Almost two years ago I was invited by Mark Webber to photograph a scene from his upcoming movie Explicit Ills which was filmed in and around Philadelphia in the summer of 2007.
On IMDB an actor stated: I was a Day Player in the film…the crew and cast were wonderful….I felt I was part of a groundbreaking film in Philadelphia. Mark Webber is a Genius..he is a great person to work with…I met Rosario Dawson during the last scene..(the March)…she is a beautiful person..all in all..I am very proud to be part of this project..
Philly favorite actor Mark Webber’s much talked about film, Explicit Ills, opens in NYC this Friday, March 6, and opens here March 13 at the Ritz at the Bourse. Mark Webber will be at the screening in NYC and in Philly. Mark wrote the screen play and directed this poignant film on poverty in Philadelphia and he will attend the Philly screening. Mark won best screenplay for Explicit Ills at last year’s South by Southwest film festival and has been compared to a young Robert Altman in his directorial debut. Mark and Mary Patel teamed up almost two years ago for a film project that will be starting this summer,, when they met at Mary’s loft in Old City in 2007 when Mark received the Rising Star Award at the Philadelphia International Film Festival and Mary hosted his party. Below is a photo of the two friends together at Sundance this past January. (photo from Mary Patel’s collection)
Contracts are signed, and actors are cast for the project which will be directed by Webber and star Kevin Spacey and Ethan Hawke.