set up would be and saw a lot of trucks, in addition to workers taking the banners off the poles.
Around 7:30PM I left work to see the progress of the filming. I figured correctly that they would do the rehearsal first and watched that for an hour or so. This is around 18th & Market
Then out of seemingly nowhere he appeared.
right next to that familiar mop of hair, Sharon Pinkenson.
Surprisingly he eyed a few of his fans and they surged forward. Now I have to say for the amount of emails I have been getting from the serious Gerard Butler fans, and for the amount of info out there, I was surprised at how few fans there were. (No doubt GB recognizes me from my barrage of questions during NY Fashion Week last week.) When Marley & Me filmed the place was crawling with Team Aniston members, so ladies if you are kicking yourself today you should be as Gerard was as accessible as he is ever going to be on this shoot. In fact for the most part the crowd was filled with folks asking what’s going on? What movie are they filming in Philadelphia? Or my favorite “Are they filming a movie?” He posed with this one duo 3xs; once together, then each one individually. Maybe it was the celtic charm the girls gave him.A few weeks back there was a great Nightline segment on celebrity worshiping. The first stage was Poems & Letters to the celeb, second stage gifts, third stage referring them as your future husband, mother/father and writing your first name and their last name
While I was busy with Gerard I didn’t notice but the action moved to 19th & Market
It was then I spotted Danny Bonaduce and Amy Railsback walking along the street. I went over to say hi. They told me they had just gone to Chima and had a nice dinner. Amy’s sister was in town from San Francisco and they were showing her the town. Danny told me that as he was checking out the cars, at 19th & Market, Jamie Foxx hopped out of the car and called him over; they chatted a bit, but then Danny saw Colm Meaney and they hugged it out as they had worked on a couple of projects in LA together. I high tailed it up there to see if I could catch Foxx and some action. Here’s Director F. Gary Gray directing the scene.Here he is directing it from the back of the truck that will be pulling the Jamie Foxx car
You can’t see it but JF is in a car behind this truck and the guy in the red was eating a large hoagie dropping bread all over the place and you know JF is trying to get into character
It was a warm night, we were all happy with the balmy 39F weather (On a side note, back in November Hurricane Schwartz predicted this would be the snowiest winter to remember, and that on 3/6/09 we would get a huge snow storm. So far he’s been wrong on all counts. HS I think you need to go in the dunking tank if we don’t get that snowstorm)
At one point Jamie came out and greeted the crowd and began taking photos of them (Now these photos are a big OOF as I was doing that Hail Mary thing over a few heads. I did get a few good shots and sent them to my photo agency out of NYC. Maybe they will show up somewhere exciting)A bit after this Jamie started taking questions from the audience. Someone asked about his new CD and he started singing. This would have been a good point for me to break out my other camera and record this for TMZ, but it didn’t happen.Then it was back to work for the Foxx. The crowd swelled a bit and everyone asked who was in the car filming. The guys were high fiving each other like they had accomplished something, and others were saying they were going to be there for the duration to one of the cars crashed.
The driver of the car is Irish actor Colm Meaney. Although you might not know the name, you definitely know the face as he has been a character actor for almost 30 years.
After filming a few scenes I got this shot, and of course I am thinking oh man now I’ve done it, I’ve taken too many shots they’re gonna tell me to get out of here. Well what they were looking at were the girls next to me. The PA walked over asked them their names, went back to Jamie Foxx and he signed each one an autograph. SOOO awesome for them, what a nice guy he was as no doubt that will be a treasured keepsake.

