Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx Law Abiding Citizen Film Set 3/6/09

Hello readers. I hope you had a great weekend. I was incredibly busy, big thanks to Mike for letting me run around town and then sleep til 11AM and do it again. I will be writing about the Red Cross Ball tomorrow. Also GERARD BUTLER FAN SITES please do me a favor and don’t lift these photos or the info from this blog until Tuesday 3/10/09. I would like to get a good reading on the Gerry fan’s so when I see him next Saturday I can give him the info. (he’s invited to a party I am going to)
Last week one of Gerry’s fan’s wrote me and asked me about the filming of Law Abiding Citizen at City Hall on Friday. I had no idea. Then on Friday I saw the sign pop up, and well I got a little excited a little not because I would maybe see Gerard or Jaime again, but well I saw they were dropping lights along Broad Street which meant they were lighting the buildings and what a photo op that would be.
I don’t know how the Gerard Butler fans know, but for the past 6 weeks I have been receiving emails asking me questions, telling me about upcoming film schedules, and well the big question they want to know is where is he staying. He changes hotels a lot is all I can say. He’s stayed in at least 4 since January. The crew below heard about Friday’s filming and came from all over the Northeast of the United States and one women even came from South America. These women stayed in hotels, ate in restaurants and spent their money in Philly, Thanks!! (So LAC brings revenue into the City that might not always be measured)
I decided to walk about, I ran into a scene maker who told me that LAC would be filming on Monday & Tuesday inside City Hall. The workers had spent the afternoon painting a few of the rooms, well it’s a spoiler do you need to know the color? In this hallway a scene from the movie was being filmed. i was surprised they allowed me to walk through the courtyard as they were filming.
I noticed that Craft foods was delivering food this room. I decided that the actors would need to eat and waited here for at least 2 hrs. As luck would have it Colm Meaney and his family walked by. That’s his adorable daughter on the left, and his hottie wife with her back to us. That’s him too. Well for sure Gerard would be coming by. I waited and waited, I did it for you his fans, because when i tell you I didn’t sell one photo, well sure a few on websites for about $20 for the lot of them, but not worth the hours I waited. No the fans are a loyal bunch and I want to get the latest updates.
Nope, and at 10PM they locked the courtyard gates and I had to move. It was out to the West side of City Hall where I saw what I thought was Gerard sneaking into make-up.
Later someone said that Gerard was walking on that side of City Hall in just tshirts and jeans, but I didn’t get to see him there, but I did find the costume trailer too. It was great to see what was in all these different trailers that I’ve seen for awhile but didn’t know what was hidden away.
Did I mention it was a nice night, with temps in the 50’s so it made it bearable to wait into the night. I should say that by this time, half the fans had left to go out to eat, and girls the restaurant’s name is the password to get into the album with your photos. I’ll throw in a Gerard photo as thanks for letting me take your picture, you can thank Judy for giving me that idea. Two of the girls were hanging out with me anonymous and anonymous. Plus PhillyBits blog
As time went on and their was no Gerry sightings I was getting despondent as I had now invested 6 hrs into this without any Gerry sightings. Finally a Gerry fan shared with me a photo she had gotten about 3PM that day. WHAT 3PM I took those initial photos at 3PM during my lunch hour. Where was he. She said he was hanging inside that same hallway I had seen them filming 4 hrs earlier.
So after that we took a walk around the building to find that the filming was commencing on the South Side. All those people on the right of the door are the fans. Gerry has very dedicated fans. They join the fanclubs, the webrings, they email each other, they call each other, it’s a really nice social group. They even have conventions Once Gerard Butler even showed up at one of their Las Vegas conventions.
Finally a sighting F Gary Gray getting ready to film a scene inside the pavilion hallway . Does anyone have a question they want to ask Gerry when I see him. I do plan to see him soon.There’s Jamie Foxx. Can Gerard be far behind. By the way, the filming is ahead of schedule and someone on the production team has told me they are wrapping up by 3/31/09.

But for me look how great the City looks, finally at 3:15AM the whole street was lit.
Later someone informed the crowd that Gerard had left and as he had no scenes that night. But this scene will be in the movie. It might have made more sense if they just got a clue and told the Gerry fans earlier. I mean really they knew who they were, and that they had come from all over the Northeast, so it’s not a secret about the filming. Check out the fake police cars era 1998The next day I was shooting another super star Danny DeVito who was signing bottles of his new Limoncello liqueur at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Over 400 fans stood waiting to get their bottle signed. After taking this shot I checked my phone to see this text message “HUGHIE GERARD BUTLER IS SITTING IN THE WINDOW AT ROUGE, GET OVER HERE NOW.” We’ll try and delay him. Ok they didn’t write that part – LOL I ran the 10 blocksBut when I got there he was gone:( My friends were still there the Sabrina’s – Tamburino and Strickland, Lauren Beloff, Jill Braunstein and Steve Thorne. They filled me in on the goings on, he was there for about an hour (temps 65F so the streets were bustling.) I hear he had the cheese tray, told some great stories that my friends said were off the record so I can’t tell you. He was eating with his stunt double, and he left about 3 minutes before I got there followed by a local reporter trying to get a future interview from him. A few of the girls in the crowd noted they thought the stunt double was very good looking and a foot taller than Gerry. Does he always use the same guy? One of my friends was standing next to him in the bathroom line, they did a teeth check for each other, and the choppers were clean and white.
Today my facebook page states this: Philly ChitChat I guess I should just assume Gerard and Jamie will go to G every Sat and not expect my friends to tip me off as they might be too tipsy.

because I got lots of this Sunday: Haha no, we would fill you in..funny, I thought to myself “hmmm, maybe I should notify HughE that Carlton, Gerard and Jamie are here”…but then again I don’t have your # and had no service (as they were in the Mogul Room) ..I’m sure they will be out next weekend..there seems to be a pattern..great seeing you…..can’t wait to see the pics!

Then from another friend (Can some of you guess who this regular Gerry sighter is, on Friday a few asked about her): You missed Gerard and Jamie last night at g. I think I’m going to take them to authentic Korean BBQ….yummmmy

Another friend said: I thought you you would be over the LAC crew or I would have called you. (I told Dave I’m doing it for the fans now, because I am over the LAC filming, although I do love the accesibility which was unheard of with every other film shot here. I shoot them anyway, but always have a verbal fight or two with the PA’s. In fact I met one the other night that recognized me from the Lauren Graham shoot. Hopefully in the future things will be more rosy. BTW the Lauren Graham movie filmed in Philly will be premiering Arlen Faber at the Phila Cinefest Festival on 3/30/09)

Sunday: I got a tip that Jamie Foxx went to Parc restaurant, but I was soo OFF today, well except for working on all the photos I took this past weekend.

OK GIRLS – 3 weeks left I promise you Gerard Butler fans I will get another photo and more info for you. Do you have a burning question for him that I can ask?

Check out ArthurKade , who forgot to tip me off to this sighting, feel free to leave him comments regarding that at for his conversation with Gerard Butler – G Lounge was off the hook, filled with celebs including Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, and Carlton from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. We had tables reserved right next to Jamie’s because Denzel texted us that he was coming with Ross and his crew, but they never ended up showing so we chilled with Gerard, Jamie and Tim (Butler’s stunt man)…