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Webby Awards Vote for a Philly’s BlueCadet

Bluecadet Interactive announced today that it has been nominated for Best Art Website and Best Use of Photography in the 13th Annual Webby Awards. Both of Bluecadet’s nominations are for their work on the website Hope: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica ([]
Fans Can Vote Online to Help Bluecadet Interactive Win Internet’s Top Honor

“The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe” at the Philadelphia Library

Earlier this month I was invited to cover a special event at Del Frisco’s. Del Frisco’s is donating dozen’s of their famous Lemon Cupcakes daily to Sr. Mary Scullion’s “The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe” at the Philadelphia Library. (Located on the first floor towards the grand staircase on the right.)
The man on the right is a previous homeless man who was helped by Project Home and currently works at Del Frisco’s. 6 ABC’s Monica Malpass (left) looks on as Del Frisco’s GM Shang Skipper and DM Dee Lincoln present $5,000 check to Sister Mary Scullion (right)
All proceeds from the sale of the cupcakes, as well as the other products sold at the cafe, go to the organization she started over 15 years ago Project Home; A nonprofit organization that provides housing and services to chronically homeless men and women in Philadelphia. The cupcakes are only $1.50 and although they are not on my Nutrisystem plan I did have one. OMG they are delicious. The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe is the result of a partnership between the Free Library and Project H.O.M.E., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing and services to chronically homeless men and women in Philadelphia. The H.O.M.E. Page Cafe will offer Library users beverages and baked goods (including the Del Frisco’s cupcake and Metropolitan Bakery goods —as well as a seating area with free wireless internet access—while also offering Project H.O.M.E. members job training and valuable learning opportunities
Today Sister Mary Scullion found out that she is one of Time Magazine’s 100 most important people this year. I know for Philadelphia, especially the homeless, she is one of our most important and influential people every year.


SARAH JESSICA PARKER AND MATTHEW BRODERICK EXPECTING TWINS at the Opening Night of the Philanthropist on Broadway


Shooting Broadway is my first love and when a show comes up that I am really interested in I’ll bump a Andy Garcia movie premiere or a Katie Holmes party to photograph an exciting Broadway opening, as I did for this one. Matthew Broderick has always been a favorite of mine ever since I saw him in “Torch Song Trilogy” way back when. Tonight he was opening at the American Airlines Theater on 42nd Street, Broadway baby YEAH.

Chistopher Hampton (Playwright) (Who did the screenplay which was turned into a delcious tale the 1988 – Dangerous Liaisons directed by Stephen Frears and starring John Malkovich, Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman.) and David Grindley (Director)

Although Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t on the list I received beforehand, I figured she would walk the red carpet for her husband’s show, and she did. Here she is signing a few autographs for fans. It was a Coup d’état to photograph her that night as she is always on everyone’s must photograph list. Most of the photographers were the long time shooters of the white way including Henry, Joe and Bruce. I enjoy shooting with them and they always make me feel at home. Many celebrity photographers in NYC overlook the charm of Broadway, but I enjoy it as well as my other red carpet events. Tonight they missed out.

Sarah Jessica Parker – WaHooo. I watch SATC every night, so I’m a huge fan and am always excited when I can photograph her. For awhile there when I lived in NYC I used to see the happy couple at least once a week to the point where they recognized me, but not the case now, bummer.

Swoosie Kurtz, va va voom, still going strong at 64, who was in Dangerous Liasons the movie. One of the things I do before I cover an event it look people up to see who might be there, friends, family etc. Then after the event I do the same thing to find out why they were there.

Ron Rifkin’s real name is Saul Rifkin. Saul is his name on the TV show Brothers & Sisters. He’s a good friend of SJP and Steven Webber, who also stars in The Philanthropist, was on Brothers & Sister’s for a few episodes.

Jerry Stiller, I remember watching the Stiller and Meara show when I was growing up, way before Ben Stiller’s name was ever mentioned. He and his wife Anne are big Broadway supporters, unfortunately for me she was absent at tonights performance.