I met a lot of nice people on the set. I wish I had taken their photos, but I was in that zone of concentration not wanting to miss “The Money Shot”. I did get a photo of these two nice ladies Art Institute Phila I don’t know what the H stands for Simone Middleton, who is studying film and Marquisha Daniels who’s in fashion design. I bet Marquisha is on the left.
I learned from the extras, some of whom drove their cars all the way from Virgina, that their job was to just have a car and park it along Market Street like you see here on the left and right. They were not to sit in the cars, as the cars were just for background. The cars you see going down the street were the “stunt” cars, even though no stunts were being done. the car with the lights trained on it was Jamie Foxx’s car being filmed.
They have their own principle photographer to take the stills
After awhile, 4 hrs and 500 photos, it was time for me to leave

All in all it was a good night, I was excited that the production let me photograph the events, and i might tell you that 99% of these photos are shot w/o flash, but just with my great Nikon set at ISO 2000. Not too shabby or grainy either.This is an example of a flash shot, which I didn’t flash but the guy next to me did hence the shadows are falling to the left and not right.
By the time I left the crowds faded too. We had seen them film this scene about 7 times and it was getting old. By this late hour even Jamie Foxx stayed in the car between shoots, chatting on his phone to whoever. Colm got and took a cigarette break every time and talked to the crew.
I heard from someone on Twitter that Gerard did indeed come back to the set. Probably not to film as I heard most of his scenes are from a jail cell. I also heard that this film is to be released in March 2010.
His Chair

Video of Gerard Butler on the scene:

Video of the Shoot:


The Sporting Club’s Winter Warm-Up and Happy Hour at XIX the restaurant at SUNSET

Last week “The Sporting Club at The Bellevue” enjoyed one of their first quarterly Happy Hours for it’s member’s at XIX the restaurant. I love this place, great room, and the views are spectacular. I love that it’s on the 19th floor (just checking to see if you’re reading it – see comments) and it doesn’t have to paint the skyline on the wall because you can actually look out the generous size windows and see it yourself. AND it was sunset, it was romantic and everything, so I suggest you go grab a bite there yourself.
The friendly Sporting Club staff was there to check you in. L-R: Kaitlyn McHugh, Ariel Greenberg, Peter McDowell, Valerie Puigdollers, Ann Marie Gearhart
After seeing your fellow fitness members in their sweats and shorts all the time, it was probably a nice change to see them with clothes. Although some folks probably look good in either…
Kevin O’Neil, Jon Arlotta and Joe Tailo
Robin and Edward Hamilton. The most romantic story there. They were friends for about 10 years and one night a little kiss changed the whole scenario. They’ve been married for about 11 years. She’s been a long time member, but just recently got Edward to join the Sporting Club, although they don’t work out together. They’ll always have something to say, as he married himself a little Protestant.
Patrick Heslop, Ariel Greenberg and Josh Davis
The food and views to die for

Patricia Favaro, Junwei Sun, Zack Rivera and Fabiola Traina,
Felisha Harris and uncle Carlton Johnson
Jason Cabrera, Laurie R. Gold and Queen Village treasurer Andrew Speizman
Long time members Howard and Barbara Hindman

Helen Ferris and Lisa Yaffe Joyful attorney Temple Grad 2009 Aly Brookland and fellow attorney Hayley Broder enjoyed the night out.
So why not join the Sporting Club in it’s 20th year in Philadelphia – W0W. I hear Ed still goes there, and just the other night Jamie Foxx played a round of hoops. You never know who you’re gonna see (that’s my problem, it’s all too social for me; but then now that I see they have these quarterly happy hours I might cut back on the social and actually work out) Have a great weekend. Remember to check the Philly Chit Chat calendar, lots going on this weekend, plus I will be added more events as I may even have some free time.



(Kloe Lane)

Last Saturday Philadelphia went to the dogs when there were two animal charities holding their events on the same night because of scheduling snafu’s. On one side of Market Street at the Loews Hotel was THE 3RD ANNUAL GOOD DOG GALA and across the street at the Marriott Downtown was the 11th Annual Fur Ball to benefit the Morris Animal Refuge. Recently I announced that PhillyChitChat will be taking on the project of creating a “Conflict Calendar” and well this would have been one of those times it would have come in handy (I actually discovered the two events on the same day a few weeks back and notified someone, but it was too late; it was ashame too as you know they pull from the same crowd). I did get to the bottom of the scheduling problem too; every year the Good Dog event is held on the eve of the Oscar’s and the Fur Ball just picks what they think might be the best date with the venue that they desire. (SO PR PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ANNUAL EVENTS SO THAT I MAY CREATE THIS CALENDAR. I am also accepting info on minor events, but with attendees of 50+ for the conflict calendar, even if it’s a private event just so it’s noted)They didn’t realize that as scheduling would go it was the same day as the Good Dog event, but as karma would have it both events were right across the street from each other, and although the crowds didn’t mix as some folks had their dogs with them, both organization honored the same women for their dog gone goodness. The Honorary Chairperson was Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham. Assistant District Attorney Barbara Paul, who is Philadelphia’s Special Prosecutor for Animal Abuse Cases, was our honored guest. (This shot was taken at The Fur Ball)Girls Night Out!!

They say that some owner look like their dogs, although I don’t think that’s true but I bet they both are relaxed
Mike and I were surprised at how good the dogs were, and didn’t see any accidents

Serena Cohen & MooseHmm there’s something that feels wrong about wearing leopard print to a doggie event
I’m thirsty just looking at him
Two adorableArdis Lukens with Ivan who she calls a Lancaster Scrheech which is a better name than a mutt she said
The Good Dog event seemed like a good place to meet new friends
it was crowded
I ran into a fan of Philly Chit Chat: Craig and Karen Tropha and friend Megan VetriErin Elmore interviews guests as she holds her pooch BoboPuttin on the Ritz

and they lived happily ever after and I went over to the Fur Ball across the Streetwhere there were no animals in sight, but some folks were willing to pull out their phones and show me their pets.
Shelly Coppola, Bill Serecsuts, Archana Patel and Ronald Piramide

Shannon Walsh and Elvin Knight; Shannon has a dog Misfit, who is cute and adorable, although the pound said she was going to be bigger dog. Elvin well after some hesitation said he has commitment issues and isn’t into having a dog. Things that make you go hmm?
Mike, Natalie Hope McDonald, Meg Rider, Blair Weikert and Rob Saxon. Rob was out celebrating his birthday at the Fur Ball while also helping a great cause.Although actually animals were missing there were a few of these
Jamie Reibenbach and friends. Jamie is now working with Mission Grill – Open Bar from 10pm-1AM for $30. There will be complimentary chips&salsa&guacemole(it’s incredible, by the way) and a few other surprises that you’ll have to see for yourselves! There will also be a FABULOUS DJ. Oh, by the way….For those of you who are not aware, I am now the Sales Director for Mission Grill. SO, all questions pertaining “where to go”, “what to do”, “where to eat” COME SEE ME! I’ll take care of you…. Lauren Reilly, Pete Eisenmann, Glenn Zieve, Richard Hertz and Jamie Reibenbach. (It was a total accident that I watermarked it there, sorry)Dara Patrusky, Audrey Rigsbee and Will DeTurck enjoy the festivities. The following night Dara and Will threw an Oscar Party at Mad River Bar and Grill Manayunk ~ benefitting Morris Animal Refuge!
I had a nice chat with Alycia Lane about her pets (She even let me use two of her pet photos for this entry – Thanks Alycia!!). She whipped out her phone and must have scrolled through 20 pixs of her beloved Chloe, George and Kenya the 95lb beast.

Alycia, Chris Booker, John Bolaris, Lauren Nelson. John MC’d the event and stayed for the entire time before running across the street with the gang to check out the cute pooches.
Here she is with 5lb Kloe and 95lb Kenya



Last night I checked out this well publicized shopping event called “Shecky’s Girls Night Out” at the Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia and it was a blast. I enjoyed the evening with my friends Diane Johnson, Stephanie Ott and my cousin Jess who would just like to be known as Jess known and no longer cousin Jess.
IT WAS A SOLD OUT NIGHT. Here are a few helpful hints. The hours of the show are 5PM – 10PM. Get together with your girlfriends for dinner at 5PM and show up at 7PM. First of all there is NO food to speak of, and well more importantly there IS A LONG wait in lines to get into the place as everyone seems to arrive at the same time, which is right after work.
but the place is well organized. REQUEST: But I do wish they would serve drinks or nibbles while some people were waiting in the line for up to an hour. Plus there are two lines, one line downstairs to get into the building and then this 2nd line but once I got inside there was ample room for comfortable shopping with many bargains to be had, and dressing rooms for your convenience.Kim and Paula arrived right at 5PM, they said there was about a 30 minute line but they killed it when the got in, shopping. Kim picked up a beautiful ring for herself.
The only food to be had was at ; They were delicious and they plan to open a place downtown sometime soon. They were nice to take my suggestions on where a good location would be. Get to this stand early, because as the night wore on and I really got hungry I returned to them and the desserts were gone. They did have a $15 box of mini cupcakes, but I didn’t feel like carrying it around.

