Celebs I Photographed at Fashion Week which ended up on web

Back from Fashion Week. It was definitely one of the most successful periods I have had both personally and professionally. I hadn’t been there in about 4 months, and it was great to see a lot of my friends in the business as that just doesn’t exist in Philly. As soon as I arrived on Thursday I began my intense shooting of celebs (amfAR with liza Minnelli) until Tuesday at 8PM when I took my last shot of Leonaro DiCaprio attending the Georgio Armani Store Opening on 5th Avenue.Often times people ask me why I photograph the same folks in Philly, but it’s really no different than the same people that appear week after week in the glossies, or daily on celebrity blogs; One day I asked my friends why they needed to photograph Lindsay Lohan again, it was because she changed her outfit from a fashion show she attended to her shopping outfit, then later her party outfit. Although LiLo isn’t doing so hot professionally, her photo still moves.This is one of the shots as even the most seasoned photographers overlooked as a non-event. I was just in the right place at the right time and stubled upon it, the Mathew Williamson Store Opening Parties. We were all really surprised that Lindsay Lohan was there as she was scheduled to be in Miami with her girlfriend Sam Ronson that night, but it seems they had a fight the night before and Sam flew back to LA and Lindsay went out partying, ending the night at Chace Crawford’s house, as my friend Vincent caught for TMZ and is now making big time news.

Amanda Bynes is into short skirts. I love that she is not wearing black.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel after the showing of his collection. The biggest mob scene which I will talk about next week, I have videos, they are off the hook.

John Mayer at the Armani Store Opening Party. Store Openings are always a good time with a lot of ecelectic people invited. You can always expect the “Face of that Product” to show up, and many of the other people who get free clothes from the fashion house. Armani is an elite brand and the party was reserved for elite guests, Paris, Aubrey nor Nicole Ritchie could be found here.

A mob scene developed when she showed up; I only got a few shots like this, and one of her looking directly at her.
My best shot of the week, definitely of the year, and perhaps of my career was this one as I was one of three photographers to snap this photo of Victoria Beckham arriving from London last Friday. I later learned that a lot of the photographers were waiting for Kim Kardashian’s plane to arrive, in another terminal, they were besides themselves when this shot went up on the photo pages.
We were driving around after the Charlotte Ronson show and came upon Lindsay Lohan shopping at Blue & Cream. There were already 2 photographers waiting for her to come out of the store. Her driver told us to be patient and polite and we would be able to get our shots. I was happy with the shots I got.

Usually the night before Fashion Week begins, there are a flurry of parties. This year “because of the economy” all the bigwigs seemed to pull back and the only choice was amfAR annual event. A lot of my friends never cover events like this as it’s a “Broadway”, B-list event. I enjoy these people.
Gerard Butler, who wasn’t recognized by anyone until I started asking him questions about his stay in Philadelphia. Then the girls began to swoon.

Aubrey O’Day who was signing the latest copies of Playboy on which she appears.
Paris and Nicky Hilton. Paris and Nicky going into the Tracy Reese show where they were forced to sit next to Kim Kardashian, Paris’ arch enemy.

Gossip Girls Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo arriving for the Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 – Diane von Furstenberg Show. The two girls were also filming a scene from the gossip girl so look for me playing a “paparazzi” in an upcoming episode.

I’m exhausted, but ready to return to photographing my Philadelphia Celebrities. On that note, a lot of the folks in NYC had heard of my success and congratulated me, which was great. Word gets around I guess. I’m very fortunate to have forged so many great friendships with these photographers, because as you can imagine they are competitive group, not fond of outsiders (meaning not from NYC) and I truly wouldn’t be as successful if they didn’t help me out with tips and their friendship – Thanks and I’ll see you in April for the Tribeca Film Festival.