Last night I stopped by Le Bec-Fin for a tasting and to here about the latest changes coming to Le Bec-Fin. Chef and owner Georges Perrier discussed the latest food choices, the economy and his desire to reach out to a new generation of foodies.

Other guests at the soiree included many of the concierge from the area hotels. The purpose of the tasting and discussion was not to persuade their hotel guests to not only enjoy the fine restaurants at the their perspective hotels, but to give them an alternative on the nights they want to venture out somewhere else. I was really impressed with his manner of speaking and politeness. – The Radison’s Brian Mottolo says Le Bec Fin is very afforable now and the new menu is just fantastic. Also pictured here is Indep Visitor Centers Concierge Al Lee (follow him on Twitter . If I weren’t a paralegal/paparazzi my other dream job would be a concierge, and probably at the Visitor Center. So maybe when I’m 65, Al will be my boss. Lunch can be had for $15.23 and “includes a choice of either the Soup du Jour or the Field Greens Salad followed by Chef Perrier’s Burger Lyonnais which is a grilled prime burger served on a brioche bun with caramelized onion puree, cherry tomato confiture, and pomme frites.” [uwishunu] So treat yourself.Le Bec-Fin underwent major interior renovations in the summer of 2002. “Change everything but the chandeliers,” was Georges Perrier’s command to Philadelphia’s architectural and design firm DAS. The restaurant’s dining room was transformed from its famed Louis XVI interior into the late 19th century elegance of a Parisian dining salon. WELL GUESS WHAT CHEF SAYS IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE take one last look at the 19th Century elegance of a Parisian Dining salon as it’s updated to colors that are less intimidating and more inviting to all generations of diners. You’re parents and grandparents may have dined here on special occasions, but Chef would like you to come on in and enjoy his fine cuisine. He also stressed the revamping of a more affordable menu.
Meanwhile, dinner bears two possible deals. On Mondays through Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm and again from 9pm-10pm, early and late birds can get a $35 three-course prix fixe. However, the clear winner for maximum value per course is the new $55 six-course prix fixe. It’s available Mondays through Saturdays, throughout dinner. [Foobooz] If you are limited on time time your hostess and they will make sure you are in and out in time for your appt or the theater. And now for something totally different and inviting, why not catch a Happy Hour at Le Bec-Fin. I know my friend Donna went there a few weeks ago and enjoyed herself in the relaxed and friendly downstairs Bar Lyonaise
Chef tells me the renovations will begin starting Sunday at 6AM, I can’t spill the beans on what’s going to happen, you will just have to stop on by. They will continue until they are complete, the restaurant won’t close, and the work will be done after hours. The carpet has already been changed, did you notice?