Did I mention besides awesome clothes, the girls enjoyed the jewelry and I believe each of them bought something from this booth. With the ample supply of alcohol available for the girls, no food, lots of alcohol, and loose change, it was the perfect storm for throwing caution to the wind shopping the only thing missing were a few good men to join into the mixAnd then I found Dave Huddleston, Doug Kammerer and Christian Rammeriz. The line to meet them was long because after a few cocktails and when the shopping was finished, men were next on the menu
Barb Hansen, Marian and Terry Buckley were all over this and if they could have brought Christian home they would haveJamyra Perry, Melony Roy and Kyle Ruffin

Lynne Dubler and Carolyn Deckert

Ought oh beer garden. Actually this was the AnheuserBusch beer pairing table. Every half hour the A&B folks have this beer event. Its on the far right of the room and you have to sign up before hand. Both Diane and Stephanie like the “Bloddy Mary” flavored beer and Jess liked the Pomegranate Raspberry. I saw lots of familiar faces like SHERRI EDELMAN and Susan Helfrich
How exciting for me I ran into a reader of PCC. I am always excited when that happens, and grateful that I have readers. Shout out to Melissa Castro-Marmero styling it in the gold shirt, with her is her mother-in-law Carol Marmero and sister-in-law Michelle Polillo.
Monica Whitby, Carolyn Kinka, Colleen Sciole and Kim Molinari out for a good time, and ironically Carolyn is sister-in-law to Diane’s sister. Small world.

Familiar faces Jared Poe and Donna Coghlan (missing Donna’s photographer friend who like me never likes her photo taken)Co-workers Tina L, Valerie Krieeofe and Tammy Tower (Who every girls night out makes pins for the girls to make them feel that much more special)

I loved this purses by The purses lite up with neon lights when you open them. I don’t know if you can see the purple and the green lights. How cool is that in a night club?Jewelery did I mention the girls wanted to check out a lot of jewelery

So get your girlfriends and get on over to Shecky’s Night Out at the Crystal Tea Room Wednesday Night, because Thursday night is SOLD OUT. But don’t fret as Cashman & Assocs. is having their “Girls Day Out” at the LOEWS HOTEL on Saturday 2/28/09 11AM – 3PM (Also if you are getting married Nicole Miller Philadelphia is part of an event called “The Bellevue Gets Engaged” on Saturday February 28th from 11-4PM. It is going to be an unprecedented star studded bridal event with the most elite Philadelphia brides in attendance. Check my PhillyChitChat calendar [located in the upper right of the page] for details of all of these events)On a closing note, Shecky’s does have complimentary coat check sponsored by Verizon. It’s kinda interesting as they want you to register your phone and they will text you your coat check #, but then they gave me a card with my coat check number so I thought what was the use, I hope they aren’t going to call me or anything. Well when I went to pick up my coat both systems failed and they finally invited me into the coat check room to look for my own coat which I was able to find after a bit of time as the room cleared out. In conclusion, Shecky’s is well worth the night out with the girls, but expect a few delays as it’s an outstanding success and a lot of girls come out for the event. As for the Shecky’s Goody Bag I will be giving it to my friend Julia Greenberger as I never made it to her event at the Ben Franklin Hotel for the Epilepsy Foundations Gala as there was a line to get the most excellent goody bag, and then an equally great line when I tried to make my great escape to obtain my coat. So go have fun, buy lots of fun stuff, drink and be merry, but expect lines. (This is inside the coat check room as they try and locate my coat)


The Philadelphia Public Relations Association tapped me as one of Philly’s Influential Bloggers and I attended a nice Luncheon and did a Q&A with them

How awesome I was able to convey in person the mission of Philly Chit Chat and my desire to be a “Cheerleader” of all things Philly. And to hopefully get the message out that I am creating a “Conflict Calendar” for major events that occur in Philadelphia. Thanks to everyone who came out, and for reaching out to me.

