The Philadelphia Public Relations Association tapped me as one of Philly’s Influential Bloggers and I attended a nice Luncheon and did a Q&A with them

How awesome I was able to convey in person the mission of Philly Chit Chat and my desire to be a “Cheerleader” of all things Philly. And to hopefully get the message out that I am creating a “Conflict Calendar” for major events that occur in Philadelphia. Thanks to everyone who came out, and for reaching out to me.

The Panel included Dan Gross “PhillyGossip.Com, DMac of PhillyWillDo, Eric Smith of and Alan Tu from the It’s Our City blog. It was fascinating to hear their views and ideas regarding blogs.There was a much bigger crowd than I expected.
I hope I conveyed my message of being Philly’s Social Diary covering all types of events, not just charities, although they are special to me. The event doesn’t have to have a celebrity either, but if it does or if a celeb patronizes one of their establishments there are things I can do that a local Philly medium can’t do and that’s get it national attention.

Here is some of my past work that has been picked up by national site:

Also panelist Eric Smith rocks with a write up of his own Also check out his other site