Steven Webber of Wings fame, and one of my fav movies “Jeffrey”

Anna Madeley, Samantha Soule, and Jennifer Mudge

Jonathan Cake hits the boards on what looks like another promising Roundabout Theater production.

It was shortly after this that Matthew tried about 3 times to say for a spot commercial on “I’m Matthew Broderick, and your watching or something like that and he and SJP began a fit of laughter. So cute, as sometimes he can be so serious. Probably why he does intellectual comedy so well.

I don’t think this person even thought to ask “Are you too adding to the size of your family anytime soon, that would have been the scoop.
I love that she has “Carrie’s” trademark flower pinned to her dress.

From the 10 minutes I caught of the show to take this photo, the audience was laughing it up, and really seemed to enjoy it. This show will definitely be on my hit list in the next couple weeks to see it. Congratulations for a good run. (See below for theater information & summary of play)
Check out more info on upcoming Broadway Shows at
as well as my favorite sites Broadway World, Playbill and Theatermania where you will also be able to see a lot of photos taken at shows by Bruce, Henry and Joe. Leave them a comment, we all love feedback.

Congratulations to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on their impending addition to their family.
The Philanthropist

Matthew Broderick stars in this comedic take on the insular lives of academics.

Written as a response to Molière’s The Misanthrope, Christopher Hampton’s wicked comedy examines the empty, insular lives of college intellectuals. At the center of the story is Philip, a professor who seems almost absurdly removed from the political turmoil surrounding him, including the assassination of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

American Airlines Theatre
227 West 42nd Street
(Between 7th and 8th Avenue)



Last night I attended 36th Film Society Of Lincoln Center’s Gala Tribute Honoring Tom Hanks in New York, NY, United States. Here’s a fav shot from the night, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson posing for the snappers on the other side of the entrance.
The PR over invited and we had to split into two groups. I would have been 4th row in the tent in front or 2nd row where I took my shots from.
It worked out well for me, after the sun set as we were facing southwest.

Charlize Theron, sexy hot cool
The genius Roger Waters. A lot of the snappers were excited he was there, plus wondering how he knew Tom Hanks?
Who doesn’t love Sally Field. Sometimes it’s hard to watch on the bickering on Brothers & Sisters, but to watch Sally Field week after week, it’s worth it to me. This was really the whole reason I went last night.
Julia Roberts. Boy did she give it up last night, I got some of the best shots of her ever. So beautiful. She’s moving from the bratty women group, that will be a party of one Jennifer Aniston. I photographed Julia last year at a premiere of a movie she produced and she wouldn’t take her sunglasses off. Well last night made up for that event.

What’s up with Ron Howard’s hair?
Is there anyone scarier than Christopher Walken, really?
OK maybe a very messed up Pamela Anderson at the next event I went to last night: Sapphire stripper club opening where Scores used to be on East 60th Street, Manhattan. Samantha Ronson tweets from the Sapphire DJ Booth: Note to self: read the whole email from @brandonphelps before saying yes to dj gigs. Sapphire??? Oops!If you want an unwatermarked photo ck out to purchase one.


CELEBRITIES, CENTRAL PARK AND BIRDS: PCC Travels to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival

When I’m not shooting celebrities in New York City, (SJP at the opening of Matthew Broderick’s new play , The Phalanthropist on Broadway. I only caught the last 10 mins as press, but I can tell you it seemed to be a very funny play as the audience was really cracking up [as u may know I don’t post my best pixs they are sent out to the world and will hopefully appear in People next wk]) I also like to go people (in Central Park)
and bird watching (Blue Heron in a tree in the Ramble, Central Park)
Not surprisingly CP was packed both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I was on Madonna watch, but she didn’t go into the park as she often does on nice days.

