I just wanted to republish this page since CBS3 just did a piece on me today….SCROLL DOWN FOR TODAY’S ENTRY ON WXPN’S BEGGAR’S BANQUET WITH KEVIN BACON & OTHERS.

When I am not shooting Philly’s socialites, Charity Events, your events and interesting people, I really like to photograph celebrities, especially in candid moments. I started photographing celebrities 3 years ago this month, when I lived in NYC. Those photos went on my first blog .By definition a Paparazzi takes candid photos of celebrities. Last week an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer called me the self appointed Philadelphia Paparazzi and I can own it; I pride myself on being a friendly paparazzi, more times than not I will ask for a photo, and if the subject says no, well I can walk away, not a problem.

Most celebs do know it comes with the territory, VIP service and photos for the public to enjoy as well as promoting good causes Like Alex’s Lemonade. Philadelphia has celebrities and celebrities come to town to do movies, press junkets, etc. We read about them in Dan Gross’ column, Michael Klein’s Column, The Clog, Philebrity and other media sources. If you’re tipping them off, just tip me off too. I have a camera, and a picture says a thousand words. The tips you give will still be published with those peeps, but now with a photo the story can be kicked up to a national level, it’s not gonna happen by just saying that Jamie Foxx ate at Parc, or Dave & Buster’s or shopped at Macy’s, but a picture with that story can make it national entertainment news. (Buzz @ PhillyChitChat. com)Thankfully another photog tipped me off to this event, which happened 11/2007, but is still being placed with the story that it was taken in Philadelphia at a McDonald’s.

Although this shot was originally taken 11/08, an placed in Us Weekly with the story of how McDonald’s in Philly & NYC were promoting the Ronald McDonald Houses, it has placed many times, as recently as 10/30/07 on this site.Most photographers are employed and get assigned to shoot “events”, sports, or news, the sure things like this appearance by Julie Andrews at Macy’s; freelancers like me are much more flexible and can send the photos to the wireservices, we own our photos.
People always ask me how I know where a celebrity is going to be, well people tip me off; the tipster could be another patron, someone walking by, a server, an owner, a friend, a friend who gets a call from their friend who says “Guess what so and so is in HERE!!” If I am available I’ll run to get it.

So I am here to tell you I’ll take my chances, and do it in a polite manner, and get you the press you desire. So tip me off buzz@ PhillyChitChat .com (no spaces)Ted Turner leaving his Broad Street restaurant Ted Montana’s Grill. This photo has been published in Star Magazine too.Last week I got several tips from people eating at Del Frisco’s about “I think it’s Stephen King”, few Flyers and “a director and actor”. Now had if he known who it was “Gerard Butler and F. Gary Gray” or even the names of the Flyers, I would have run over there in a second in the rain/snow at 10PM and waited outside to get that shot.Sometimes people invite me to a party, or dinner where they will be meeting with a “celebrity”. If they ask me to come and shoot the event, I always make sure they ask the celebrity first.

Hometown TV Interviewer Butch Cordova is celebrating his 9th season on WYBE/DUTV hosting “In Bed With Butch”, was going to be dining with actor/model Keith Collins (MTV & Calvin Klein ad’s) after interviewing him for his show. He invited me to get a few shots at Valanni’s.

Tonight you can catch the Keith Collins interview with “In Bed with Butch” on DUTV ch. 54 at 10:30pm and it repeats all weekend long.

A photo in a media publication, is a good for your business and Philadelphia; A photo in the national media great, and that doesn’t happen a lot for us as most photographers work for a media outlet, instead of freelancing.

A friend called saying “Marley & Me” was filming in front of their office. I got there in minutes, captured this shot and it was published in Ok Mag, Phila Inquirer, Us Magazine, and on the E! Entertainment Website worldwide. In the copy it states the film is being made in Philadelphia. You can’t beat that kind of press, word are good, but words with a picture is better.
It’s great to get copy in the local press, but without a photo the fact that Demi Moore at at the Continental, Tria, D’Angelo’s, shopped at Lago’s or Urban Outfitters is not going to go anywhere but the Delaware Valley. This was the photo I got after I asked Demi for a shot, and promised never to bother her again. I didn’t and I am the only one who got it, as she they didn’t ask and she didn’t give it. (She could have smiled though, she looks kinda miserable. She should be happy, I got the call about her and the family eating at the Continental on Mother’s Day, and I told them no since I had made her a promise)

The other day I was reading, it stated Jamie Foxx was eating at Parc “right now”. I ran over there as I was on my lunch too, waited about 20 minutes and then he came out. I asked him for a photos, no answer, but his assistant did move to the right so I could get these shots.
Here the shots appear on Concrete Loop, which gets about 23,000 hits a day
Guess he’s not used to 40F and was bundled up. Next to him is the director F Gary Gray. Also dining with them was Regina King, but I didn’t get a clear shot, and frankly after I took the 4 of him, just wanted to get out of their way as to not draw attention to them.So tip me off, you can trust me to do a respectful job.

HINT: I won’t even photograph them until they depart the venue, so they don’t know who tipped me off, another patron, someone window shopping, someone that recognizes there car, or anyone else.

Doug Reinhardt from “The Hills” was here in November and stopped at JL Sullivans. This shot was picked up by this national website which gets about 3,000 hits a day.These are just additional shots that have been published since the initial posting: