Dancing With the Philadelphia Stars – Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

The 2011 Dancing with the Philly Stars Photos

Check out this 2010 information on the event:

On Sunday, April 19, 2009, Brownstone PR presented the First Annual Dancing With the Philadelphia Stars. Participants danced the night away at the Crystal Tea Room in efforts to benefit the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Philadelphia/Delaware Valley. Looking stunning in her headpiece Wanda Lewis-Campbell with Deneen Hendrick
Erik Brown and Ediomi Utuk check out the silent auctions. Sadly they didn’t bid on “The Color Purple” cast & Oprah signed poster I donated. No one met the $500 minimum so I will resubmit it to another charity in the future.
Stephanie Rybczyk, Sabrina Strickland, Erin Elmore, guest, guest, guest, and Danielle Poe (single again and looking for the right guy)The excellent Megan Smith of Brownstone PR who put this whole thing on on behalf of the Sickle Cell Disease event.

The judges, more on this later, but this photo courtesy of Philly Mag.
Varsovia Fernandez getting a last minute touch up by the fabulous, sweet, super professional, make-up artist Ursula Augustine 215-557-1562 Ursula’s About Phace

Always great to Bonnie Grant out and about, with her is her son Shane Grant.
Erin Elmore’s cheering section filled with three tables of friends and family.
Erin and her dance partner, Nodari Tetruashvily. None of the “Celebrity” dancers had experience, they donated their time for 6 – 8 lessons; Society Hill Dance Studio donated 4 lessons, the rest were picked up by the charity.
Varsovia Fernandez, head of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Frank Laurenz
And everyone took the competition very seriously including CW’s Christian Ramirez-

Coll and his dance partner.

Philadelphia Magazine’s Michael Callahan and Kati Slovich
Mariska K. Bogle, director of Strategic Planning and Business Development at the Philadelphia Tribune and husband
Jimmy’s cheering section
Jimmy “Style” Contreras and Audrey Julienne doing the “Quick Step”
Now about these judges (go back up and look at that picture after u read this), they were entirely tooooooo serious, too many Simon Cowel’s and not one Paula Abdul. This was a charity event, as one guest put it, “there’s a way to give someone helpful hints on their dancing and it wouldn’t be to tell them you were so bored you wanted to take a phone call. Pathetic.” Another guest said, “Why should the judges, who own dance studios, compromise their values when judging amateurs?” Answered another guest “I think there’s a classy way to do it, I’m not sure if these judges are familiar with that term.”
The winners were Erin Elmore and Nodari Tetruashvily who are surrounded by Erin’s 93 yr old grandfather who flew in from Pittsburgh, friends and family.
This event was a SMASHING success. Over 450 tickets were sold for the 5 hr, Sunday night 1st annual event. There will surely be a 2nd annual one, and I want to be involved.