Then it was on to the Tribeca Film Festival cinema Saturday afternoon for one of my first big events. The press call was 3:30PM. A list is started on a first come basis, I was shockingly #10 out of about 60 photographers as many people were chasing Katie Holmes all over town for her robotic gaze, but enventually they showed up.
It was great to catch up with all my friends during this time. No mater how long I am away from these folks, it’s easy to catch up right where we left off. If anything it’s because of these people I continue to return to NYC to cover these events. Some of these folks are my closest friends, Carmen (sitting and looking at me, Carmen is the one who taught me the tricks of the trade 3 yrs ago), David doing his twitter, follow him @DMBJ, Anthony, Patricia, Nancy After about two hours in this pen we move on to

this pen where we wait another 45 mins for the arrivals. It’s a crazy life, but all the stories you read about in People, Us and the other glossies, I hear them first and in great detail. Plus I get to see all those folks in person, it’s a cool job. Tonight SJP was patting Matthew on the butt telling him what a great job he did, then she brushed the hair out of his eyes.

Meg Ryan and Cheryl Hines at the movie premiere of “Serious Moonlight”, an Adrienne Shelly screenplay. If you remember Adrienne Shelly was murdered by an illegal immigrint working on an apartment above her office. She complained about the racket and he killed her in her Greenwich Village office back in 2006. Her first movie was the awesome “Waitress” starring Kerri Russell.



Whenever I get to the Philly Chit Chat Chatter I want to do some chattering but I am short on time as I prepare to go to NYC to cover the Tribeca Film Festival. I just finished my schedule and my time there is packed with celeb red carpet events, movie location shooting, hanging out at celeb restaurants and photographing Madonna. Oh and of course seeing my friends, I have a whole bunch in this biz in NYC and I really miss them a lot, but I wouldn’t trade Philly for NYC ever again.

Let Them Eat Cake – A City of Hope Fundraiser took place last week. I will be writing more about it next week.

There are a couple things going on this weekend that you should be aware of tonight:
The most updated information for the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Benefit for Children coming up Friday, April 24th. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but the event features a special performance by the Bacon Brothers! The Bacon Brothers are performing between 8:30 – 9 pm.
Cashman & Assoc. are handling the press/pr. Here are the Cashman Girls, last night, sans Nicole Cashman who had to leave to attend another Cashman event, at CHIMA Philadelphia hmm hmmm steak.

Another Cashman event coming up: Sunday, May 17, 2009, the Morgan and Smokey Brown Foundation (MSBF) will host its 1st Annual Spring Fling. Port Richmond and the entire Philadelphia region are invited to an evening of food, fun and friends to support MSBF’s dedication to children and its goal of furthering the pursuit of higher education. The Spring Fling will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Cescaphe Ballroom (923 North Second Street). Tixs $200 or $300 couple, so get together with a friend and economize. Info

Furia Rubel Communications is behind the PR for this fun event:
The National Kidney Foundation Serving the Delaware Valley will offer its 3rd Annual High Heels Kick Out Kidney Disease Fashion Event. The Foundation teamed up with The Shops at Liberty Place in Philadelphia to host an exclusive night of fun, shopping, networking and education at its facility. Each event attendee will receive a jam-packed goodie bag and will have a chance to win the High Heels lock and key raffle. Tickets are for sale – $75 for general admission or $35 for students. For more information regarding the Foundation or High Heels Kick Out Kidney Disease, contact Kimberly Hamm at (215) 923-8611 or visit How much fun is it to go to an event in a closed mall, very manaquin I think.
On Wednesday, April 22, more than 150 people gathered at the new Union Trust Steakhouse, 717 Chestnut Street, for a LGBT Happy Hour hosted by the restaurant’s publicity agency, Vlahos Public Relations; Mark Segal of the “Philadelphia Gay News;” and the Independence Business Alliance, Philly’s LGBT chamber of commerce. Vlahos said the idea for the event came when the owners of the restaurant asked him if he wanted to do a happy hour for his friends. He told them “I’ll do one better. I want to do a happy hour for my community.” Guests enjoyed Union Trust’s signature cocktail – the Loosey Goosey – and appetizers, under the soaring 65-foot-ceilings. The place was so packed that this was the best advantage point for me to shoot from. Then I worked my way through the crowd and for once really got to chat with people as it was too crowded to bother to take photos. When Karen Cornell’s photos show up on Philly Edge I will link them to this site. There’s even a shot of me in there. 717 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 925-6000
Remember to check the PhillyChitChat Calendar for upcoming events. Plus check me out on Twitter – iPhillyChitChat and on my FB page Philly ChitChat this weekend as I cover the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

