Times Square at 2:43AM early Wednesday morning. City Still Awake.

Here I am in NYC for Fall 2009 Fashion Week. Got a lazy start as I arrived about 4PM to pick up my credentials, then attempted to make it to the Letterman Show to shoot the departing Jonas Brothers. No such luck as I just missed them, it’s ok as today I am credentialed to shoot them at a taping of the CBS Morning Show at Noon, right after I leave the tents and the Red Heart Fashion Show. Don’t get me started, so irritating, I put in for that in Mid-January, (amfAR New York Gala to Kick Off Fall 2009 Fashion Week at Cipriani on 42nd Street- Outside Model Doutzen Kroes )

wrote them today to ask what was up with everything, and they tell me they didn’t get my email in Jan, even though I attached it, and the list is closed as I didn’t get my Secret Service clearance, but I had one for Laura Bush, and I didn’t vote for her husband. Ugg so I will shoot the folks going in, of course that is at 8AM and if I really can make that, even though its 4AM now, that means I have no excuse when I can’t make the gym before work. (Vogue Editor – The Devil Wears Prada lady herself – Anna Wintour. Shocking she smiled for me.)
Sex and the City’s Mario Cantone who told me he doesn’t have a contract for the new SATC movie. No wonder he looks so sour here.

Donna Karan. Last time I saw Ms. Karan back in October, she had just gotten a new face for her 60th birthday, now she’s gone and got a new body. I told her she looked fabulous, which she does, the best money can buy.Rachel Zoe girl, you are a stylist give it up for the paparazzi especially since your career is tanking. I had no idea she was married, she keeps this one in the closet, and trust me someone said they think he is in the closet. Never the less he gave me a great smile, considering Rachel turned her head. Guess she doesn’t want to end up on Perez drooling (Sorry Ms Zoe I have no control where my photos are picked up!)

Natasha Richardson, always sweet, unfortunately for us both the crazy fan who calls her her “British Mom” was there, so no one got good departure shots. I did get a few photos of the crazy fan trying to get a hug as Natasha ran to her car. I often want to ask Natasha what in the world does she think of this girl and her devotion. Natasha often keeps the girl happy by acknowledging her by saying hi Karen, so she is aware.

It’s Liza with an A, not Lisa with a S cause Lisa with an s goes sssss not zzz and then a double nn or my friend David, who turned me on to Liza a million years ago, will leave me a nasty comment. I actually got a lot of excellent shots of Liza, as I LOVE her, it’s in my gay genes. I feel guilty I didn’t come up to see her show, I did see it in AC over the summer thought. Love my Liza Minnelli

I heard this new logo fizzled. I like it ok.
Ben Gazarra is the first celebrity I remember seeing in my life. I was working at Bookbinders 15th Street and he was eating dinner there. I was so besides myself I almost dropped a tray of dishes on him. Oh how times have changed, I think only the sight of Madonna could do that to me now.
Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen takes control of her dress before she steps off the red carpet
I heart you readers! Happy Valentine’s Day and a big Happy Birthday to Donna Coghlan tomorrow