The Panel included Dan Gross “PhillyGossip.Com, DMac of PhillyWillDo, Eric Smith of and Alan Tu from the It’s Our City blog. It was fascinating to hear their views and ideas regarding blogs.There was a much bigger crowd than I expected.
I hope I conveyed my message of being Philly’s Social Diary covering all types of events, not just charities, although they are special to me. The event doesn’t have to have a celebrity either, but if it does or if a celeb patronizes one of their establishments there are things I can do that a local Philly medium can’t do and that’s get it national attention.

Here is some of my past work that has been picked up by national site:

Also panelist Eric Smith rocks with a write up of his own Also check out his other site



PA few weeks back I was invited to cover a most unique program where the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown execs — led by Hotel Manager Shonda Johnson — give up lunch hours weekly to work on the reading skills of third graders from North Philadelphia’s Tanner Duckery Elementary.
The bright-eyed group of 22 eager students look forward to their Tuesday trek to Pennsylvania’s largest hotel — many of whom have improved several grade levels in reading since working one-on-one with a Marriott exec at the beginning of this academic year. Teacher Conor Cory says his students’ comprehension, vocabulary and writing have all improved.
High FIVE good!!

Shonda Johnson says the program builds her team, gives back to the community and is in keeping with the Marriott’s core Philosophy of reaching our and making a difference.

This program happens weekly at the Marriott, and the kids are paired with the same mentor week after week to build a trusting relationship
Reading Stars is an ongoing program throughout the academic year. Each session lasts a little over 60 minutes

Shonda Johnson and a team member discuss an upcoming lesson.
I really could have stayed the entire afternoon to catch this unique interaction, but my being in the room was a distraction.
So after a few moments I left this scene, which was the last picture i took. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if others took a page out of the Marriott notebook and mentored a school of their own.


GERARD BUTLER in NYC 6 Degrees of separation, oh wait I talked to him would that be 0 Degrees?

I just finished photographing Gerard Butler & crew at their evening shoot. I will be posting the photos for Friday, shortly.

So I have been promising my Gerard Butler friend in the UK, Sharon, the info on the conversation with Gerard Butler that I had in NYC over Fashion Week, but couldn’t tell her as I didn’t know which part of the conversation might be written about in the paper where I submit such interesting things. So here goes (these are photos I didn’t send to my agency)
There’s no doubt that Gerard has a legion of fans, as they were the ones to recognize him first as he walked up to the Tent’s last Monday night to catch the William Rast (Justin Timberlake) Fashion Show. I first noticed him as the women he was walking with had a huge azz fur hat on. I was going to snap her just for that hat, then these fans started screaming and I recognized him and ran over the poor guy didn’t have a chance as I started to bombard him with Philadelphia questions
First the 6 Degree thing. I see Gerard Butler is on twitter, and commented that he didn’t like a photo that I took that is on Gerard

I read on :
Gerard Butler was so pleased to see his face tattooed on a fan’s chest he took a photo.
The besotted admirer approached the actor at a New York Fashion Week after-party at Tenjune nightclub and professed his love for the Scottish actor.
He then lifted his shirt to reveal a torso completely covered with tattoos of scenes and characters from the film ‘300′, in which Butler starred.
The 39-year-old star – who played King Leonidas in the surreal epic about the Greek-Persian wars – was so amused he took a photo of the body art with his camera phone.
He was later seen showing the images to a group of models.
Gerard recently revealed he is constantly stopped by over-enthusiastic fans.
He said: “You get people in the street where they literally, at times, go crazy, ‘You don’t understand this was the best film I ever saw!’ And it’s the strength of that reaction that is most overwhelming.”Gerard told me that he loves Philly, the food, the people, the accomodations (yeah I know where you are, I don’t know why everyone else is so baffled even the press). I guess production stopped for a week because you were in NYC for the Fashion, and then at the Oscars.
There’s no way you were back in time for filming on Monday, will you be back in time today?
for the ….Explosions from Holmesburg Prison in Northeast Philly tomorrow and Tuesday? The crew from Law Abiding Citizen will blow up a couple of cars on the set of the psychological thriller, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Regina Hall (Scary Movie) will visit toward the end of production next month to play Foxx’s wife. (Remember I photographed Regina Hall that day with Jaime Foxx leaving the restaurant Parc a few weeks back)