Earlier this week I caught the workers as Macy’s dismantle their flower show. I tried to stop them but it was too late, they had dismantled and tossed out the flamingos everyone wanted.
The End
Last week I did the rounds of the bars. Denim was busy, the PPA was giving the Valet trouble for double parking. BTW when did Walnut Street become Old City. Then over to Strongbox offensive line, Todd Herremans was locked in the box, Doug Kamemer stopped by, Dana Spain and crew had left the Donors are Heros along with DA candidate Brian Grady. Orlando Magic basketball team ate at Paradiso tonight at 7:30. I ran into Anne-Marie Green supporting the Phila Library Festival last week. She’s such a nice person.


All About Art at MossRehab public exhibition by professional artists

MossRehab will present a free and open to the public exhibition by professional artists with disabilities. The work is all original and represents an array of mediums. Prices range from $65 to $4,500.

Pat and Dick Wexelblat of Merion Station are all smiles tonight. Both artists have their work on display at All About Art at MossRehab: The International, Juried Exhibition & Sale of Art by Professional Artists with Physical Disabilities. The show runs until June 21. It is free and open to the public everyday from 10am-8pm.Beverley Dubin of Bala Cynwyd, Jeff Jubelirer of Villanova, and Joan Hockman of Bala Cynwyd pause from taking in the art at the All About Art at MossRehab Patrons’ Preview Party to snap a quick picture.

MossRehab inaugurated an exhibition showcasing artists with disabilities in 1979. We believe that it was the first show of its kind on the East Coast. Many similar shows have been launched as a result. Works by 68 artists and fine craft artisans is showcased. There are 38 returning favorites and 30 artists who are new to the exhibition. In addition to local and other U.S. artists, there are exhibitors from Israel, South Africa, Canada and India.

Boardmember S. Ty Steinberg presents one of two honorees of the evening, Bob Krauss, Esq. of Lafayette Hill with his award for his leadership and dedication to MossRehab. Krauss served as Chairman of MossRehab and has been a huge supporter of MossRehab’s annual art show.

Kids Day on Sunday, April 27 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. features tours of the exhibition and demonstrations. Children will visit stations and participate in interactive experiences, such as painting with a brush held in the mouth or creating art using non-dominant hands.

Dr Nathaniel Mayer
presents one of two honorees of the evening, Dorothea Glass, M.D. of Miami, FL with her award for the outstanding contributions she has made to MossRehab.
Mickey Black, Howard Sitrone and Barbara Black all from Queen Village enjoy the beautiful artwork of the All About Art at MossRehab Patrons’ Preview Party on Thursday April 2, 2009.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Messler (On rare occassions I will accept photos from others)



Philadelphians gathered in the Millennium Ballroom at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel to experience the finest Japanese and U.S. saké, as part of the 5th Saké Fest. The Festival falls within the annual Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia during March and April. Visitors were treated to samplings of rare and premium saké while also learning how to pair the traditional Japanese drink with a wide variety of food, including cheese, desserts, chocolate and a wide range of fusion, Asian and continental cuisines.

Lisa Simon of Simon Public Relations Group and Ed Markus of Event Navigators

Thom Cardwell and Carol Coombs from the Philadelphia Film Festival. Saké is the new drink of choice to be served with various types of cuisine. With thousands of saké varieties available in the United States, it’s no wonder that it is a growing presence in the alcohol beverage industry.
Saké is more than a drink to be served with Japanese food. It is a beverage that is as versatile as wine. It can be enjoyed with cheese, chocolates, and all varieties of ethnic foods. Similar in profile to wine, saké is valued for its fragrance, impact, sweet or dry finish, acidity, presence and complexity.
Sake is wine. Sake is Fashion. Sake (sah-keh) is a fermented alcoholic beverage with a long history in Japanese culture. While often called ‘rice wine’ sake is actually more like beer than wine as it is made from a grain, rice, not a fruit as wine is. Sake is a fermented, but not distilled beverage, and should not be confused with shochu, another Japanese alcoholic beverage that is distilled. The alcoholic content of sake is higher than beer, generally between 12% and 18% alcohol by volume, and has a complex, even fruity flavor when made by a high quality manufacturer. Sake characteristics run the gamut from sweet to dry, fruity to earthy, with acidity and fragrance complexities that rival western wines. Sake is far from a simple drink.
Thank You to Our Sponsors

