Nicole Miller and The Bellevue Gets Engaged – Bridal Show & Photos

The most sophisticated and elegant bridal event of the year will be held at the Park Hyatt Philadelphia, on the 19th Floor, Saturday, February 28, 2009 from 12 to 4 p.m. Internationally recognized designer, Nicole Miller, will be available to meet with brides as she will make a very special personal appearance at the event. In conjunction with Philadelphia Wedding, the city’s top bridal publication, The Bellevue Gets Engaged will provide brides-to-be with the opportunity to discuss their special day with top wedding professionals, while discovering the latest in bridal fashions, trends and décor.

Quickly ran into a friendly face Denita Newborn, CMP and her cohort Will Steigerwald, who were on hand to assist in any questions a bride may have about a Williams-Sonoma registry.The Landmark Building and its Luxury Merchants Bring the best of bridal to Philadelphia’s Newly Engaged
The bride of the year, Sabrina Tamburino and mom Carol. The big secret is where is the wedding going to be, so many choices, but a little birdy told me the papers are almost signed, sealed and delivered.
A few of main line’s finest drove in to enjoy the festivities – Bonnie Young, Marcia Rubin and Andy Krakaver. Andy and Bonnie are familiar with the NY Social Diaries were thrilled that I was chronicling the lives of Philadelphian’s like Patrick McMullin covers NYC. I told them that a couple of my friends in NY call me HughE McPhilly in his honor.
Thomas Westerfen, Sherrin Thomas and Stephanie Willis enjoy the day
Carrie Denny and her Bride’s Instruction Manual
In conjunction with Philadelphia Wedding, the city’s top bridal publication, The Bellevue Gets Engaged will provide brides-to-be with the opportunity to discuss their special day with top wedding professionals, while discovering the latest in bridal fashions, trends and décor. The Philadelphia Wedding magazine provided a nice photo of the guests to keep as a memory of the day.

Classic Cake, love them, miss them in Center City. I hear they have a new location over in Cherry Hill in the Short Hill’s Farm shopping center. When I grew up in Cherry Hill there really was a Short Hill Farm. Chef Robert Bennet, Kathy Bell and Christine Tallman were on hand to dole out the servings and talk to the brides about their delicious cakes.OMG I have a VIP seat, just like society photographer Patrick McMullin would have. I was very honored, but gave my seat away (& the one next to me as I knew that my friend Nicole Cashman was busy with her event at the Loews. I hear it was a grand success), to a nice young lady and her mom. How sweet is Dawn Timiney taking daughter Oma to see the show. I don’t know how Dan Gross missed focusing on this hot mama, seriously?
Eirene Mirones and Nick Buzzell check out the the perfect diamond at Tiffany & Co. Which by the way held the earlier VIP Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the VIP. I was invited, but opted to do a few things at home as this was a long day ending with the VIP Flower Show Gala in the evening, but I hear the breakfast was very nice as you can imagine.
Joy Zobel, who is 3 kids shy of the Octomom after she marries her soulmate in the Summer came with her friend Kim Wassinger who reads Philly Chit Chat. I have to mention that Joy was walking out with a huge cake box which was provided by Classic Cake’s with lots of samples for the family. Classic Cake’s kept trying to give me one of those pizza size boxes, but I don’t think it was on my Nutri-system plan.
Nicole Miller and Mary Dougherty of the Phila Nicole Miller store stop by the cake room for a treat. Nicole age already. She always looks so fabulous.
Young Socialites Rachel Rossitto, Linda Swain, Janey Evett
Socialites Randi Edelman, Tracy Seng and Jamie Wenger
Missing from the social scene of late, but making a grand comeback – Where Publisher Laura Burkhardt with Dawn and Oma Timiney. Welcome back Laura, love the green scarf spring is really just around the corner. (Remember Spring Forward this Saturday night)
Three rooms of fun, and finally at 2PM the fashion show was to begin. EBE Entertainment, a five-star entertainment company, will jump start the crowd and provide live band performances throughout the afternoon.Does Kelly Boyd have a double or is that her being seraded?TV Host Linda Swain (Look for Linda’s new syndicated show to begin airing in April. Although she was mum on a few things, I bet mommies are in the mix), travel expert Ian Swain,Table 31’s Lauren D’Orsio, Phila Style Mag Publisher John Colabelli, Mary Dougherty, Happy Birthday Olivia Nutter, First Lady Lisa Nutter, Mayor Nutter and Nicole MillerHere comes the bride

This lady walked out and the place went wild. Is it because we are tired of the boring, wear once bridesmaids dresses, I think so.
nice, short dress, very modern, not sure if Grandmom’s gonna approve though

This shot made Tuesday’s Inquirer in Michael Klein’s column. I cropped it tighter for the drama of it all.lovely manageable train
SJP wore black on her wedding day, and she regrets it. Google it you will see. I guess it’s for the winter wedding.
People breath’s were taking away for this, and were speechless. I thought it was because they thought it was a tad ugly or heavy looking. Well I guess I don’t know anything, everyone I talked to LOVED this dress, The Inquirer’s Elizabeth Wellington’s job is safe from me.

The show was fabulous, beautiful, perfect for the Bellevue. I can’t imagine a classier place to hold such a classy show.Bravo Nicole Miller and Mary Dougherty. Look at that standing room crowd.
Drexel Intern’s, grad’s volunteers and friends. Bianca Buchanan, Bridget McCafery, Anna Souers, Monique Kodor, Kelli Heilnman, Laura Halper, and Katie Cohen
Eagles Cheerleaders Janette Repsch and Caroline Blake; good friends and finance’s with similar tastes as they have matching engagement rings bought days apart.
Thanks as always to all the sponsors that partook in this grand event. I am not kidding you, this was first class. Who was the event planner, it was just amazing and run very smoothly. The food was delicious and everyone was very happy and enjoyed themselves. Bellevue merchants Williams-Sonoma, Tiffany & Co., Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland, Origins, Pierre & Carlo, and Vigant will showcase their services for the bride and groom. Ann’s Cake Pan, Classic Cake Company and Truli Confectionary Arts. Mid Atlantic Limousine; additional sponsors include EBE Entertainment, Crane & Co and The Papery for all invitations and paper products as well as Susan Beard Design for one of a kind photography and waxworks. Video One Productions.

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