The photographers are trying to take a photo of the threesome, but the gracious Gerard is giving his attention to this fan. Trust me we had enough shots of him and it was time for him to make his escape.Which he did:The shot that made the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday

Later TMZ caught him going into the Gramercy Hotel for the Afterparty for William Rast and there she was the women with the big hat.
The 6 Degrees of separation, but really 1 Degree is Gerard Butler commenting on this photo I took of him that is on this site: @gerardbutlernet Not a very flattering picture. Couldn’t you girls find a better one? from web in reply to gerardbutlernet


OSCAR PARTY PHOTOS PHILADELPHIA Traverse Theater and Philadelphia Style Magazine

Last year I don’t recall one Oscar viewing party in Philadelphia, this year our cup runneth over and I was invited to at least four, I had planned to go to three of them but as time was limited I made it to two and am glad to share them with you today. I set out on this journey with cousin Jess, Andrew and my MikeThe first event we went to supported a new theater in Philadelphia, specifically a GLBT theater called the Traverse Arts Project (TAP) TThe festival goal is to promote the careers and visibility of independent, emerging and moderately established artists that identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender, or Queer. Almost 6 months ago I met a beautiful women named Desiree who told me about the Traverse Theater and how they were planning to have an Oscar party and if I could come out and cover it. I was excited as I recalled the years gone by party at the Franklin Institute and how I never went to them, and often watched the show alone at home or at my sister’s Tracy.

Then Desiree offered me an “Inkind” sponsorship with I wrote about the event beforehand, well that was a done deal I really believed in this event and planned to cover it so it was extra icing on the cake to get a sponsorship title which entailed me being listed in the booklet, mentioned on the website and Desiree even thanked me in public with the rest of the sponsors. That was kinda exciting to me, and of course will help drive peeps to my sight to check out the events around town, and my coverage. The event was held at the Ethical Center on Rittenhouse Square. An impressive diverse crowd came out which was awesome. In this economy it’s brave that a theater organization is willing to take a chance to do something creative, as well as creating a specific kinda of entertainment.
Checking out the scene was Doug Levering (who’s looking forward to Philly Beer Week) and Del Val Legacy Fund Treasurer, Josh Womer sporting a stylish hat. Looks good and not everyone can pull off that look. Me personally round head, made to look rounder with a hat like this.
A Trio of Style worthy of any red carpet. Christine Fisher, butterflies in hairband, Colleen Corcoran and smokin’ jacket Randall Woodruff
Shawn O’Shea, Tricia Bitetto, Sonja Washington, Roni and Jim Downey and Kimya Jackson
Jackie Siscone and model/actress Samantha Laurito
Mark Cunningham, Ken Tatters(?) sorry can’t read your writing, Leigh Simpson Stephanie M (‘Cause she doesn’t like to give her last name and I respect that)
Terese Balzereit, Director of International Marketing PA Tourism Office, Mark Beyerle and Steve Crain