Special Thanks to Our Partners

Thank You to Our Volunteers

  • Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia Members & Staff
  • Vanessa “Euro Thrash” Jackson and the Philly Roller Girls
  • Maido! Kimono Ladies

Marnie Old – Old Wines, LLC
Participants enjoyed themselves
Some of the newer saké that people seemed to enjoy was the mojito and rose.
Hot Sake vs. Cold Sake
Historically, sake was served warm. The reasons were twofold. Firstly, this ancient drink was created before refrigeration and was therefore habitually served that way after methods to chill food and drink were developed. Secondly, sake was also historically a much more coarse beverage, and often took up flavors from the wooden casks in which it was stored. Many off flavors were also a side effect of the fermentation process, which were masked by serving the sake at a higher temperature. More recently, better brewing techniques, more refined strains of yeast and koji, and modern storage practices have created a very different product than in the past. A more refined product does not mean that all sake is the same, however. Just as western wines have subtle differences, so do sakes from different regions and different manufacturers.
Glenn, Richard Brian Penn
Mara Toukatly (congrats on your new home), Lauren Riley and Brett Silver
SAVE THE DATE: Their next exciting enterprise is the second annual Phiz Fest, previously a festival of champagne, now a festival of sparkling wines. It is slated for the grand ballroom of The Bellevue on November 12, 2009:



The graphic designs which will wrap a total of ten City of Philadelphia recycling trucks are inspired by – and quote – historical and contemporary textile patterns that celebrate elements of nature, and are drawn from the collection of The Design Center at Philadelphia University. The fabrication of the vinyl graphics and wrapping of the recycling trucks is being overseen by PLUG Digital. The plan was to roll out 10 trucks created with graphic wraps designed by Desiree’ Bender and students from Philly Mural Arts Program’s (MAP) after school Big Picture Program.
Pretty in blue
but wait I counted 12 trucks, but they were only wrapped on the sides of the truck. I’m grateful for the extra two trucks, and who would ever see it from the top so it’s not a big deal, just a matter of curiosity. Anyone know what happened?



This should be playing in the background when you read today’s entry:

A 10th Anniversary Party for TV’s In Bed with Butch

A 10th Anniversary Party for TV’s In Bed with Butch
Your cohosts – Frank DeCaro, The Daily Show, The Frank DeCaro Show, and Brini Maxwell, Style Channel: The Brini Maxwell Show
Starring Felipe Rose original Indian of the Village People and Jade Starling, lead singer of Pretty Poison Gervase Peterson of Survivor and Keith Collins, actor, Tommy Hilfiger model
With local celebrities
Tony Enos, recording artist
Sandy Beach, drag impresario
Lisa Lisa, entertainer
Salotta Tea, drag impresario

Your cohosts – Frank DeCaro, and Brini Maxwell, Style Channel: The Brini Maxwell Show

Ted Marx works hard for his money as he takes this creative shot lying on the floor.

Jade Starling and the City Paper’s A.D. Amorosi
Gervase Peterson of Survivor and Keith Collins, actor, Tommy Hilfiger model. Keith Collins is just finished a movie with Charles Durning. Gervase had just boxed and won a fight against 2 days earlier. He looks pretty good after enduring such a battle.
Sandy Beach, who came out of retirement to perform

Felipe Rose, THE original Indian of the Village People

Jade Starling singing her new song “Finger Lickin Good”Come to Jade’s House

This was my club song when I hit the scene so many years ago…