CELEBRITIES, CENTRAL PARK AND BIRDS: PCC Travels to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival

When I’m not shooting celebrities in New York City, (SJP at the opening of Matthew Broderick’s new play , The Phalanthropist on Broadway. I only caught the last 10 mins as press, but I can tell you it seemed to be a very funny play as the audience was really cracking up [as u may know I don’t post my best pixs they are sent out to the world and will hopefully appear in People next wk]) I also like to go people (in Central Park)
and bird watching (Blue Heron in a tree in the Ramble, Central Park)
Not surprisingly CP was packed both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I was on Madonna watch, but she didn’t go into the park as she often does on nice days.

Then it was on to the Tribeca Film Festival cinema Saturday afternoon for one of my first big events. The press call was 3:30PM. A list is started on a first come basis, I was shockingly #10 out of about 60 photographers as many people were chasing Katie Holmes all over town for her robotic gaze, but enventually they showed up.
It was great to catch up with all my friends during this time. No mater how long I am away from these folks, it’s easy to catch up right where we left off. If anything it’s because of these people I continue to return to NYC to cover these events. Some of these folks are my closest friends, Carmen (sitting and looking at me, Carmen is the one who taught me the tricks of the trade 3 yrs ago), David doing his twitter, follow him @DMBJ, Anthony, Patricia, Nancy After about two hours in this pen we move on to

this pen where we wait another 45 mins for the arrivals. It’s a crazy life, but all the stories you read about in People, Us and the other glossies, I hear them first and in great detail. Plus I get to see all those folks in person, it’s a cool job. Tonight SJP was patting Matthew on the butt telling him what a great job he did, then she brushed the hair out of his eyes.

Meg Ryan and Cheryl Hines at the movie premiere of “Serious Moonlight”, an Adrienne Shelly screenplay. If you remember Adrienne Shelly was murdered by an illegal immigrint working on an apartment above her office. She complained about the racket and he killed her in her Greenwich Village office back in 2006. Her first movie was the awesome “Waitress” starring Kerri Russell.