Development director of PhilaCinefest (The Philadelphia CineFest, which is being organized and presented by TLA Entertainment Group, will run from March 26th to April 8th.), TD Hines and James Duggan publisher of QueerTimesSteve McCann of does the Red Carpet Duties
Just as I was about to run out to the next event the Gift Bags made their way downstairs. Thanks as always to all the sponsors including Ettore, Rain Organics, PhillyChitChat, PhillyGayCalendar, BuckMonkey, DJ K-Tell and Organic Rain Vodka. If you love reading PhillyChitChat and you have a few bucks to spare, I would love it if at some point you could donate a few dollars to this new project. The creators are a nice bunch, and I have never seen such an amazing effort to throw a fundraiser to kick off a dream these folks really believe in and I do too. Thanks
Then it was over to the Sofitel for the Moet Sponsored Philadelphia Style Magazine Oscar Party.
John Colabelli, Sabrina Tamburino (who just returned from a romantic trip to the Bahama’s), Nicole Cashman (Who was just honored by the NIA-PAC), Lauren D’Orsio (Who spent the weekend in AC with JC), Justin Wineburg (who just returned from the Grammys) and Renee Freeman who just became my FB buddy Saturday.
Erin Elmore did double duty with earlier in the night, then spent the rest of the evening kicking back with hunky Dr Shareff Jandali who took a few photos to add to his facebook collection
Rich Wolf, Nicolas Pesty – GM of Sofitel and Susan Helfrich (who just returned from a Celebrity Cruise. I hear Susan is starting a cruising blog, which should be interesting)
The Oscar’s were on, but to tell you the truth I barely caught them as I was gabbing up a storm, so many people complimenting PCC and Fashion Week. I still have a few things to say about that week, but need to catch up on PCC events as I am definitely a week behind and this week looks busy too. Tomorrow night the Walnut Street Theater is having a preview night, I’m going to sit in those floor seats and see if they are tight as a reader told me last week, and then there’s Shecky’s on Tuesday night. That is my 2nd InKind sponsorship, but I have met the Shecky’s Girls Night out girls and they are sweet. So remember it’s at the Crystal Tea Room Wanamaker Bldg at 5PM

Kasey Jackson, Arzu Helsman and Lauren Greewald
Sex In The City – The Man’s version. It’s interesting to know Arthur Kadyshe for these past few months, and then to read his blog which he just started last week. He is not afraid to bare his soul, he recognizes that he’s a player, maybe a bit of a cad, feels women are either friends, dates, or possibilities, most importantly he takes us through the process of how a guy thinks in various dating situations. He’s part of the boy’s club, all his dreams are possibilities, and although he may have had a less than ideal childhood, he has been successful where others might have given up. Now after shedding a few skins, he is on a new journey and he takes us a long for the ride, he has a few ideas about where he wants to go, but he doesn’t know his destination, who does? I’m curious about where he’s going and excited that he’s willing to take us along, I find it fascinating reading, I think you will to and look forward to his adventures and his self actualization. Arthur Kade ‘s new blog ArthurKade
hhmmmy yum. Ok Lent begins Wednesday, and although i am a recovering Catholic I sure am grateful to God for my success, and the wonderful life I lead. So I will be giving this up for 40 days begining Wednesday.
Sabrina Strickland, Anthony J. DeMarco, Stephanie Rybczyk, and Jared Poe (who is ascending)
Happy Birthday Jill Rizen last week. She and her girlfriends, and guy friends Michael Spain-Smith and Andrew Hinnig spent a wild and delicious night at Union Trust. A fun time was had by all, a few of the friends enjoyed this night too.
Dwayne Wimmer owner of says to eat a balanced breakfast to get your metabolism started for the day and to give you the energy to get through your morning; with Corinne Henesey.Jen Utley, Sabrina and Sabrina and my cousin, who at sometime i will stop referring to her as that, Jess Matthews
I have no idea but it was an interesting shot.
Maria Rassoulis and Ron Woodmax
Hacina Saadi (The rest of the photos I took of this night will be on Facebook by the end of the week, but I love this shot)
To see additional photos from the Moet Party go to Facebook and friend me at
Philly ChitChat (remember to leave a space between Philly ChitChat)

The Oscar View Party I didn’t make it to was the one at Valanni’s with Philly Inquirer writer Elizabeth Wellington and Stylist Jimmy Contreras. Elizabeth just got back from Fashion Week and will be writing about it this week as well as on her blog Mirror Mirror. Jimmy C just came off of assisting VahlosPR’s successful launch of Union Trust restaurant, and has a serious proposition coming up, but I am swore to secrecy until May.



1809 Theatre opens as The New Circus (equestrian acts). A few years later, an 80-foot dome was added, making it the highest structure in the city at the time. The dome remained until the remodeling of 1828. Earlier this month the Walnut Street Theater held it’s 200th Anniversary Gala to celebrate this milestone and in doing so many of her alumni came home to perform snippets from the shows they had appeared.

Founded in 1809, the Walnut is America’s oldest theatre and the oldest continually operating theatre in the English-speaking world. The self-producing non-profit company boasts a 57,000 member subscriber base, the largest in the country. A cocktail party kicked off the festivities and took place in the lobby of the theater.• Since 1985, Studio 5, a 52-seat black box theatre located on the Walnut’s fifth floor, has been rented out to local theatre companies. The Arden Theatre Company, founded in 1988, played its first two seasons at the Walnut.
• Ticket sales account for only 85% of the cost of producing shows on the Walnut’s mainstage. The remaining 15% is generated through donations, and corporate sponsorships.
• Currently, the Walnut is the largest subscribed regional theatre company in the world, with over 57,000 subscribers annually.
Bernard Harvard and Sheldon Lubliner – For the past 26 years, Bernard Havard has been the top gun at the Walnut Street Theatre. As producing artistic director, he expanded the theater’s subscription base to the largest in the country. While other Philadelphia troupes have staffs ranging in size from 15 to 30, Havard employs close to a hundred. While others sell 6,000 or 7,000 subscriptions, the Walnut sells 56,000, including its studio and children’s productions. Annual attendance exceeds 300,000. Born in England, Havard emigrated to Canada and was educated at the University of Alberta and the Banff Centre for the Arts. He got an Equity card acting on TV in Calgary. He was managing director of the Alliance Theatre Co. in Atlanta from 1977 to 1982, when he came to the Walnut. Havard made the Walnut a nonprofit producing company, rather than just a booking theater, and in 1985 he created its theater school. (City Paper 1/17/02)
Jason Lewis, Scott Ambrass and Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ)The star-studded party began at the theatre, with performances “highlighting some of the great moments in recent Walnut history, while paying tribute to 200 continuous years of theatre at the corner of 9th and Walnut.” The post-show reception was held in the Ballroom at the Benjamin Franklin House.

The Orphan Ensemble from the Walnut’s productions of Annie (2003) and Annie Warbucks (2004) performed “It’s A Hard Knock Life”
Michael Reitter, Mike Toub and Allen Hampton enjoy the festivities. Michael and Allen are long time subscribers of the Walnut Street Theater, which is very admirable. Why travel to NYC when you can see a Broadway quality show here in Philadelphia at one of the dozens of theaters that Philadelphia has.
This sweet child put together the dessert room, which was delicious. Marilyn G. Marshall has worked at the Ben Ballroom for 28 years.
Mary Jan Hovian, Choreographer of Hairspray and Connie Schaefer

Hugh Panaro, Walnut Street Theater’s Andrew Terranova and guestJason Lewis and Andrew Kindig
Paul Schoeffler who provides voices for many of the cartoon characters on the Cartoon Network Channel
Scott Greer, Jesse Bernstein, Steven Klien, Frank Ferrante, Matt Pfeiffer, Aaron Cromie, T.J. Sokso and Jeffrey CoonTODAY With more than 20 productions, over 600 performances and over 350,000 attendees each season, Walnut Street Theatre is the most active theatre company in the region. Our education and outreach programs reach over 110,000 students and their families each year. As a producing company, we hire hundreds of the nation’s best artists from Philadelphia and around the world. We continue the tradition of creating some of the best professional productions in the United States. In 2009, Walnut Street Theatre celebrates its 200th anniversary.
And it there were an award for the best theater seats, Walnut Street Theater would come in first. I’m a big guy and there was still ample space for me to rest my hands on my side. 2nd Place goes to the Kimmel Center, 3rd to the Suzanne Roberts Theater. Last place The Academy of Music, I’d rather stand. (Sunday’s Inquirer 2/8/09)

Our friends over at Streettalkin did a piece on the Walnut Street Theatre 200th Anniversary



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